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 After All.

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Briley Riley


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PostSubject: After All.   Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:12 am

Briley rolled his eyes, downing another shot and watching his newest Exboyfriend out on the dance floor, acting all high and mighty.
Yeah right.
Shannon VanArnam was nothing special.
He had thought he was fucking amazing and he could push Briley around, hell fucking no. They had to get one thing straight after Briley had said he was in love, after the boy got a big head and started being bossy.
Hell no.
It didnt work, so they ended with a firm slap to Briley's face and a string of cursed from his mouth.
That bitch would regret leaving him.
The boy stood up, he had his fathers jealous, but he had his mothers temper.
He was jealous at the littlest things...
And he got pissed in a heart beat.
The boy was about to show Shannon a thing or two about leaving him.
You would regret it.
He got out on the dance floor, watching his exboyfriend, seeing exactly who the boy had his eyes on.
Yes, he was right.
Shannon was looking at the same boy he had been eying for weeks now. Apparently he had eyes for little Brynn McDaniels. Briley made his way over to the boy, smiling softly at him.
"Why hello, Brynn is it?"
"Uh...uh-huh...hoe come you know my name?...ish you a stalker?"
The boy paused, frown in place.
Oh Fuck no.
He glanced back at Shannon just to see an amused smile on his perfectly shaped lips.
Son of a bitch had played him. Fucking knew exactly what Riley was going to do so he pretended to like this retard just so Briley would go back an idiot of himself.
Fucking A.
"No, im part of your family, first cousin. Nice to meet you." He offered the slow boy his hand, giving a polite smile.
"Oh....Okay, wanna watch Sponge Bob? I have it on my phone."
That mother fucking smart ass manipulative bitch!
But still, Briley sat down, leaning his cheek on the open palm of his hand he pretended to be watching the screen of the tiny phone while Sponge Bob and Patric sang about a campfire.
He was so bored and it had not even been a whole minute, so he listened to the song blaring into the club, and let his eyes slip up, scanning over the slow boy he was now sitting with.
The boy was not stunning or goreous, he was normal...but pretty in a way. Something about him drew Briley in. He was not sure if it was the fact that he was tired of being the one manipulated or if he just found the boy cute, whatever it was, it persuaded Briley to stay seated and finish watching the cartoon, smiling as the slow boy leaned his head on Briley's shoulder.
Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

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After All.
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