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Killian Murdock


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"Trever! What in the hell are you doing?" Perry snapped as his head turned to look to the man in the drivers seat. Trever was doing at least fifty over the speed limit, taking curves and turns like a man unafraid of death.
Trever did not answer, simply cut another curve, his head snapping as he did so. Perry just growled as his life flashed before his eyes. This boy was going to get them killed.
"You gotta death wish Perry?" Trever glanced over to him, smirking rather evilly as he turned once more. Since Barry had left him he had never been the same. In fact he had became friends with Perry even with the man abusing him. And Perry had grown to love the young boy.
"I wish to live you psycho!!" Perry found himself holding onto the support in the roof as they hit the highway, Trever speeding up.
"Were going to kill someone!" Perry had to scream or else simply not be heard.
"I don't care!" Trever cried back. "Were almost there don't give up now!" Perry just cursed and tried to brace himself into the seat as scars came up on either side of them, one threatening to pass.
Perry hated to lose, even more than he wanted to keep his life he wanted to win.
"Stop granny shifting Murdock and go on with it!"
And so Trever did, their car burning itself up but it did slide across the finish line first, wracking into a ditch in the process but Trever and Perry managed to come out unscathed for the time being. Trever sat on the hood of his car, arms folded over his chest as he watched the larger man collected their winnings.
"We got bills." Perry chuckled as he approached the younger, offering Trever half of the earnings. "For Rhett's college funding you got hidden away under your bed."
Trever blinked at him, taking the money,
"How do you know about that?"
"I like to creep into your room at night and watch you sleep, I plunder." The larger grinned, getting back into the car and waiting for Trever to get inside.
"No, really." Trever slid him, looking over to the other.
"Really." Perry was not telling him any different, why would he? He liked messing with his head.
"Whatever man." Trever drove them to his home, groaning as his father stumbled into the yard to greet him. He had a bottle of whiskey in his hand, ready to strike Trever at any moment if not for Perry to told him he should go inside and lay down.
"Ill handle the kid." He promised, taking Trever into a head lock for good measure, pretending to rough him up until Dorian was gone.
"Thank." Trever muttered as he slipped away, moving to push the car into the barn where he kept all the tools.
"This this is going to need a tune up now." They had more or less ruined the shift and the gears. He lifted the hood and peered inside, moving away as smoke hit him in the face.
Perry followed him to the front of the car, staring inside at the motor as Trever hunted down tools.
"It did good."
"I did." The conversation was scarce between the two of them, only the clinking of tools as Trever moved around the vehicle to work.
Perry watched him, sitting on some hay in the barn, his arms folded over his chest.
"You have changed." He pointed out, watched as Trever continued like he had said nothing at all. "You act like your not afraid of death anymore a-"
"I'm not." Trever didn't look over to him. "Death would be an upgrade from the life i'm living now. Only reason I don't go ahead and die is for Rhett."
Silence filled the barn.
"Its because Barry left you, huh?" Perry watched and sure enough Trever's shoulders tensed, the boy becoming rigid.
"He has nothing to do with this." Trever shrugged the other off, shaking his head. "I just am tired of life."
"Tired of life or tired of being let down?" Perry was not dumb, especially when it came to Trever. "He hurt you, didn't he?"
"He did." Trever did not want to have this conversation but he knew their was no use in trying not to have it.
Silence consumed them once more.
"I can...I mean...I could take you away Trever." Perry was not a lovey person but he did have a soft spot for Trever and Rhett, he had been around them for so long...
"I don't think I want that." Trever had trusted someone to take him away and look where he was now? Back where he started but getting routine beatings for leaving and now his mother looked at him like he was a horrible person for taking Rhett away.
"I figured as much but I figured I would offer."
It was the nicest thing Perry had ever done for him, and it was just an offer Trever was not about to take.

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