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 Six feet under the stars.

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: Six feet under the stars.   Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:03 am

Killian whistled to himself, his blue eyes scanning the street in search of a small coffee shop he had been wanting to go to for a long time, he used to go all the time when he had been younger but lately he had lacked off in going around the area period. But today he had woken up to Luca gone and he decided he wanted some coffee and he wanted it from this small shop and what Killian wanted, Killian got.
Getting closer he decided maybe he wanted to buy some liquid instead. The jaeger there was so sweet, delectable.
As he walked he noticed that the streets werent very crowded, it was early in the morning and people were still nestled in bed on a brisk Saturday. As he turned to round a corner his body paused, he heard voices, yelling.
And he figured he had all day for coffee and jaeger but a fight he might like to see. He glanced to the direction of the noise, it was only right down the street so he speed up his pace, jogging over to the area where he heard the ruckus going on.
It was on the corner of Thames street, and only a matter of minutes away from South Boulevard.
Killian loved it there, between the two streets. He had played there often when he had been small. The trees were just shady enough to catch any wind. It always felt so nice and breezy.
As he turned a curve, he was paralyzed in shock.
Luca was standing, bowed up against several men. The obvious leader had two of his minions holding the boy while he circled him like a predator.
"You think you can steal from me and get away with it?" The man asked, punching Luca hard in the gut.
Killian's jaw clenched, though he thought better of it and stepped back behind the corner.
If he were to just run over there, they could get him too, and then nothing could be done...
"Im about to end your thieving ways, permanently." The man drew a gun, a nice silver hand gun and he aimed it for Luca's face.
Killian heard the cock of the weapon, his head snapping back around the corner.
His large blue eye's widened with fear he darted out to the circle of men, drawling his own gun from his coat to defend himself.
"Ah'll skin ya!" He threatened as he finally skirted to a halt in the middle of the man, moving to raise his gun to the leader only to hear a loud bang.
And then he heard the men holler about someone coming.
They began to disperse, running in all directions as Killian held his gun straight.
What had happened?
"Luca!" Killian turned his body, only to feel a searing pain in his side.
Looking down, he noticed red blooming in earnest through the white if his under shirt.
Oh...He wondered what that was.
His blue eyes snapping back to Luca as his body plummeted forward. He wasnt sure what to except, he had not worried about hitting the ground but even if he had he never did. Luca had caught him.
Luca was looking down at him.
He seemed panicked, and Killian wondered why.
"Crocodile?" He asked softly, raising a hand to gently touch Luca's face. He wondered why his hand was sticky....And red?
"Are ya bleeding Luca?"
His face drew into worry as the other didnt answer him, just gripped his hand.
He wondered if it was raining because Luca's face was getting wet.
But he didnt feel any rain.
He could see Luca was talking, but he only heard ringing in his ears.
Were those clouds making everything black?
"Ya know Crocodile, ah love et ere' in, between Thames street....An South boulevard..."
Why was talking so hard? He felt liuke he was gurgling something.
"Luca, don look at meh like that, yar gonna ruin yar face..."
He wondered why the other man looked so broken...Was something wrong?
He wondered if Luca was covering his eyes because now he couldnt see.
He felt really dizzy, everything was a little numb. But it still felt nice...

Killian never walked through Thames Street and South Boulevard again.
But Luca visited every day.
Not to steal, but to visit an old friend.
And when the wind blew and rustled the tree's, for that one minute, everything was okay.
But only for a moment.
But that would do for now, because Luca had dug a grave for two, and soon they would rest together.
Six feet under the stars.

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Six feet under the stars.
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