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 Good for.

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Trever Murdock


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PostSubject: Good for.   Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:33 pm

"Carter, I told you I can't." Misery glanced over his shoulder to the man behind him, frowning in irritation as Carter's arms tightened around his waist.
"Why not!" They had been together for the night, Carter had bought him off of Rhett like he did on most nights and Misery had found himself tangled in Carter's sheets. And just like on most nights, now that the love had been made, the sex had been had, Misery was cooking something to munch on. And like he had grown accustom to doing, Carter was asking Misery to be his permanently, officially, HIS boyfriend.
Misery pushed him off by telling him he could not, he was working for Rhett and Carter could not buy him off.
But that was his cover.
Honestly he was waiting for Cove to ask him out. They had been fooling around for half a year now, Rhett knew and he had been fixed for a few months. He was still waiting though, and every day he began to think a little more and more about Carter's offer when it seemed Cove simply was not going to ask him. Misery figured the boy may just be nervous so he continued to wait, continued to tell Carter he was unable to be with him because of Rhett.
He just hoped that Cove would make his move soon, he was getting tired of waiting on him. Maybe he should make the first move and ask Cove.
Arriving home that night, Misery had made up his mind. He would sit down and he would ask Cove about it and see what the other thought. He wasn't going to force him into anything though, just ask him if he would ever want to.
Rhett was on the couch with Kyndal, watching T.V. as the boy came in, a light smirk on his face as Misery passed him on his way to Cove's room.
Opening the door, his smile confident, his mouth moved to ask about food but the words fell from his lips at the site that awaited him.
Cove was laying on the bed, on his back, and none other than Briley Riley was cock deep inside him.
He had never seen Cove looked like that...with someone else and...
He shut the door back just as Briley turned his head to see who was there, turning on his heel he walked briskly back from the door and with a sense of abandonment in his heart, he wondered away from the home, not even noticing that he was running through dark streets. All he could do was try not to fall on his face. His eyes were stinging, and raising a hand to his face he realized it was because he was crying.
But why cry?
He should have expected this, no one was ever with him just to be with him. It was always for the sex. He had just thought that Cove was different, that Cove loved him anyways...
That maybe Cove wanted more from him than that.
Misery had been dumb enough to believe that Cove would want to go steady, that Cove would make Rhett stop selling him, that Cove...
Cove loved him.
How f*cking stupid could he be?
He had not realized where he was until Trever's face appeared at his door, the man staring down at him quizzically before stepping aside and allowing him entrace.
"Misery? Something going on?" The man knew how rare it was to ever see Misery cry. He had only seen it twice since knowing him.
"No." The boy palmed away tears, walking through the home until he made it to a guest room. There he locked himself inside and sat on the edge of the bed, his teeth bared as tears continued to drip down his cheeks.
All he could think about was Cove....
And Briley.
And how stupid he was.
"I-Its okay, dumbarse." He whimpered to himself, his arms crossed over his chest in a lonely hug. "Stop crying like a wuss..."
He wanted to turn and give Cove a piece of his mind but no, Cove was young and it was not his fault. Plus Briley would be good for him, better than someone like Misery who had slept around so much.
Besides, Briley was good for more than sex.
The boy slipped his phone from his pocket and pressed it to his ear, listening as Carter's voice came through.
"I wanna do it."
"I wanna be your boyfriend." Misery sniffled pitifully into the phone, his heart aching. He wanted to hear Cove's voice, not Carter's....
"Oh splendid!! Shall I speak with Rhett?"
And with that Misery hung up, not giving the other time to say anything else.
Maybe if he was lucky Cove would still ask him out and he could call it all off and...
He shook his head, cutting his thoughts short.
Cove was not asking him out.
All Cove wanted was a quick f*ck.
It was all he had ever wanted.
All anyone ever wanted from him.
All he was good for.
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Good for.
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