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Jasey Rae Pierce


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PostSubject: Skinny.   Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:49 pm

mirror, mirror on the wall
ruthless to your victim
suiting you becomes my love
tied to my reflection
hunger takes a hold of me
making my decisions
glossy fashion magazines will feed my new addiction

The room was dark, though the light of the sun threatened to enter through the window's, Jasey had halted it in its tracks, his curtain's pulled tight. His lamp was on though, in the corner of the room. It struggled to give glow to the gloominess, and truly it failed. Jasey stood to the side of the room, staring back at his reflection in the mirror. The poor lamp could only do so much, though it was enough for Jasey to see himself.
See himself enough to hatefully turn out the light.
He didnt want anyone to see him.
He was not fit for the human eye.
Turning back to the mirror, he felt a chill run over his body, goosebumps arising on his sickly pale skin. His disease was in full swing, but that is not what made him so ugly. His eyes did not focus on the bag's beneath his lids, or the marring bruises that danced along his once perfect skin. His eyes cared little for the light sheen of sweat over his fevered body, nor did he care about the sagging of his shoulders. His eyes, once a vibrate blue, dulled to look over his midsection.
It was sickening.
His long fingers reached to pinch skin, pulling it away only to watch it slowly retract as he let go. He was putrid. He was unsure of why he had gotten so fat all of a sudden. He used to look nice, he used to be beautiful.
But now look at him.
His upper lip curled in disgust.
Turning his head from the mirror, he reached for the measuring tape he kept curled neatly on his dresser. Unrolling it with trembling hands, he moved to wind it around his waist, his stomach churning at the numbers.
He was a twenty in his midsection.
With a hateful snarl Jasey threw the tape down, angrily reaching for a pair of scissors on his dresser. With his other hand, he pinched the skin on his stomach, and with the scissors he put the skin between them. His hand twitched with want, even fighting to the point where they cold metal sliced into his skin. He watched the blood trickling down his abdomen, tears welling in his eyes as he felt the need to clip the fat away. Clip, clip, clip.
It would help none though. He would still be freakishly huge and he would probably only succeed in bleeding to death.
Why rush it? He would die soon enough anyways.

all these voices singing
all my monsters singing
got to fit that new bikini

Looking up to the glossy pictures on his wall, all of them clipped from the latest fashion magazines, and every picture of a model. A beautiful model. A skinny model.
Oh how he wanted to look that way.
Letting out a strangled scream he dropped to his knee's, the scissors cutting deeper before clattering to the floor. Holding his head in his hands, he sobbed lightly. His throat constricted, it was so hard to breath...He felt so weak.
It had to be his disease.
His eyes darted around, voices he heard in his head, singing softy a mantra.
Dont you want to fit your new bikini?

His head snapped over to his closet, or more to the new speedo he had bought months ago. At the time it had been tight on him. The tears came harder as he remembered looking at how it fit him, his fat hanging over the sides of the garment.
Another strangled wail as he reached for the scissor's, bringing the glistening edge to his stomach, snatching it to the side.
Pain bloomed on the now open wound, but it was so nice. Maybe if he bleed some it would help him lose more weight.

all the world is singing
all them girls are swinging
got to fit that new bikini

Sniffling softly, Jasey fell over on his side. His head spun and the room was unfocused. Still though he could see the photo's of the models.
He would be that. It was his new love, his obsession, his one goal in life.
"Well you are looking a little porky." Xavier had pointed out.
"Are you sure that will fit?" Junious mocked.
He would show them. He would show everyone just how skinny he could be! He was sure he would make it. Like Killian said, you have to fight for what you want right? Jasey was going to fight for this. He was going to be skinny one day and he was going to put even those super models to shame with his body.
Just you wait.

hiding in my baggy jeans
No one knows my secret
Hiding from the eyes that see
I have been defeated
mirror, mirror on my wall
ruthless to your victim
Suiting you is all i know
A slave to my reflection

Today, Jasey got on his scale just like he did every day.
His teeth bared in irritation with himself. If he had not eaten that salad yesterday then he would not have to stare at that number today. That nasty, ugly, huge, number.
With a frustrated sigh, Jasey lifted his head to gaze into the mirror, his reflection staring back at him like it did so many times before. He wore some of his father's jeans, he didnt want people to see how fat he looked in his own. Stepping away from the scale, he moved the kneel in front of the toilet. He hovered over it for a moment, staring down to the seat. It was his own bathroom. No one else used it, so he had taken a black permanent marker and written around the seat.
Dont eat. Fatty. Your going to gain weight. Ew. Stop you pig.
All around the rim of the seat.
With tears stinging his eyes, he forced two finger down his throat, jabbing at his uvula harshly. He continued this until he had doubled over on his knee's, the salad he had eaten the night before coming up unwillingly. He continued gagging, only satisfied when he no longer could even managed to get acid out.
Flushing the toilet, he rested his face on the seat, the room spinning around him. His head was killing him, and it only hurt worse when he heard a knock at the door.
"Jasey! Come on, grandma made breakfast!" It was his mother's voice. The man had been on top of him lately about eating and keeping his strength up. It was the only reason he had eaten that blasted salad the night before.
"Momma! I ate earlier!" The boy called back, the strain of even talking making him want to simply sleep.
"Jasey Rae! Its only seven in the morning! How did you eat earlier?" The man called back, Jasey could see his feet on the other side of the door.
"I work up at like five and was really hungry! I ate a lot and now im not hungry! Im sorry! Tell daddy he can have mine!" Jasey waited and soon he heard his mothers worried sigh as the man exited his room, leaving him alone in his bathroom.
The boy bit his lip to the point of drawling blood as his stomach cramped up, spasming in anger at the loss of the only food it had been allowed in a week. He was hungry, so hungry he actually considered eating, but with one look to his toilet seat that thought faded away.
He wasnt really all that hungry.
He didnt need the food.
He was fat enough as it was.

all these voices singing
all my monsters singing
got to fit that new bikini

At night, weeks later, Jasey pulled his shirt off to assess his body. His eyes roamed over it critically.
Nothing had changed. If anything he was only getting bigger with every passing day. His stomach laughed back at him, taunting him with how much a fatty like him loved food, asking him to just go ahead, eat more, make yourself fatter. He would be happy.
"Shut up." Jasey snapped softly, of course he was alone in his room. The room was once again dark, he wanted no one to see his nasty body. He had been putting Ryker off for months now. Though he talked to him over the phone, he always had a reason that they could not hang out. He could tell it was hurting the other boy but he had to make himself pretty and skinny like those models before he could allow Ryker to see him again.
Turning away from the mirror, Jasey stepped forward in a thought he would go to bed.
Only he never reached his bed.
Instead he found himself on the floor, withering as pain shot through his body. The impact of hitting the ground had jarred his already cramped belly, not to mention he felt like his hip had shattered. Giving a low whine of discomfort, he reached for his bed, the room spinning around. His head ached. His stomach growled. His body begged for nutrition. He needed help..
But as his eyes landed on the bikini in the corner, all of those thoughts faded. He would just lie here until he felt better. Closing his eyes, he hoped that the room would stop spinning, and the voices in his head would stop telling him how fat he was. As if he didnt know already.

all the world is singing
all them girls are swinging
got to fit that new bikini

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