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 Of Pain & Pleasure.

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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Of Pain & Pleasure.    Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:58 am

Morgue hummed under his breath, hands clasped behind his back as he paced around the room, examining all the shelves full of torture devices, beakers, test tubes… It really did look like a mad scientist’s lab. And he adored it.
“You’re sure about this?” Trever raised an eyebrow as he himself gathered some beakers full of brightly colored serums he’d created.
Trever invented all of these things and yet he never had a test subject to try them out on. He never wanted to use something if he was not positive it would be one hundred percent effective. He could always use his dollface but Toni was already messed up in so many ways. He couldn’t do that. He’d been just about ready to capture a random member of the family from the next gettogether and use them when Morgue had offered himself for the job.
Morgue smiled lightly at the sound of Trever’s voice, turning on his heel to flash a grin at the man.
“I’m quite positive.” He nodded his head, taking a step closer to Trever.
“You do realize I can’t give you any anesthetics? They could interfere with whatever I’m testing on you. And the point of testing out some of these things is so I can ask you what type of pain you’re feeling.”
“Don’t worry. I’m aware.” Morgue leaned against the wall, watching Trever intently.
“If you’re sure then I need you to strip down.” Trever noted, grabbing a clipboard, prepared to take notes.
Morgue didn’t hesitate, his black jacket falling to the ground first, followed by his skin tight white tank top.
“The whole way?” He questioned, fingers slipping in the waistband of his trousers.
Trever nodded lightly, still scrawling things on his clipboard.
“Some of these serums will involve your genital area and I’ll need to observe.”
Morgue couldn’t help the small chuckle he let out as he nodded his head, his pants and underwear falling to the floor. He climbed up on Trever’s table, sprawling out, arms folded across his chest.
Trever moved forward, grabbing Morgue’s wrists and tying him down, doing the same with his ankles.
“Some of these things could make you quite violent. Don’t want you trying to get away.” Trever explained as he made sure the knots in the rope were tight. “And I’ll warn you now,” He paused, moving to slip on a pair of goggles. “I can get a bit… carried away.” Trever quirked a smile, the type of sadistic grin he could only get from harming someone.
Morgue’s eyes scanned over the other man. Trever truly looked like a mad scientist with his goggles, lab coat and gloves on, a wicked grin upon his face. And honestly, it was sort of turning Morgue on.
“Some of these I’ll have to inject into your blood stream, while others should cause the desired effect just by touching your skin.” Trever informed, demonstrating by taking a vial and tipping it ever so slightly, a drop of the neon green liquid falling onto Morgue’s chest.
The second it connected with his skin, a loud hiss forced its way from Morgue’s mouth. He looked down to see a large patch of burned flesh. There had only been a tiny drop of the liquid, but the burnt area was spreading rapidly, his entire chest soon covered. The aroma of burning flesh rose to his nose and he nearly gagged at the stench, though he dealt with the pain rather well. He embraced the pain with open arms. He was not a masochist, it didn’t bring him pleasure, he just understood that pain was a part of life and thought no one should fear it.
He watched as Trever grabbed another vile, this one clear. The man opened it but did not use it just yet, examining Morgue’s skin.
“Hmm…” Trever hummed thoughtfully, taking a pair of forceps and peeling up a piece of Morgue’s decaying skin, enjoying the hiss from the other boy. “Looks good.” He concluded before taking the vial of clear liquid.
He pried Morgue’s mouth open, tipping several drops of the liquid down his throat, commanding the boy to swallow. Morgue did as he was told, and within seconds the burning patches began to disappear.
“You handled that rather well.” While he loved hearing people scream, he hadn’t truly wanted to hurt the kid. He was glad Morgue hadn’t showed much pain. “Now, I’m not completely terrible.” Trever began, rummaging through several beakers full of liquids. “For every painful one I make you experience, there’s a pleasurable one.” He eventually pulled back with a deep red concoction in his hand. “I need to see if this will be safe to use on my husband.” Trever nodded, tugging Morgue’s mouth open once again and pouring a large mouthful of the liquid.
Morgue hesitated before swallowing, waiting for whatever effect it was supposed to have. His body quickly began to break out in sweats and he had never wanted to throw any one down and screw them like he did Trever at that moment. This serum was having a very pleasant effect on him. His back arched into the air as his lips parted, his breaths coming out fast. He glanced down at his ghostly white skin, cursing as it started to turn a deep pink. Curse his grandmother.
Trever furrowed his brow as he took notes, not quite sure why the boy was turning pink. That wasn’t supposed to happen. He wondered if it was an undesired side effect until he realized that this was Cade’s son. Angel’s grandson. And then he simply laughed, shaking his head.
“You should get a tan. A bit of color suits you.” He noted with a smirk, reaching out to feel for the boy’s pulse, making sure it wasn’t too escalated.
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Of Pain & Pleasure.
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