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 Of Overwhelmed Lovers and Comforting Fathers

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: Of Overwhelmed Lovers and Comforting Fathers   Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:35 pm

Cove groaned softly as his eyes slowly fluttered open. Blearily he looked up at the ceiling, wondering just what had managed to get him up. He felt wet, warm...sticky.
And then he heard it, the quiet whispers and the hitched intake of breath. His eyes immediately snapped over to the small boy laying beside him. Leon was curled into a small ball, fetal position, and he seemed to be muttering to himself.
And thats when Cove's sleep clogged senses finally picked up the scent.
Oh God.
Looking down he let out an exasperated sigh. The sheets, the blanket, the bed, everything was covered in piss.
Himself included.
Leon just sobbed violently, shaking his head as his hands covered his face.
"Oh Leon...." Cove sighed softly, he was not mad at the boy, he just felt horrible for him. He reached over and gently pulled the boy up and into his arms, his stomach churning as the smell intensified, though now mixed with Leon's sickly smell.
"Love..." He needed to get Leon cleaned off, and get the bed sheets changed, but he also needed to be able to watch Leon the entire time. "Can ya sit in thes chair fer meh?" He nodded to a chair in the corner of the room, trying to pick Leon up. The boy was total dead weight to him. As he sat Leon in the chair, the boy lurched forward, spewing everything he had in him.
Needless to say it did not only get all over Leon's chest and lap, but he managed to spray Cove as well.
"Oh God." The man winced as another smell joined in. This was simply nauseating, but he knew he needed to go ahead and try to clean up before it got any worse.
Leon's pitiful weeping brought him out of his thoughts, he gently wiped away some of the dribbled puke from the boys chin, kissing the top of his head as he promised everything would be okay before turning to the bed.
Everything was soaked.
And with a sickening splatter, Leon had puked again all over his lap.
"Oh baby..." Cove looked back to Leon, he himself feeling as though he were going to throw up. He needed help, really bad he needed help. He could not take much more of this. He had never been so stressed out in his life. He wanted to just sit on the bed and cry with Leon.
But the bed was covered in piss.
"Ah'll beh back." He promised his yammering lover. Leaving the room he made his way to his father's room, tears already in his eyes as he got to the door. He didn't want to disturb his mother and father but...
He really needed him.
So he knocked lightly on the door, considering just going back to his room and trying to figure this out on his own. Really it did not take much figuring, it was just so much work to do.
Rhett was up and at the door in moments though looking down at his son with his warm brown iris's.
"Coveh?" He began, worried with the tears in the boys eyes, but he was cut off when Cove lunged forth, hugging his father tight, his face pressed into the mans chest.
"Cove." Rhett's arms wound tight around his son. "What es it?" He wondered if Leon had finally passed.
Not so lucky.
"L-Leon es sick an heh p-pissed the bed than puked all over meh an a-ah'm jus' really tired."
Over whelmed.
"Coveh..." Rhett sighed softly, now identifying the horrid stench coming from his son. "Ya need ah bath." It was not good to waller in the waste.
"A-Ah know, but ah ave' ta clean up..." The boy whimpered into his father's chest. Rhett just placed a kiss to the crown of his head.
"C'mon." He picked his son up, walking to the bathroom and running a bath for the boy. He peeled away the soiled clothes from his son's body, his jaw tight at the putrid smell.
"D-Daddeh...H-Heh..." Cove shook his head, he was not upset over the fact Leon had wet the bed, just because this proved how week he was becoming, how bad it was. His Leon was wasting away right in front of him.
"Ah know." Rhett nodded, kneeling down to look at his son. "Jus take ah bath."
"B-But Ah ave' ta get Leon an m-my room." The boy fisted at his eyes.
"Ah'll goh get Leon, tha room can wait." And with that Rhett as gone, returning moments later with Leon. He held him up, while with one arm he ushered Cove into the tub. The large man undressed Leon and then passed the sickly boy over to Cove, growling at his stomach as he gathered the ruined clothing, the door shutting behind him.
Once out, he threw the clothes into the trash, and then went on his way to gather Cove's bedding. He washed that, and then went to work scrubbing the boys bed. He did this for at least thirty minutes until he was determined it was clean and his son would not be sleeping in pee. And then he promptly flipped the mattress to make sure. He got on his hands and knees to clean the floors, pawing at his eyes tiredly every few minutes but he didn't have the heart to be irritated. This was a lot for his son to do. He finished up in the boys room, returning a moment later with new bedding from the closet. He made Cove's bed before retrieving clothes for both the boys.
It had been an hour and thirty minutes.
Reentering the bathroom, Rhett paused. His son was asleep, head leaned back, with Leon slumped against his chest. Neither had moved since he had put them in.
Rhett took a deep breath, setting the clothes on the sink in favor of dropping down beside the tub, lathering a was cloth, and proceeding to bathe Leon first. He didnt take long, just enough to get the boy cleaned up before lifting him out of the bath and drying him. He redressed the boy and took him to the bedroom, hooking him back to his machines like Trever had showed him, bringing him a bucket if he needed to puke.
Leon was sleeping though, had not woken up to even be bathed. He had been so tired, he had actually been awake for a while after he spoiled himself, just crying about how pathetic it was.
Rhett walked back over to the bathroom, kneeling down and gently shaking his son, smiling when Cove opened his eyes.
"Daddeh...?" Cove looked around, rubbing his eyes tiredly. "Where es Leon?"
"Heh es in bed." Rhett answered, already washing his son down, trying to clean him up.
"Heh es in that bed!" Cove's eyes widened and he immediately shot up, trying to move his father so he could go get his lover out of there.
"Ets clean Coveh." Rhett took the opportunity to wash his son's backside and his back, getting everywhere to make sure his son was no longer covered in Leon's... fluids. He even washed his hair for him.
"Clean?" Cove looked back to his father, his brows furrowing as the man drained the tub.
"Mhmm, ah cleaned up fer ya." Rhett's voice was soft as he lifted his son from the tub, taking a towel to dry him off with. He stood Cove up, going around the boy to dry him before slipping one of his own large t-shirts over the boys head and letting him borrow a pair of his under garments.
"Ya....Did what?" Cove's heart ached at how good his father was to him, but it was a nice ache as he was lifted and carried back into his room.
Everything was clean, the horrid smell was gone, and his bed was made....
Rhett laid him down beside Leon, tucking the fresh covers around him. The large man pressed a kiss to the boys forehead, gently caressing his cheek.
"Night Coveh." As he turned to leave, he felt something grab his hand. Turning back it was his son, his brown eyes pleading.
"Daddeh...Ah need ya...." He whispered softly, his eyes once more filling with tears as he thought of the clean room. His father had dealt with all that for him...
"Course." Rhett crawled over Leon to lay on the other side of Cove, letting the boy cling to him.
The night was quiet, and Rhett could not hold his eyes open any longer. Not even long enough to hear the soft, sniveling, "Thank ya daddeh..."

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Of Overwhelmed Lovers and Comforting Fathers
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