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 Just The Way You Are

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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Just The Way You Are   Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:17 pm

Quinn looked quite nervous as he opened the door to reveal Shannon and Jasey each with a large duffel bag in their arms.
“Hi!” Shannon chirped, stepping inside behind Jasey who didn’t bother waiting for an invitation.
“So where’s your room?” Jasey questioned, hands on his hips.
“Right this way.” Quinn nodded before leading the two up the spiral staircase to his bedroom. He was sort of regretting asking them for help at this point…
When they got into his bedroom, Quinn sat on his bed. Shannon and Jasey did the same, Shannon taking his bag and beginning to dig through it.
“I’m so happy you called us. This is going to be awesome.” Shannon giggled lightly.
Quinn had called him last night asking for a makeover. He wanted to look nice for Shion and not like such a… well, not like such a dork. Shannon’s bag held makeup and hair supplies, while Jasey had clothes.
“Well… thank you for coming.” Quinn nodded nervously, watching what Shannon pulled out. “I’m not too sure about all-“
He was cut off by Shannon pressing a finger to his lips.
“Just trust me.”

Quinn did just that and that was why two hours later he stood there like he did now, staring into his bathroom mirror with an uneasy look.
“You look hot.” Shannon grinned.
“He does.” Jasey agreed, scanning Quinn over. “Hell, I’d take him out like this.”
“Me too!” Shannon nodded, running his fingers through Quinn’s hair once more.
“I did all this for Shion, I can’t take you two out as well.” Quinn gave a soft chuckle though he was flattered, really.
“Pfft, we’re both cuter than him anyways.” Jasey rolled his eyes.
Quinn grinned at himself in the mirror as he listened to the boys speak about how good he looked. He himself wasn’t really sure about this look but if they thought so, it must be good. Maybe Shion would think he was “hot” too.
A thick ring of black eyeliner surrounded his large brown eyes, Shannon had put what felt like an entire container of white powder on his face giving his skin a pale, almost sparkling quality. His hair was teased so much that he thought it looked a bit like it’d just exploded atop his head. But apparently it looked nice so whatever. And for clothes, Jasey had dressed him in a simple black tank top. It fit snug around him, making his abdomen look more toned than it really was through the fabric, while making his arms look quite muscular.
And the finishing touch of course, was that he did not wear his glasses but instead a pair of contacts.
All in all, he did look sort of sexy. Shannon and Jasey were good.
“Could you guys do something for me? Listen to this song I wrote for Shion?” Quinn asked lightly. He always wrote poems, why not songs?
“Sure!” Shannon chirped, folding his legs as he sat on the bed with Jasey, listening as Quinn grabbed his guitar, strumming it as he began to sing.
(The song is Craving You! The one I showed you on Youtubeeee. I’m too lazy to type up the lyrics, but I can’t find them anywhereee.)
He hung his head, not making eye contact as he sang. When he finished, he nervously smiled up at them.
“What’d you think?”
There was a long silence before Shannon spoke.
“I think I just jizzed.” Shannon’s eyes were wide as he nodded sincerely.
“Is that… good?” Quinn asked, blushing.
“It’s fucking amazing! Can you sing to me all the time? Your voice is like sex.”
“Thank you?”
“You’re welcome.” Shannon smiled as if he hadn’t just weirded Quinn out.
Quinn thanked them and bid them goodbye, eager for Shion to come over later in the evening.
When the time finally came, Quinn made sure he still looked good before running to the door, swinging it open and smiling calmly like Shannon had instructed him.
“Quinn?” Shion arched an eyebrow.
“Hey Shion.” Quinn nodded, trying so hard to act “cool.”
“Why do you look different?” Shion giggled lightly, stroking the boy’s teased hair.
“I just thought I’d… change things up a bit. No big deal.” Quinn shrugged nonchalantly, moving to lean against the door frame only to miss and stumble a bit, his cheeks flushing deeply.
Shion let out a laugh, pecking his lover’s cheek.
“No quit it! I was supposed to look hot and be all smooth.” Quinn groaned. These contacts were irritating and he kept reaching up to adjust his glasses only to realize they were not there.
“where are your glasses?” Shion smiled softly, spotting them on a stand beside the couch. He picked them up, gently removing Quinn’s contacts and slipping them onto the boy’s face. He led the boy to the master bathroom, getting his hands wet and washing away the eyeliner, also wetting the boy’s hair so it was long and straight like normal. “I prefer you like this.” He nodded his head as he wiped away the powder, revealing his lover’s bright red cheeks.
“Of course. If I wanted some smooth talking asshole I’d have let Killian get with me a long time ago.” He giggled. “I like your dorky self.” He kissed the boy’s cheek gently.
“Um…” Quinn blushed even deeper as he hugged Shion tightly. “Did you know that the longest word in the English language is 1909 letters and takes four hours to say?” He murmured awkwardly.
“No I didn’t.” Shion laughed lightly, propping his head on his hand and listening to Quinn rattle off facts.
Yes, Quinn was odd, but Shion loved him just the way he was.

I figure like this first picture is how he normally looks and the second is his makeover heheh

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Just The Way You Are
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