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 Of Fatal Falls and Grateful Husbands.

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: Of Fatal Falls and Grateful Husbands.   Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:03 am

So, I hope this makes you feel better since you have been sick! I loves you! And good morning!"


Leon coughed hard, his face contorted in a wince. Pulling his hand away from his mouth, it was coated in blood but he ignored it, wiping it on his shirt. He was so tired, he had thought he was going to die before he got here but he had made it. Behind him he had a small cart, on it was a small tank of oxygen which lead to an oral cannula that went over his ears and stuck into his nose to help him breath. It was late at night, and the only one who even knew where he was had driven him here. Misery waited in the car behind him, watching as Leon knocked on Briley Riley's door.
The boy stood out there for a while in the cold, so long that Misery abandoned his heated car to step outside and wrap Leon in his arms rubbing his skin to try and warm it. It was extremely late or rather early but they both know Cove would not want to move Leon around to much in his condition and Leon did not want Cove to know what he was going to do.
They heard banging from inside and soon Briley's face appeared at the door, he had horrible five o'clock shadow, and his eye were squinted and glazed over with sleep. All he wore were a red pair of boxers.
"D*mn its cold out here..." He muttered in irritation as the night air slapped him in the face. Looking down his eyes almost popped out of his head. "What in the name of....LEON!" The man's wary consciousness finally clicked and he gently ushered Leon and Misery into his home and out of the cold.
"What are you doing! Does Cove know your here?" He paused at that second thought. Cove. His best friend had just called him the other day, crying his eyes out because Trever had told him to go ahead and pick Leon out something to wear at his funeral. He had to go and get him, he had driven a bit down the road so Leon would not see his tears. Briley had to hold him for hours until he had finally calmed down.
And now what was the boy doing?
Giving Cove more to worry about.
This was why Briley really did not like Leon. The boy worried his friend too death and Cove did not need that, but he couldn't very well be mean to the kid, he was dying after all. No one wanted to be mean to a dying kid.
"Does Cove know where you are?" Briley sat down on the couch, a hand pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Uh..." Leon was leaned over on Misery, his face still controlled in pain as the other gently ran his finger's over the boys scalp, where his hair should have been but it was long gone. Leon had gone into a remission after his initial diagnosis, and he had been cancer free for almost a year. But then he felt pain in his bones so Cove had insisted he be checked out. Needless to say the cancer was back and aggressive as ever. It had quickly broken Leon down and was currently still simply hitting him.
"No." Misery answered for him, protectively holding Leon. "And you had better not tell him either. This is private."
Briley looked between the two of them incredulous, blinking in disbelief. "Do what? Do you know if Cove wakes up and he is gone, he is going to have a nervous break down!" Briley growled, throwing his hands up in frustration. "How thick can you be! Do you even care that he is killing himself by worrying about Leon?"
Misery nodded, of course he cared, he spent a large portion of his time at the home with Cove since Leon had been sick, trying to soothe him. Normally he would not have been willing to take Leon out but after the boy had explained to him why he needed to do this, he could not say no.
"What do you even want?" The man asked in exasperation, leaning forward to stare Leon down. The boy looked like death, to put it simply. He was a skeleton that had just been draped in skin, his eyes were glazed with pain, his lips blue from his lack of oxygen even with the help...
"I want..." Leon forced himself up, ignoring his body's protest for a moment to do so. "I want you to promise me something..." He was straining himself, his voice coming out tight but strong in a way Leon had not been since he had gotten sick again. "When I die." Now, he knew there was no if, ands or buts about it. "I want you to make sure Cove doesn't go with me." Even though Leon was so afraid of death and what would happen when he did leave this world, he worried more for what Cove would do when he was gone. "Don't you let him fall...You or Misery."
Briley was truly shocked, he had not thought that Leon was smart enough to even fathom what his death may do to Cove. But Leon had a lot of time to think.
"He wont want to move on....He has made this clear and for a while that is okay. He will need his time to get over it, but don't you let him fall...." That's all Leon kept saying, don't let him fall...
"What do you mean?" Briley's jaw clenched, his heart aching. Leon had come all this way just to tell him to take care of Cove? To make him promise? Maybe Leon had been more of a man than Briley had thought...
"I mean don't you let him fall, don't you let him lose his want to live!" Leon had a new force in him, a fire inside of himself that flared when he thought of making sure Cove would be okay... "Don't let him become someone else because he is losing me. You pick him up, dust him off, and you put him on his feet and make him live." Leon didn't mind Cove taking care of him right now, he needed it and he wanted to be with Cove as much as he could be, but when he was gone he had no desire for Cove to be alone. He wanted his lover to meet someone new, someone who would make him smile. He knew Cove, and he knew what he needed. They had talked so much since he had been sick... "He needs someone he can take care of, someone he can look at and know they need him...I know he can take care of himself, besides he has you and Misery to watch out for him but without me he wont have anything to take care of and he needs it...." Leon nodded his head, he had not cried and he didn't plan on it right now. "Just...Promise me you will take care of him. Make him cry on you...Don't let him cry on his own. Hold his hand at my funeral and crack jokes about me being Leontardo! Make him smile...Don't let him fall..." Leon nodded his head, his hands trembling as tears welled in his eyes but he was not about to cry in front of Briley. He could not do it.
Briley was astounded...If Cove had heard that he probably would have bawled. Leon put so much thought into Cove....Into how his life would change with him gone...
"You tell him I want him to keep my camera. Tell him my old Camera is broken up In a box under my bed, and to give that to my daddy. I dont want to tell him myself, it will hurt him...But I want him to have the one he got me and I want daddy to have the one he bought me. Tell him I want papa to have all of my pictures of memaw..."
Briley listened to Leon as he rattled off everything he wanted when he was gone, and he took mental notes. Leon knew if anyone could get it done, it would be Briley.
"Okay Leon..." Briley stood, offering the boy his hand. "Okay...But you need to get home before he wakes up and your gone."
Leon looked up at him, his fire still burning as he took the larger mans hand. "Its Leontardo to you." And with that he pulled himself up, reaching back for his oxygen cart but Misery already had it for him, offering his arm to Leon which the boy hooked onto. Slowly moving to the door, Leon paused once to catch his breath and look up at Briley, his nose now dripping blood from the sheer strain he had put on his damaged body. "Promise me?"
"Promise." Briley nodded, even leaned down to hug the small boy. He watched as Misery loaded him into the car, situated him and his tank, wrapped him in a small blanket he had brought along, and then got in himself. Briley stood there long after the tail lights of the car was gone.
"Okay Leon...Okay..." He nodded once more, still simply standing there. Soon though a pair of strong arms wound around his chest, and he could smell his husband as he rested his chin on Briley's shoulder.
"What are you doing up baby?"
"Oh...Nothing...Just was talking to Leontardo." He cracked a smile, turning to grip Brynn by the mans hips, kissing him passionately, so grateful that he was healthy.
So, so grateful.

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Of Fatal Falls and Grateful Husbands.
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