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 Jeremy "Morgue" Johnson.

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PostSubject: Jeremy "Morgue" Johnson.   Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:07 am

“Daddy!” Jeremy whined, tugging on the hem of his father’s shirt.
“Hold on sweetheart.” Cade murmured, waving a hand at the child without even turning to look at him.
“But daddy!”
“Jeremy, I said hold on.” Cade snapped lightly at the toddler. He was busy. Leon needed his help with some schoolwork. Leon had enough trouble with the work as it was, he didn’t need Jeremy distracting him.
The five year old let go of Cade’s shirt, his lower lip jutting out as he hung his head. Cade NEVER had time for him… He was always too busy with Leon.
Jeremy toddled off, finding his mother sitting in his bedroom watching television. He crawled up on the bed, kneeling in Kelton’s lap, grinning brightly.
“Hi mwomma!”
“Hi baby.” Kelton smiled, ruffling the boy’s long black hair. “What’s up?”
“Nuffing.” He hummed, wrapping his arms around his mother’s neck and nuzzling his face. “Ewer weally pwetty mwomma!” He giggled, running a tiny hand through Kelton’s currently bright purple hair.
“Not as pretty as you though.” Kelton winked at the boy, holding him tight.
“I wike all dese pwetty rings in ewer face.” Jeremy nodded, tugging on some of Kelton’s piercings. “I want some!” He grinned, nodding his head.
“We’ll see when you get older.” Kelton laughed, shaking his head before he spoke again. “Hey sweetheart, do you know what time it is?”
“Uh… no?” Jeremy asked, tilting his head to the side, confused.
“It’s tickle time!” Kelton grinned evilly, picking his son up and laying him down on the bed, letting his fingers run over the boy’s tummy.
“No!” Jeremy squealed, giggling as his mother tickled him. “Mwomma!” He shrieked, laughing delightfully.
This first little thing seems pretty pointless but I just wrote it to show that Cade doesn’t really pay Jeremy much attention. Cade’s too busy with Leon but Kelton is still a good momma to him:)
Kelton yawned as he stood up from the couch, cracking his neck and stretching out. He must have fallen asleep with Cade while watching a movie last night. He looked around, giggling as he saw Cade sprawled out on the couch, mouth wide open as snores left him.
“Cade.” He whispered and just like that Cade woke with a jolt. No matter how hard Kelton tried, there was just no way to wake Cade up gently. He was such a light sleeper.
“Huh?” Cade yawned, rubbing his eyes.
“Let’s go to bed sweetheart. I’m going to the bathroom. Get up and go lay down.” Kelton nodded as he wandered off to the bathroom, right next door to their youngest son’s room.
Jeremy was fourteen now and Kelton adored the boy. Cade loved him too although he was never as close with Jeremy as he was with Leon. Jeremy was closer to Kelton. He took after his mother from the weird appearance to the seemingly uncaring attitude. His hair which was naturally long and black was now so bleached blonde that it was almost white. Jeremy constantly seemed to be experimenting with makeup as well, nothing girly or anything, he usually stuck to dark colors of eyeliner and white face powder. He liked to look different and Kelton enjoyed his son’s way of expressing himself.
As Kelton stepped into the bathroom, he heard some noise coming from Jeremy’s room. His brows furrowed as he listened closer, recognizing the sound as an almost gagging noise. What in the hell was he doing? He pressed his ear to the wall, waiting. And there it was again. It was clearly Jeremy gagging, hacking lightly. What in the hell was that child doing?
Kelton was NOT about to let his son be bulimic. He was a bit confused actually. Even though he hadn’t been crazy about being a mother at first, he did make sure he was a good one. He looked after his babies and he had not seen any of the tell tale signs of a kid with an eating disorder. This could not be good. He moved next door, knocking on his son’s door.
“Jeremy?” He called lightly.
“Come in!” The boy responded a little too soon.
Kelton slowly popped his head in the door, stepping inside.
“Everything alright in here?”
“Everything’s fine, mom.” Jeremy flashed his mother a light smile. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, legs crossed lightly at the knee.
“Liar.” Kelton pouted. “What’s going on?” He examined the room, looking for any vomit or a sign of Jeremy gagging himself.
