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 Save Me

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PostSubject: Save Me   Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:43 am

“Yes. I know David.” Dacey sighed as he looked up at the ceiling. “Nothing will hurt me out there, blah blah blah. Same thing every week.”
“Dacey, that’s the first step. You have to realize it’s not dangerous out there.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Dacey, I walk outside every week to come over here. Kaiden’s outside every day to come over here and tutor you. Everyone in this family is outside at least once a day.”
“And how many have been raped? Jumped? Injured at all out there?”
“Dacey that’s not the-“
“It is the point to me.” Dacey folded his arms lightly.
David simply sighed, shaking his head.
“Well alright, then let’s go look out the window? Are you up for it?”
“Yeah.” Dacey nodded reluctantly, standing and making his way to the window, staring outside. He sort of missed it out there… They stood there for a while before David spoke up.
“Alright, I have to go Dacey. We’ll talk again next week, alright?”
“Fine.” Dacey sighed, nodding at the man, waving him off as he disappeared out the door. Dacey watched him from the window stepping down from the porch and disappearing down the street.
And now he was alone. He stayed there at the window though. Kaiden should be here soon and maybe he could even greet him at the door today…
He waited for a while, pulling up a chair to stare out into the beautiful sky. Maybe he could just go out there… for a second…
He stood, opening the door and taking a deep breath, staring outside. His stomach flipped as he quickly slammed the door shut.
Okay, maybe not today…
His excitement now gone, he sat back down and continued his watch for his crush. Kaiden was always so sweet to him… he’d really grown to feel comfortable with Kaiden, although the boy still couldn’t touch him.
And then he saw him. He grinned as he saw Kaiden’s figure a while away. He got closer and closer until he was nearly at their porch. And then another figure shot out of nowhere. Kaiden was thrown to the ground. It was clear the other person was trying to harm him. Dacey’s eyes were wide as his first instinct was to yell for his father. Then he realized… he was the only one home. There was no one here to save Kaiden.
Except him.
He was panicking as he struggled internally. He HAD to go out there and help Kaiden. But it wouldn’t help anyone if he just went out there and got himself hurt as well. He couldn’t take on this guy.
Dacey ran to the room his mother stored gym equipment in. One section of the room had a wall lined with guns, he was a bit of a hunter. Dacey grabbed a small pistol and quickly loaded it, trying to recall what his mother had taught him when he was younger. He’d never really paid attention but he certainly regretted it now. He quickly figured it out, the gun in his hand as he ran back out to the living room, peeking out the window to see Kaiden putting up a struggle.
He didn’t give it a second thought as he slammed the door open, his bare feet hitting the cool grass for the first time in years as he ran outside.
He appeared to be calm as he raised the gun in his hand, pointing it at the man holding Kaiden.
“Get off of him!” He exclaimed. “Let him go or I’ll shoot!” Dacey screeched at the man, his finger indeed on the trigger.
The man dropped Kaiden, running off to avoid getting shot. Dacey dropped the gun, kneeling beside Kaiden.
“Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Do you need help?” Dacey asked worriedly, examining the other boy.
“Dacey…” Kaiden blinked up at him.
“What? Kaiden, are you alright?” Dacey repeated.
“You’re… you’re outside, Dacey.”
Dacey’s eyes were wide as he looked around.
“I am…” He nodded slowly, suddenly observing everything around him. The wind blowing through his hair gently, the grass tickling at his feet, the heat he could feel beating down on him… The sunshine made Kaiden look so gorgeous… “I guess… I just got so scared I didn’t think about it. He was hurting you…”
“You came outside for me?”
“I guess I did…” Dacey paused before smiling lightly. He stood up, looking around. “I’m outside!” He yelled into the air, a goofy grin on his face before looking down at Kaiden who was smiling up at him.
Dacey plopped back down in the grass, just staring at the other boy before he leaned in and captured Kaiden’s lips in a deep kiss. This was the first time he’d ever touched the other in any way…
Kaiden was shocked to say the least but he pulled Dacey closer with one arm around his waist, the other brushing hair from the boy’s face.
Dacey was ecstatic, finally being in the arms of the boy of his dreams. Kaiden liked him even though he was a freak…
He had saved Kaiden today and maybe, just maybe… Kaiden could save him from himself.

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Save Me
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