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 Doctor Kaduro

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PostSubject: Doctor Kaduro   Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:14 am

Im working on him still, I dont know how this is going to work ut but it kinda gave me an explanation for his asexuality buahaha.
I hope you enjoy, although im sure you wont buahah
I love you!
Good morning!
Sorry I have failed to read this over first, I ish tired hehe

"Augustus! You have got to go!" Briley growled softly, pulling at his youngest son. It was time for a doctors visit, Augusts had them frequently because of his blood sugar. But ever since he had been very young he had thrown fits about the doctor. Briley put it off as his bad memories of having his blood drawn when he was diagnosed.
"Hey there daddy, I feel fine and you need to just let me go!" He was six years old, and his older brothers listened to him yelling from the other room. His mother disliked hearing him yell so usually he stayed down with his brothers.
Briley ignored his son, throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him out. The boy fought a good fight but he finally just let his father carry him out, limply hanging over his shoulder.
He hated the doctors.
He hated his doctor.
The mans name was Johnathan Kaduro. He was a new doctor that had just started the day Augustus had been born. Since he had delivered the boy he had stayed as the boys primary doctor.
The place was warm. Chairs sitting out in the waiting room with several magazines stacked up on tables. A tiny room broke off from the waiting room which was full of toys and things to keep children occupied. Briley sat Augustus in the room and told him to play while he signed the papers for their visit. Augustus sat down in a corner, his eyebrows furrowed as he petted down his curly orangish brown hair. He let himself plod about the room, playing with the bloxs and hoping for another child to be here so he could have someone to play with. Minutes ticked by, and soon Briley was at the door, hoisting the boy up to kiss his cheek.
"Alright baby, Doctor Kaduro is ready to see you. Ill be right out here in the waiting room if you need me." He promised his son, walking him into the waiting room and to the door where Doctor Kaduro was waiting for them. Briley passed his son off to the doctor, waving until he was out of site.
Augustus was quiet as he was carried into Dr.Kaduro's room. Being sat down on the mandatory lay out bed with the noisy paper on it, he kept his eyes down and kicked his feet as the doctor moved around him.
"How have you been Gus?" The man asked cheerfully, moving to check the boys ears.
"I have been okay." Augustus always recoiled into a shell when speaking to the doctor, never the same vibrant boy as he normally was.
"Just okay?" The doctor took his blood pressure.
"Uhm..." The boy felt the hair on the back of his neck rising, his eyes still trained to the floor.
"Have you tried what I was telling you too?" The man took Augustus by his chin, forcing him to look up.
"I...Uhmm...Yes." He lied to the man, his eyes trying to look anywhere but at the doctor.
"Really? Lemme see." He nodded, reaching to undo the boys pants. Augustus just continued too look away, ashamed of himself for lying to the man.
Pulling away the boys small pants, he peeled down his tighty whites, positioning the boy on his knees.
"You know what to do Gus." He waited for the boy to lift his butt in the air, his face pressed flush against the mat of the bed.
"Good boy." He nodded, Gus noting how his voice switched just a bit like it always did.
His hands were cold on Augustus's skin, kneading the boys cheeks apart as he examined the childs entrance.
"Doesn't look like you have been doing what you were supposed to." The man chided, a finger sliding down the boys crack.
"I guess Ill have to do it for you."
Gus bit his lip, moving his hands to cover his eyes. "I-Im sorry! Ill do it! Just please let me do it!" He pleaded, panic setting in.
"I already tried that, now hush up." The doctor stepped away, coming back this time with a warm slippery substance coating his fingers.
"Alright Augustus, this is going to hurt but your a strong boy." He nodded, that being the only warning the child had before a large finger slipped into the childs tight heat.
"Ehh..." Augustus clenched his eyes shut, his tiny whimper of pain sounding in the room. He wished he had done what the man had said...
Soon a second finger was added, this one bringing with it tears and louder whines from the boy as he felt himself tearing. He hated the doctors, he hated it so much...
It seemed like a forever to Augustus but the man only did it for ten minutes before withdrawing his finger and giving the bleeding entrance a flick of his tongue, pulling off his disposable gloves only to change into a new pair.
"Okay! Now that im done with that." The man redressed the boy, preparing him to have his blood drawn and waiting for him to stop crying, actually feeling a bit bad as he tried to lean to one side, staying off of his butt.
Augustus watched as the man cleaned his wrist, then taking a needle and pushing it in. Augustus didn't even pay it any mind, the pain from his butt over riding the pain of having the needle stuck into his arm.
"Now! Your do to have your blood word done again next month." He knelled in front of the boy, smiling at him. "And when you come ill even give you a surprise! But remember, you can't tell your mommy and daddy what we do except blood work or it could hurt them." He reminded the boy who nodded numbly, still looking down even as the doctor wiped the tears from his eyes.
"Your all finished! Dont forget though you need to keep stretching you booty like I told you or I have to do it." He whispered in the boys ear before ushering him from the room, walking him back to Briley.
"Hey sport! How did it go?" He lifted his son in his arms, looking to Doctor Kaduro as the son winced.
"It was good...he poked me with a needle." Augustus was always crying afterwards but Briley couldn't help that he had his blood issues.
"Well, thank you doctor." Briley shook the mans hand before turning to carry his son back to the car, taking him home where he laid in bed the rest of the bed, like he always did after doctors visits.
Now, years later, Augustus was fourteen years old. He flirted relentlessly, he laughed loudly and he always had something smart to say.
He had his sexuality worked out. He was a pan-sexual asexual boy. He loved all people from all walks of life, but he wanted nothing to do with them beyond companionship. He did not want them to touch him in any sexual way, and if you were to touch his butt he would hit you in the face. He likes to tease his brain and learn new things, and also he had a killer crush on his friends boyfriend, Luca lively.

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Doctor Kaduro
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