“Nothing.” Jeremy gave his mother a crooked smile. “Nothing bad anyways. Promise.”
“Jeremyyyy.” Kelton let out a whine.
“Mommaaaa.” Jeremy whined back in the same tone, though he was grinning at his mother.
“Just promise you’re not like being all bulimic in here?”
“What? You think I’m making myself vomit?” Jeremy arched an eyebrow. “No, I’m too thin as it is.” He looked down at his bare chest, his stomach flat, all his bones clearly defined. “Now that you bring it up, I’m quite hungry actually. Go make me a sandwich.”
“I regret coming in here in the first place.” Kelton shook his head.
“When are you going to learn coming in my room never gets you anything good.” Jeremy chuckled softly, laying back on his mattress.
“I don’t know, remind me next time.” Kelton giggled, stepping over to his son and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Goodnight sweetheart.”
“Night mom. I hope you have delightful nightmares!” Jeremy winked.
“You scare me, kid.”
“Why thank you.” Jeremy made a bowing motion, his hair falling in his face as Kelton laughed, exiting the room.
Kelton continued hearing the gagging noises over the next several weeks when he would pass Jeremy’s room, though he trusted his son and didn’t bother him about it again. And then one night almost a month later, it was just getting dark outside as Jeremy arrived home, carrying a suitcase by his side.
“Mom?” He arched an eyebrow, approaching his mother who sat on the couch.
“Hmm?” Kelton hummed, turning to look at his son.
“Can I show you something?” He asked, almost tentatively.
“Course baby.” Kelton nodded, immediately giving his son his full attention.
Jeremy smiled at him, sitting his case on the coffee table and undoing the latch, only pausing to glance up as his father passed him with Leon by his side, heading out the front door. He only let his gaze linger on them for a second.
Not like he’d wanted his father to see what he’d been working so hard on or anything…
But he refused to let it bother him. He was quite proud of himself on this day.
He flipped open the lid on the case. Inside was a number of things, but the most noticeable by far was a long silver sword. More strips of silver came off of the handle in several spots, curling and twisting around each other, giving the sword a quite mesmerizing appearance. He lifted it from the case, holding it out to let his mother get a look at it.
Kelton just watched him curiously, confused as hell now.
Jeremy grinned, loving the fact that there was no way his mother could even guess at what he was about to do.
He took a deep breath as he lifted the sword, holding it close to his face, letting his tongue trail down the blade, getting it nice and slick. And then, in one swift movement, so his mother would get the full shock of it, he tilted his head back so his neck was completely erect, opened his mouth wide and slid the sword, blade first down his throat.
He concentrated hard, there were so many tiny details. He had to make sure the sword didn’t move too far in one direction, had to make sure his hands weren’t shaking from nerves, couldn’t take breaths that were too large in fear that his lungs would press against the blade and suffer severe damage. It required a lot of effort honestly.
“Jeremy!” Kelton shrieked. Honestly when he saw his son shove that blade down his throat, his first thought had been that his son was attempting suicide. He’d nearly pissed his pants. He reached out for Jeremy until the boy had just let the sword rest there. What in the fuck was he doing? He stared, open mouthed until Jeremy pulled the sword out slowly, completely unharmed. He took a bow, grinning from ear to ear at the look on his mother’s face.
Kelton grabbed a pillow from the couch and proceeded to whack his son in the stomach with it.
“Give me a little warning next time!” Kelton exclaimed, hitting the boy with the pillow once more before taking a deep breath. “What in the hell did you just do?!” It’d been quite amazing now that he was calm enough to realize his son had not been trying to kill himself right in front of him.
“Sword swallowing, duh.” Jeremy laughed softly. “And that was sort of the reaction I was hoping for so I guess it was a pretty good first attempt in front of an audience.” He nodded his head.
“So that’s what all the gagging was?” Kelton hummed, leaning forward to pick up the sword, looking it over, pulling at the blade as if to make sure it was really a solid sword, not some trick.
“Yeah, I’ve been practicing.” Jeremy nodded, rubbing his throat lightly.
“Does it hurt?” Kelton arched an eyebrow, still examining the sword.
“Just a bit. At first it really did. You cough up some bile a lot. Burns. My throat is always a bit sore and everything sort of tastes like metal now.” He chuckled softly.
