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 The Difference.

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: The Difference.   Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:27 am

Cove groaned softly as he plopped down on the couch, his father's questions ringing in his ears. Rhett just would not get off of Leon and why he couldn't be with Briley. He had even gone as far as asking about Misery and Cove was left with several different things flying through his head.
What did make them all different?
Briley was....Well he was Briley. He could take care of himself, he was a great father to their kids. Briley was all smiles and jokes, and nothing ever seemed to get him down. Well except losing Brynn but that was Briley's heart, even if the boy was a freak. For Cove, Briley was his best friend, someone he had known since he had been a mere baby and he had grown to love and even though they had kids together, Briley was just a really nice time in bed. As much as Cove hated it, bottoming was not such a bad thing but he would only ever do it to Briley. Maybe because he trusted Briley like that, he was not sure, but Briley was more of a friend, someone he could always count on, but not really someone he could see himself making A life with. He and Briley would be at each others throats all the time, but then again they always had fun and the sex was always mind blowing.
But Briley did not NEED him.
This brought him to Leon. Leon was the sweetest thing he had ever come across. The boy was adorable and innocent and always trying to be nice. He wasn't dumb either, no matter what people would say about him, Cove knew better. Leon was different yes but he was not stupid. He chose to be so sweet all the time, he did not do it because he was simply naive, even though he was. Leon made Cove feel needed, as if without Cove there Leon would not be able to live and Cove needed that. He needed to feel needed, like someone couldn't live without him and that's what he had with Leon. Not like that was the only reason he was with the boy though. He found he enjoyed watching Leon play with his camera, and he enjoyed in the innocence of his kiss, and the hesitation of his touch. Everything was always so sweet and slow and....innocent, with Leon. They could be having dirty sex and it would still feel special and fragile and just....exculpatory.
Cove had never been like that, everything with him was never so innocent in that way as it was with Leon and he adored it. He loved being able to protect Leon and watch over him and be the ONLY one to ever touch him in such a way. Leon was his heart. And Leon could not live without him.
Leon NEEDED him.
And then there was Misery. This is the one that stuck Cove the oddest. he could not quite place his finger on Misery. The boy was so....untamed and misplaced all the time. He was strong like no one else and he knew a little about everything there was to know. Misery laughed and prodded at him, teasing much like Briley would but with a familiarity that Briley did not have, because unlike Misery, Briley didn't know everything about Cove. Misery knew him like an open book. He always knew exactly how to handle Cove, and there was nothing Cove could hide from him and if he were to try he would surly be called out by the smaller boy. He just didn't know what to think about Misery, honestly because they could have had something. He loved Misery, loved him to pieces but he didn't really know why they never worked out. As he thought about it he leaned back, his eyes on the ceiling as he thought of the wild mane of hair and the impish smile that was his Misery. The man had always been around, for everything.
And yet, he was the hardest for Cove to place.
And that's because Misery was very much different from Briley and Leon. Leon could NOT live without Cove. Briley could and he could do it even happily. Sure he would miss Cove but he had his own family and he had Brynn and he was going to be happy either way.
But Misery.
Misery made the different because like Briley but unlike Leon he could live without Cove, but....
Without Cove he would be miserable at best.
And that made the difference.

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The Difference.
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