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 I'll Be There

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PostSubject: I'll Be There   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:46 pm

Shannon glanced up from his spot curled up on the bed as the door to his bedroom was thrown open.
“I’m here!” Jasey exclaimed, a large grocery bag in his hand as he entered the room, sitting on the bed beside his best friend. “I left as soon as I got your text about Killian. I just stopped to pick up some things.” He nodded.
Shannon had texted him nearly an hour ago about how Killian had dumped him over the phone. Jasey knew he had to be there for his friend. Shannon was always there for him through everything.
“I wasn’t sure how you’d be feeling so I got a couple things. If you’re sad I have…” Jasey rummaged in his bag, pulling out two items. “Ice cream and tissues!” He smiled softly, extending the objects to Shannon. “And if you’re pissed we have this.” He pulled out a small dartboard where he had taped a picture of Killian’s face.
Shannon giggled, using one of the tissues to wipe his damp eyes.
“Thank you Jay-Z.”
“You’re welcome but call me that again and I’m taking back the ice cream.” Jasey smiled softly as he wrapped his arms around his friend’s waist.
Shannon gave a sad smile as he opened the lid on the ice cream, sticking his face right in it since he didn’t have a spoon, running his tongue over the cold substance.
“It’ll be okay sweetheart.” Jasey reassured, rubbing the boy’s back slowly.
“It just really sucks.” Shannon whimpered, his eyes red and puffy.
“I know it does baby.” Jasey sighed softly, nodding his head.
“You know what we did. I let him screw me the first night.” Shannon sighed, leaning back into the other boy. “I felt stupid but then he kept me around and I thought it wasn’t so bad and maybe I’d done the right thing by screwing him and now we’re over and I feel dirty and it fucking sucks.” He growled softly, throwing his head into the pillow. “Gimme the dartboard.” He grumbled, taking the board and repeatedly punching Killian’s picture. All he came back with were some bruised knuckles.
“Shay…” Jasey frowned, slowly taking the dartboard. “You’re not dirty, don’t worry babe. You loved him so you had sex with him. It’s normal. Hardly anyone stays with their first time forever.”
“Daddy did.” Shannon noted.
“Well your dad is a tard.” Jasey sighed. He never used gentle terms about Shannon’s father, Shannon didn’t mind. “It sucks feeling heartbroken like this but you’re probably going to go through another guy or two before you meet the right one. Once you get over Killian, it will get easier though. Your first will always be the worst.” Jasey was full of relationship advice from his mother and his godfucker.
“I don’t want to go through a few more. Can’t I just find the right one?” Shannon sighed softly.
“Not that easy, babe.” Jasey smiled softly as he ran his fingers through his friend’s dirty blonde hair.
“Well what if the right one is already close to me?” Shannon frowned lightly.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean there’s this boy I’m really close to and he’s really sweet…”
“And you haven’t told me!” Jasey’s jaw dropped. “You like someone and I didn’t know?!”
“I don’t know if I really like them… they’re just really nice and they’re always around for me…”
“Who?!” Jasey asked excitedly, his smile bright.
Well his smile was bright until Shannon leaned forward and pressed their lips together deeply. He could’ve shoved him off right then but he simply sat there, his eyes wide. He didn’t want to hurt Shannon’s feelings. He knew the boy was just emotional right now, he didn’t mean this.
“Aw Shay.” Jasey sighed as his friend pulled back, stroking his hair. Not like he minded it, it was just a bit weird. He didn’t feel that way about Shannon. The boy was his best friend, nothing more.
“You don’t think we could have something?” Shannon pouted cutely.
“No baby. And you know we couldn’t either. You’re just emotional sweetie. We’re both too bitchy, we’d fight constantly and then break up and never speak again. It just wouldn’t work and you know that.”
“Yeah…” Shannon sighed, folding his arms. “I’m sorry…”
“Don’t worry about it.” Jasey shook his head, wrapping an arm around the boy and tugging him close, comforting him the rest of the night.

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I'll Be There
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