“Wow. And you taught yourself?”
“Mhm. All by myself.” Jeremy nodded. “And that’s not all either.” He grinned lightly, a bit excited to finally show off what he had learned.
“Should I be scared?” Kelton asked tentatively.
“Yes.” Jeremy didn’t hesitate in responding, though he wore a sly grin.
“Go ahead.” Kelton nodded, watching intently as Jeremy proceeded to swallow a large metal ball and cough it back up, shove a hook into his nose and pull it out of his throat, and drill a nail into his nostril.
Kelton’s mouth was wide open the entire time as he watched, amazement in his eyes.
“Gimme!” He reached for the hook, looking it over as if considering how to go about shoving it into his nose already.
“Whoa!” Jeremy chuckled, reaching out and taking his mother’s hand, retrieving his hook. “No way.”
“What do you mean no way!?” Kelton whined.
“I mean it’s too dangerous, I wouldn’t let you do that.”
“No fair. I’m your mother! I’m supposed to be protective of you, not the other way around!” Kelton pouted. “You have to teach me!”
“Not going to happen.” Jeremy shook his head. “You’d end up dead if you tried this right now.” He chuckled softly, putting his items back in his suitcase.
“Hmm…” Kelton hummed. “So you really have to practice this, huh?”
“Yeah a lot.” Jeremy nodded. “The hook one is still a bit tricky.”
“How do you know you’re not going to like die?” Kelton frowned likely. That was the only problem he had… what if Jeremy hurt himself?
“Well I don’t. That’s the thing.” Jeremy said simply. “If you live life being afraid of death, then you’re not really living life, are you?”
Kelton just blinked at him for a moment, considering this.
“You’re a smart kid.” He nodded in conclusion. “I feel like Jeremy is too boring of a name for you though.” He hummed. “I so shouldn’t have let your daddy name you.” He giggled softly. “I’m going to call you… Morgue.”
“Morgue?” Jeremy raised an eyebrow.
“Yupp. Because if anyone else tried to do that shit isn’t that where they’re going to end up?”
Jeremy let out a laugh, his grin bright on his mother.
Just so you are aware, in this next fic when Morgue says he can “read” people, I don’t mean like in RuPaul when they read each other and insult each other and shit heheheh >< I mean like… you’ll see! >< This reading thing is the part I got from that Psych showwww Very Happy ENJOY!
Morgue sat in the corner of the home during the latest gettogether. He was not quite friends with anyone just yet, so he sat near his mother, letting his eyes roam everyone. He’d always had a talent for what he liked to call reading people. He could tell everything about a person just from watching them for several minutes. He just picked up on smaller details about people that no one else seemed to. He was unusual like that.
He glanced over as he heard two boys speaking near him. They were both around the same height, one was a dirty blonde, the other a dark brunette. Both were quite skinny although he immediately noticed that one certainly didn’t realize that. The brunette obviously had the false impression that he was obese. It was clear to Morgue, just by the way the boy stood there and by the clothes he wore. He almost felt bad for the darker haired one, at least until he heard the words the two boys were exchanging with one another.
“Do you see his roots showing through?” The blonde giggled, gesturing to a bubbly looking boy across the room with obviously dyed black hair, fiery red roots showing through at the top.
“Someone needs a dye job.” The brunette responded, snickering.
They weren’t quiet with their comments at all. The boy easily could have heard them.
Morgue despised people like that. He was a person who believed in embracing his flaws and strongly encouraged others to do the same. He could not stand people who tried to shame others for the flaws that simply made them human. He nudged his mother lightly.
“What’re their names?” He asked, his voice rather quiet as Kelton glanced over.
“Oh, them? The blonde one is Shannon, he’s a drag queen. That’s pretty much all I know about him. And Jasey is the other one. His mom is Gabriel.” Kelton nodded over to Jasey’s mother across the room.
Morgue nodded, chuckling to himself. Yes, it was that easy. He could read Jasey and Shannon like an open book. They had just better hope they didn’t piss him off or-
The two burst into fits of giggles when the red head across the room tripped and fell over something, landing on his face on the carpet.
Morgue stood, stepping over to the two.
“Is something funny?” He arched an eyebrow at them, the tone of his voice making it clear he was not pleased.
