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 Losing Hope.

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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Losing Hope.   Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:10 am

Cove stood in front of the body length mirror in his bedroom, staring at his reflection as he spoke to himself, trying to plan out just how he was going to say this.
“Soh Misereh… ah was wondering ef maybeh… No.” Cove groaned, dragging a hand through his hair. Why did this have to be so difficult? “Maybeh ya’d like ta hang out weth meh more often? Ah mean… ah knew weh hand out ah lot alreadeh but maybeh weh could spend timeh tagether as… ya know… ah couple? No!” He growled, nearly punching the damned mirror. He needed to stop being such a pussy and just do it. “Hey Misereh, would ya want ta maybeh not just… fool around anymoreh? Ah realleh like ya and ah was thinkin’ maybeh weh could start… ah dunno, datin’ or something?” He cursed softly. He still sounded dumb. “That’s et, ah’m just gonna do et. Misereh, would ya likeh ta beh mah boyfriend?”
He nodded his head firmly, hands clenched into fists nervously as he burst through the door to his own room, out into the living room. His parents were on the couch but he paid no mind to them as he made his way to the guestroom. That was always where Misery went when he was working. Cove never knew what type of work the boy did. He’d never bothered to ask. But he was about to find out. He reached out to grab the handle to the guestroom door.
“Coveh!” Rhett shouted from the couch. “Don’t do that!”
But it was too late. Cove had already yanked the door open, his jaw dropping at what he saw. Misery under some other man. Cove immediately took a step back from the door, right into his father’s awaiting arms. Rhett had gotten up to be there for his son. He’d found out about Cove and Misery’s relationship a while ago. He’d just gotten Misery fixed the previous week. He didn’t approve of it but he figured it would be easier to let it fall apart on its own instead if interfering and pissing his son off.
Rhett slowly closed the door, thankful neither Misery or the other man had noticed them. He glanced down at his son, his heart aching at the tears in Cove’s eyes.
“Coveh…” He began, wrapping the boy up tight in his arms only to be shoved away.
“Goh away, dad.” Cove shook his head, pulling away from his father as he tried to pretend those weren’t tears slowly trailing down his cheeks. He didn’t know what to do. He’d never felt like this before, he didn’t know what exactly it was that he was feeling…
“Coveh stop...” Rhett frowned at his son as Cove simply walked away, grabbing his jacket and heading out of the door.
He didn’t even know where he was going, he just needed to get away. Needed something to get his mind off of Misery with that other guy…
He found himself at a bar. He’d planned on just drinking but a man had began obviously flirting with him. And Cove decided to let him.
“Ya look like ya could use some cheering up, love.” The man murmured in his ear. Cove had no resolve to deny this. It was true. He was upset and not to mention a bit drunk.
And that was how he found himself in Killian Murdock’s bed the next morning, his head pounding. He honestly could not believe what he’d done. The sex had been amazing. Killian was tighter than he’d ever imagined was possible. But it was the first man he’d been with other than Misery.
It was different.
He wasn’t sure if he liked it.
He looked over at Killian, snoring peacefully beside him. It felt wrong. Killian’s hair was short and while it was quite messy in his slumber, it was nothing close to Misery’s wild mane. And the man’s sly grin would never compare to Misery’s cheeky smile.
Cove stood, finding his clothes and dressing, not enjoying the feeling in his stomach telling him this had all been wrong. He wanted Misery.
What if Misery was still in bed with that other man?
It made him sick to think about.
Regardless, he got dressed and informed Killian he was leaving before heading off, back to his home where his father was waiting with large bags under his eyes.
“Coveh!” The man immediately pulled Cove to his chest. “Whereh were ya?” He had been worried sick. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of beer and sex. A scent he knew quite well. “Coveh…”
“Ah was nowhere, daddeh.” Cove sighed, pulling back gently. He suddenly had the urge to go back out to Killian’s. Maybe sex would get his mind off of this…
“Ah don’t want ya sleepin’ around..”
“Whyeh can’t ah? Heh is.” Cove snapped lightly. “Ah’m just goin’ ta bed.” Cove shrugged away, heading off to his bedroom where Misery was waiting, curled up at the bottom of his bed with a bag of chips in hand.
“Where’ve you been?” Misery smiled softly, moving to curl up to the boy as Cove sat down only for Cove to turn the other way.
“Out.” He responded simply.
“You smell like beer.” Misery noted.
“And ya smell like ah slut.” Cove snapped in response, his face contorted in a grimace.
Misery blinked at him.
“Well someone’s a bitch today.” He muttered, though he was worried. But he let it go, moving to lay at Cove’s feet like usual.
Cove glanced down at him, his heart aching painfully. Maybe if he just asked Misery like he’d planned… Maybe Misery wouldn’t sleep with anyone else. Maybe…
But he would never know. Because at that moment, Cove gave up. Gave up on a future with Misery. Gave up on everything they had. He simply rolled over and let himself fall into a peaceful sleep.
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Losing Hope.
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