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 Of Definitions & Eyeglasses

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PostSubject: Of Definitions & Eyeglasses   Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:44 pm

Quinn glanced up from his book as he heard a knock on the door. Damnit. He’d been really into this part of the book. It better be someone important.
His polite smile turned into a light grimace when he opened the door to reveal Killian Murdock. Killian was always all over Shion and it irritated him to no end. But of course, he was too soft-spoken to say anything about it.
“Helloh, love. Es Shion around?” The man flashed his teeth at Quinn, peeking around him to look inside the home.
“No. He’s out with Kaiden.” Quinn spoke lightly, eager to get this man out of here. Although he and Shion were officially together now, Kaiden had been friends with Shion first, so Quinn liked to let them spend time together occasionally.
“And tha scallywags didn’t envite meh! Tha nerve of some people.” Killian clicked his tongue lightly as he eyed Quinn.
The boy was sort of cute, the way his glasses were askew, his long black hair in his face. Killian noticed how Quinn was always so quiet, he’d love to make him scream. If Shion wasn’t around, he would certainly do.
“Ya mind if I come in, love?”
“Sure, go ahead…” Quinn nodded reluctantly, stepping back to let Killian inside.
Killian’s boots clicked against the floor as he walked into the large home, seating himself on the couch. Quinn took a seat beside him, picking up his book and adjusting his glasses to resume reading.
“Ah, what are ya readin, dearie?”
“Um, The Twelfth Night.” He didn’t expect Killian to know it. Everyone knew Shakespeare’s bigger works but the Twelfth Night was one of his personal favorites.
“So yar ah Shakespeare lad, eh?”
“You know the play?”
“Aye. I do dearie.”
Quinn eyed him doubtfully.
“What’s your favorite line?”
“Oh, that’s easy. Ah believe et’s Act 3, Scene 4. Viola es speakin’ weth Antonio.” He nodded before reciting perfectly.
“I hate ingratitude more in a man
Than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness,
Or any taint of vice whose strong corruption
Inhabits our frail blood.”
Quinn appeared impressed, nodding his head.
“That’s a wonderful choice.”
“Ah know et is, dearie.” Killian grinned at the other. “While ah doh thenk et’s loveleh that ya love readin’ soh much, ah’d much rather ya put tha book down and entertain meh.”
“Um… I’m not much of an entertainer, really…”
“Love, ya look like ya could be vereh entertaining.” Killian winked as he eyed Quinn’s form.
Quinn flushed, simply shaking his head as he looked back to his book. His glasses had once again slid to the brim of his nose, making it all too easy for Killian to snatch the thick lenses right off his face.
“Hey!” Quinn gasped, looking over at the man.
“What, dearie? Can’t ya see?” Killian wore a sly grin as he slipped Quinn’s glasses onto his own face.
“Give those back.” Quinn sighed, though he did close his book.
“Of course, love. But ya have ta give meh something in return. Et’s only fair.” Killian nodded as if this was the only logical solution to this problem.
“What do you want?” Quinn raised an eyebrow, hair falling in his face.
“Et’s simple, love. A kiss.”
“I don’t think so.” Quinn shook his head, reaching out for his glasses only to have Killian take his hand.
“Then ah guess ah’ll be keeping your shades.” Killian winked, adjusting the glasses on his face as he rubbed small circles with his thumb on the back of Quinn’s hand.
Quinn knew how Killian was from what Shion had told him. He groaned softly. He was really going to have to kiss this man, wasn’t he?
“Fine just make it quick.” Quinn’s eyes were downcast as Killian grinned. The man leaned in closer, brushing a strand of hair from Quinn’s face, his blue eyes locked with Quinn’s.
Quinn simply waited, unable to look away from Killian’s gaze. Killian’s lips were rough as they pressed against his own. It was odd. Different from the way Shion kissed him. But he had to admit it felt nice, the way Killian’s hand was gently caressing his cheek.
“Dearie,” Killian began as he pulled back. “Ya know, et only counts ef ya kiss back.” He wore a confident smirk as he looked down at Quinn.
“You never said that…” Quinn murmured, blinking lightly, still a bit shocked from the tingling sensation in his lips.
“Well ah did now.” Killian smiled before leaning back in, their lips molding together once more.
Quinn lost track of time as Killian’s tongue slithered in between his lips. He didn’t really enjoy this but not like it was terrible…
Killian was pressing him close, so close that Quinn could feel a bulge growing in the man’s trousers. This made him even more uncomfortable as he pulled back.
“Is that good enough?” He sighed, wiping his slightly kiss swollen lips.
“Ah suppose so.” Killian nodded his head.
“Why did you want to kiss me anyways?” Quinn grumbled. “I thought you were into Shion.”
“Oh ah am inta Shion.” Killian smirked, putting extra emphasis on the word “into.” “But ah can beh inta you too.” He gave the boy that certain look, making his intentions quite clear.
“What do you even mean by “into”? I hate that phrase. You’re not literally inside of me, I think it’s utterly ridiculous.” Quinn shook his head as a sly grin spread across Killian’s face, the man leaning in to whisper in Quinn’s ear.
“If it bothers ya that much, love, ah can take ya up stairs and make that quite literal for ya.”
Blood came rushing to Quinn’s cheeks right as the door opened, Shion and Kaiden entering the home.
“Ah, there they are.” Killian smirked as he stood up.
“What’s up with you two?” Kaiden arched an eyebrow, glancing at his brother as the boy stammered awkwardly, his cheeks a bright scarlet.
“Nothin, ah was just waitin far you two. And Quinn here was entertaining meh.” Killian winked back at Quinn who was still apparently speechless. “Ya know, ah should probably beh on mah way now. Ah’ll beh seein ya.” He shot Quinn one more wink before he was gone, leaving Quinn staring after him.
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Of Definitions & Eyeglasses
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