Jasey and Shannon took in the man’s dyed hair, pale skin, and odd makeup before sharing a look as if to say, “What a freak!”
“Did you not see the dork fall over there?” Shannon snickered softly, reaching up to brush a strand of hair from his face with a long, polished fingernail.
“I did.” Morgue nodded his head. “Would you like to know what else I saw?”
Shannon eyed him, confused.
“I saw two, insecure little boys picking on someone else to hide their own insecurities.”
“Excuse me?” Jasey placed a hand on his hip, scoffing at the boy.
“Did I stutter?” Morgue arched an eyebrow, smirking lightly at the two of them.
Shannon opened his mouth to speak but was cut off when Morgue put a finger to his lips. His fingers were long and pale, his nails short and neatly trimmed, coated in black nail polish.
“You. Shannon, right?”
Shannon nodded slowly, his face drawn in a scowl.
“The drag queen.” Morgue nodded his head. “You cover yourself in piles of makeup each night to parade around as a woman, just to hide the fact that you yourself feel inadequate as a male. Correct?”
Shannon said nothing, his mouth agape.
“You belittle others to hide the fact that you have no self confidence whatsoever. While it may feel good now, trust me, not going to work out too well in the long run.” Morgue gave a bittersweet smile to Shannon as Jasey spoke up.
“You do NOT come in here and talk to him like that!” The boy snapped, hands on his hips.
“Ah, Jasey.” Morgue turned to the other. “The one with the sick mother, I presume?”
“So?” Jasey glared at the boy.
“So?” Morgue raised an eyebrow. “You mean to say your mother doesn’t play a role in why you have nothing better to do than act like you’re above everyone?” He questioned, though not giving time for a response. “Just like your he-she friend here, you too have a problem with putting down others. Though your reasons are quite different and yet, eerily similar. You both lack self confidence and are too much of a weakling to gain it on your own, so your only option is to make yourselves feel better by putting others down. But you Jasey, you don’t feel ugly per say. You know you’re beautiful.” Morgue nodded his head, letting his words sink in, watching Jasey smile proudly before continuing on. “However.” He smiled lightly. “Your lack of confidence stems from the fact that while you are a breath taking individual, you know that no one will ever find you more attractive than your mother.”
And then for the first time, Jasey Rae Pierce was speechless.
Everyone around them had turned to listen, several people shocked to see someone stand up to Shannon and Jasey like this.
And Morgue still wasn’t done. He was on a full on rampage now, though his voice was still leveled and calm.
“You hide behind pathetic words, acting like you’re so high and mighty and above all the rest of us, and yet you’re not that different at all, are you Jasey? You have insecurities, you have fears and worries. You fear your waist size increasing, don’t you?” Morgue raised an eyebrow. “You fear your weight. You have the nerve to pick on others when you have the most pathetic insecurity of all. You’re afraid of yourself.”
And this time it was Shannon who spoke up yet again, trying to defend his friend. But it was only a second before Morgue cut him off.
“And you, you’re afraid too aren’t you? Afraid of what hides behind all of that makeup. You believe you’re hideous. You’re too scared to leave the house without a pound of blush and eyeshadow on.” Morgue shook his head. “The both of you are the most pitiful creatures I’ve ever met. Both afraid of yourselves, as you should be. But instead of being afraid of how you look, or what the scale says, what you should really be afraid of, is inside. Be afraid of what you’ll be in a few years. Be afraid of what kind of bitter, hateful being you will have become.” And with that, Morgue finished, a smile on his face.
Shannon and Jasey didn’t even exchange a look this time, but at that moment, two drinks were simultaneously dumped over Morgue’s head.
Morgue simply chuckled, bowing to the two boys before standing upright, moving over a few feet, extending a hand to the boy with the dyed black hair who’d been the subject of Shannon and Jasey’s insults. The boy had been planning to stand right back up until he’d noticed this new boy coming to his defense.
Morgue helped the boy up, though not letting go of his hand, but instead bringing it to his lips. He pressed a kiss to the back of the hand as he spoke.
“I’m sorry for their imbecilic tendencies.” He nodded sincerely before dropping the boy’s hand. He took a step away before turning back. “And for the record, I LOVE your hair.” He winked before heading on his way.

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Jeremy "Morgue" Johnson.
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