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 When I Was Your Man

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Trever Murdock


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PostSubject: When I Was Your Man   Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:39 am

Cove lay alone in the darkness of his room, in the center of his bed with his hands folded behind his head. He felt as though he was being swallowed up by the bed itself, it had never been so big before.
But then again, up until now he had always shared his bed with Misery.
He was sulking, he knew it was childish but he could not help that. One week Misery had been gone and everything Cove were to hear his name it made him feel as if their was a fist in his stomach and the icy hand of loneliness reaching into his chest and curling its unforgiving fingers around his heart in a suffocating squeeze.
Misery had just moved in with the man he had been dating for a while now. The mans name had been Carter.
And Cove hated his very being.
Misery should be with him right now, they had every potential to have something, if only Cove had not been to young and dumb to realize all of the things he should have done for his Misery.
He should have bought him flowers just to make him smile and hear the teasing in his voice. He should have held his hand out in public, even for his father to see. He could not be ashamed of Misery, the boy was more of a man than most people he knew. He should have spent every free moment he had devoted to Misery and simply being with him, talking to him about everything and anything in the world that meant something to the boy. Even when he could have gone out and picked up some random person he should have taken Misery along and showed him off to the world, because Cove had been so proud to call the other his.
But he didn't.
And now he was sure that Carter probably had Misery in his arms right now, making whispered promises of a future he was wise enough to have with the boy.
Cove growled into the deafening silence of the room, a hand moving to pinch the bridge of his nose. As he turned on his side, he realized his pillows still smelled like Misery.
Cove never questioned exactly why he and Misery did not work his out but he had plenty of things to blame it on. His pride, his ego, how immaturely selfish he could be. It caused the best thing in his life to walk out the door, and into the arms of another man. And now Cove didn't even have the chance to clean up the mess he had made, and because of that he did not want to close his eyes. He would see Misery's face and he would be thrown back into the rut of self hatred he felt for letting the other go in the first place.
Cove knew that the he should have cooked for Misery more so the other wouldn't have to. He should have protected him from his father and from Trever so he would never have to endure another beating or scar. He should have.
But he didn't.
And now Cove was paying the price.
Cove had never been one to apologize but if he could get Misery back he would be the first to say he had been wrong. But he knew it was much to late for that, and even though Misery would accept his apology, there was no reversing the fact that he now lived with Carter.
So now all Cove can do is hope.
Hope Carter buys him flowers just to see him smile and complain about the thorns on them.
He hopes that Carter holds his hand everywhere they go, and shows him off to the world, lets him know he is a prize everyone should see.
He hopes Carter never lets Misery feel alone in any way, always by his side, every free minute the man had.
He hoped that Carter was cooking for Misery right now, and doing his best to keep him unharmed.
All the things Cove should have done, when he had the honor of being Misery's man.
As the bottom fell from the sky, and rain poured from the Heaven's, Cove crept outside on the spray and pretended it was only the rain dripping down his cheeks.
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When I Was Your Man
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