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 Like We Use Too<3

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: Like We Use Too<3   Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:12 am

I still wrote it to that song but I took out the lyrics. I finished it prematurely buahahah
I love you!
Hope you enjoy!

Cove's eyes roamed the room tiredly, a small smile on his face as he felt Leon's breath against his cheek. They had just made love for the very first time and it had been the most meaningful thing he had ever done. Not because he had taken Leon's innocence, honestly the thought of it made him sick, but just that Leon loved him enough to let him. Knowing he was Leon's first everything.
His Leon...
His eyes landed on the pillow that had originally been Leon's, the boy had abandoned it in his haste to snuggle close with Cove. And now they were sharing the same pillow, their cheeks touching.
As Cove tried to slide Leon over a bit, the boy refused, his bright brown eyes opening just long enough to tell him that he wanted to be close.
"Why?" Cove groaned softly, he was getting hot under the blankets and sheets, Plus having Leon all over him didnt help.
"Because I can heart your heart." The boy had murmured tiredly, moments later already back in his dreams.
Cove settled back in, just opting to throw a bit of the covers off of himself. He didnt have the heart to disturb Leon again, the boy was so sweet.
Cove truly loved him.
And even though Leon was his heart, his mind still shuffled through his memories, landing on a particular one.
It had been his first time, laying in a bed with Misery curled upon his chest.
And now, Misery wouldnt even talk to him.
After the night Carter had thrown him out, and Misery had called on Cove, they had not been the same. Cove had not heard from the boy in weeks when usually he heard from his every day.
It became obvious that he was not going to hear from him as time passed by.
And it hurt.
Cove found his eyes stinging as he thought about it. Misery had been his bestfriend besides Briley. Misery had been his playmate when he was a kid, Misery was who he went to when he was man or happy, Misery was always there for him in every way.
And he had thrown that all out the moment he told hurt the boy. He knew he shouldnt have said that but really, he had just been frustrated. He was trying to help.
What good he did.
He knew Misery was better off with Carter, but that didnt stop him from wondering if Misery missed him, did Misery think Carter was so much better than him? Did Carter trace his scars after they made love? Did Carter always made him food and bicker with him when he got bored? Did Carter let him ride on his member like Misery so often loved to do when Cove? Did he do all of those things like Cove used to do for him? And if not, did Misery care? Had those things been special to Misery like that had been and still were to Cove.
He wondered if Misery cried in front of him like he never did in front of Cove. He wondered if Carter watched the old three stooges shows with Misery and eat popcorn while they made lame jokes? Did he wake up in the morning and feel blessed just to see Misery's wild hair and soft smile beside him.
Did he?
It made Cove sick to think about.
As Cove's ears picked up the continuous pitter patter of rain on the roof, his lips quirked up into a smile as he remembered his thirteenth birthday. It had rained that day, and he had wanted to be outside so bad.
So Misery had taken his hand and lead him outside, playing music from a cracked window in his truck, they had danced in the rain. He remembered the flash of Misery's smile and he remembered how the boys hair had flattered and plastered to his face. He remembered how they just spun around in circles because neither of them know how to dance.
That night, Misery had taken his innocence.
And it could not have been more perfect.
His first time with Misery...His bed was right against one of his windows and they had watched the rain after the bliss of making love was set for basking, but in the heat of the moment, he had pressed Misery's back to that window and he had thrust into the boy so eagerly, curiously.
It had been one of the best nights of his life.
Misery had guided him through everything, encouraged him and told him over and over again how good he was at it.
But dont let that give you the wrong impression.
It had been slow, easy love making, they had done it several times that night but the first time had been slow, soft caresses, whispered promises of a future that was not in the cards for them.
Cove should have stayed with him, shouldnt have talked to him like he had. Misery had needed him and he had not been there like he should have. He should have not let Misery go, he should have committed to him and he should have...
Should have.
But didnt.
And now it was costing him but at least he had Leon.
But it still wasnt the same, no matter how sweet Leon was he could never quite feel the gap in his heart that was there now that Misery had exited his life.

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Like We Use Too<3
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