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 Fast Five

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: Fast Five   Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:33 am

Gonna go ahead and warn you that this is nothing great and I was so tired and the pictures are really poorly done and I need to go back and make them better but I dont feel like it and I want you to have something to read in the morning so...
Hope you enjoy anyways! Love you!


Never be the same - Red.
Word count - 236
Song length - 3:44

Trever sighed softly, the bottle in his hands laughing back at him. Toni knew him all too well, that much was apparent. He knew just how to get to Trever, but then again maybe that was just Toni being Toni. They had been split for a while now, Trever had made sure Toni had a home though with his kids. No matter how hard he tried though he could not fix himself. His home was too quiet without his lover. All he kept doing was thinking about Toni and how much the boy had loved him and how he had gone and ruined it all by letting himself think he was falling for his latest Guinea pig morgue. Without Toni around nothing was the same for him. With an angry howl he flung his bottle to the far wall, his eyes tearing up as the anger at himself built. Why had he not told Toni to stay? After loving Toni as he had he could never be the same. He was caught inside the memories and the promises and he belonged to Toni, his heart belonged to Toni and Trever was just not Trever without Toni. As he watched the contents of the bottle drip down the wall, he knew he would not be able to walk away from this. He was going to have to suck up his pride and go get his Toni back.

She Likes - Forever The Sickest Kids
Word Count - 147
Song Length - 2:48

Rhett growled as the back of his hand came down hard on Kyndal's cheek. They both knew when they began the argument how it was going to end, but Kyndal had continued to bounce on his nerves and he had finally snapped!
Kyndal flew across the room, though he didn't seem any worse for wear even with his now split lip.
Sometimes Rhett wondered why he and Kyndal even were together, but then he remembered that he loved Kyndal with all of his odd quirks and his betchyness. Kyndal liked the relationship. He liked the pain and the love. They fought and they made up. And Kyndal liked it. He liked that it was not boring with the fighting. He liked the heartache of a break up and all the passion of the make up sex.
He liked to be Rhett's bitter sweet love.
And Rhett honestly didn't mind.

Curse of Curves - Cute is what we aim for
Word Count - 208
Song Length - 3:23

Cove had always been gifted when it came to getting people into bed but Leon had been something completely different. The boy had denied him a soon as he had tried and Cove could not stand it. That may be the reason he was so set on getting Leon. The boy was nothing special but he was different, and no matter what he said he was adorable. With his curves and his smile. Cove was going to get the boy in bed.
And in all his trying he had wound up wanting more than to get Leon in bed. he wanted the boy to be his everything and his husband and he had gotten to where he didn't even want sex anymore. He did not want to defined anything that was so beautiful and Innocent like Leon was. He made sure he was going to wait until Leon was ready for sex and when that day came it would be amazing. Cove almost couldn't help it though. Leon was so frustrating with his adorable body and his sweet demeanor and Cove just had to have him, bottom line. And it was a wonderful thing. Maybe without Leon's curse of Curves then Co e may have never had him.

I Wanna - All American Rejects
Word Count - 157
Song Length - 3:30

Shion was something all new to Quinn. The boy had never wanted anything with anyone besides Shion. He had never known lust until Shion walked into his life and he found himself wanting to touch Shion, in sinful ways even. Luckily enough for him Shion wanted the same thing as he did. Shion was more open about it though, he wanted to touch Quinn and once he had the chance there was no going back. Their love was perfect for them, exclusively. For the geek everyone thought was weird Quinn got laid often and he never had to ask for it. Shion was always more than happy to give into him, even though Quinn loved Shion on a lever much deeper than sex but he did have his moments when he just wanted to touch Shion, And Shion wanted to touch him too. And once they were along and had the change, their was no stopping them.

Stay - Mayday Parade
Word Count - 250
Song Length - 3:39

Killian had never needed anyone but himself and it was the same with Luca. Both had been alone for most of their lives so after one rather harsh argument, when Luca was packing his bags to leave, Killian found himself with a pain in his chest he had never known before.
As Luca threw his small bag over his shoulder he frowned to Killian. "If I see you again, don't say anything to me." He didn't want to know Killian anymore, he didn't want this hurt.
All the love was still there he just didn't know what to do with it now. They had both done and said horrible things but...
Looking down he noticed tears in Killian's eyes, though knowing the other he was not going to cry.
His pride was too much and Luca knew better than to hope he would do anything to stop him from leave so he went on.
Half was out the door he was surprised to have a hand shoot out and grasp his own. Killian's voice followed.
"Ill admit I was wrong about everything! Just say you love me and ill say im sorry! what was I supposed to do! You know I love you and just please stay!" Killian had never looked so vulnerable but he could not help himself he needed Luca, for the first time in his life he needed someone. He needed Luca and his pride be da*mn if he was just going to let him go.

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Fast Five
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