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PostSubject: Elvis   Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:11 am

Jasey giggled softly, nudging his bestfriend Shannon and pointing over to Augustus who was sitting over on a couch talking to his brother Shion and his boyfriend Quinn. Augustus sounded much like Elvis and he looked like Buddy Holly with his black glasses and his red hair and freckles.
"He sounds so ridiculous." Shannon agreed, watching the boy from across the room. As Augustus noticed them staring, he grinned widely and made his way over, smiling his half smile.
Just as Shannon was going to send him away, Jasey shook his head, pausing his friend. This could be interesting.
"Hello ladyboylady! And gorgeous momma! I saw you looking at me from across the room and I understand I mean, who wouldn't look at me? Im pretty." He ran a hand through his red hair. He had yet to ever put any dye into it, so it was a bright red and though normally curly, he had made sure to straighten it for the get together.
"Hello Augustus." Jasey greeted, his head tilted slightly as he looked up to the boy. "I adore your voice! You should so sing me something!"
Shannon played along, nodding his head. "Definitely!"
"Woah." Augustus ran a hand through his hair, positioning his glasses on his nose. "You know foxy mamma's I might just sing you something! How about something by the king? Everybody loves the king!" The boy had a huge love of Elvis, his room decorated in several posters of the man.
"Sure." Jasey nodded as if truly interested.
"Love me tender?" The red haired boy questioned, blinking as Shannon and Jasey glanced to each other.
"Do what?" Shannon questioned for his friend, critically looking Augustus over.
"Its a song foxy lady! Here, let me sing ya the tune!" He took a deep breath before he began. "Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go." He sounded quiet nice, actually as if it were Elvis himself singing.
"You have made my life complete, and I love you so."
Even though he did sound lovely, Jasey immediately burst int a fit of giggles, holding up his hands to stop the boy.
"OMG! Stop please! Your killing us!" The brunette man covered his mouth as Shannon giggled also.
Augustus smile at them, of course they were laughing at him. He knew how the two boys were, always putting someone down. But he didn't mind, if they had to make him bad to feel better than it was okay.
"I apologies spunky ladies!" He shook their laughing off, his smile crooked as he fixed his glasses.
"Your such a dweeb! Your not worth our time! You obviously have no soul! Or anything else attractive." Jasey turned his nose up to Augustus, Shannon doing the same.
"Oh well....Im sorry for wasting your time then pretty ladies, have a nice day." The boy winked at them, turning to make his way across the room only to find himself face down on the floor. Jasey had tripped him as he turned, needing something to make him feel better after the boy had been so nice. He hoped this would sour him up.
But Augustus simply pushed himself up, his glasses lost somewhere on the floor.
"Sorry about that, Elvis." Jasey scoffed before stalking off, his arms hooked with Shannon.
Augustus just looked down for his glasses, even though he liked to take them off when flirting he truly had trouble seeing without them.
He continued to smile though, his lop-sided smile. He loved people, no matter how miserable they were. He simply wished he could do more to help Jasey and Shannon feel better about themselves so they don't have to hurt other people anymore.

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