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PostSubject: Augustus    Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:49 pm

Killian was sitting on a couch at some gettogether with his family, his old friend sitting beside him. He was waiting for Luca to walk in, and while he waited he was eyeing several of the men in the room, lightly nudging his friend and pointing over to Dacey Riley.
"What doh ya think about em?" Killian himself didn't find anything really striking about Dacey but his friend evidently did.
"Woah, I think thats one hot momma."
"Eh?" Killian glanced over to him. The boys name was Augustus, and he was a very off the wall person. He often wore a pair of black specks which made him look very innocent and adorable with his black hair pressed out of his face and with large bright eyes, which seemed the color of blue that mingled heavily with yellow. He had large gauges in his ears and his bottom lip was pierced on both the right and left side, though he always only wore one ring at a time. He was a wonder too Killian. The boy often flirted with him and joked about sex but never actually would crawl into bed with the other so Killian just passed him off as odd. He was abnormally goofy, and often made a fool out of himself when trying to flirt but that just made him even more adorable. He occasionally stumbled with his words and stuttered under pressure. His original hair color was a fiery red but he always tried to keep it black. When it was not cut short it tended to curl and puff out. All and all the boy was pretty great, even if Killian had issues getting into his pants. The boy was a total geek when it came to video games and books, but he was never one to shove his smarts in your face.
Killian enjoyed his company.
"If heh is soh hot, goh talk ta him." Killian glanced over to the boy, only to find he was gone.
As Killian piercing blue eyes scanned the room, only stopping to examine Shannon, he finally found the boy, standing in the corner, talking to Luca.
Killian's eyes narrowed, on his feet in minutes to step over and see just what Augustus was doing. As he approached, he could hear the boy talking.
"I bet your name's Mickey, 'cause you're so fine! You're so fine!"
Killian cleared his throat, glaring at his friend. "Weren't ya gonna go talk ta Daceh?"
Augustus shrugged lightly, smiling with only one half of his mouth. "He is taken."
It did seem so, Kaiden was sitting with an arm wrapped around the boys shoulders.
"Well, find someone who isnt MAH boyfriend ta talk ta." Killian had never been jealous....well until Luca.
"Yeah, whatever." Augustus was not even paying attention, waving Killian off to grin at Luca, his nose scrunching like it often did when he smiled.
Killian didn't even want to ask for a threesome, the smile Luca was wearing made him want to smack Augustus.
But as he turned back to look at his friend, the boy was gone. He had settled off back to the couch, laying down on it and lazily watching everyone else in the room with a smile.
He loved people.

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