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 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.   Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:22 am

"Shannon, baby its not like that." Brice reached for his lovers hand, his eye brows furrowed as Shannon yanked away from him, acrylic nails lightly scratching his hand.
"Yes it is! Your ashamed of me!" Shannon was in drag, and frankly tired of it. Of course he adored his being in drag but he wish Brice would want him in and out of it, not just in it.
"I am not!" Brice shook his head, once more reaching out only to have Shannon back away.
"You are! You want to love me and all but you cannot stand the fact that I am a man!"
"Thats not..." Brice ran a hand through his hair as he wondered what to do. "Im not ashamed of you Shay..."
"Yeah right, your just ashamed of my penis." And with that, Shannon turned on his heel sharply, his butt swaying as he strut away from Brice, the long blond hair of his wig waving back at him.
"Shannon!" Brice called but the smaller did not have any intentions of turning, going on like he had never heard Brice say anything in the first place. Shannon seated himself on a love seat beside Jasey, crossing his legs like a lady would as he tried to calm himself down.
"Why 'ello dearie."
Shannon was jolted from his thoughts as a breath washed over his ear, Killian's voice surrounding him as the mans hands found their way around his waist.
"Hey Killian." Shannon was in no mood for Killian's games, even though the others arms felt nice wrapped around him like that...
"Somethin' wrong with ya love? Doh ah needta talk ta ah scoundrel fer ya?" Killian moved to sit beside Shannon, his blue eyes trained on the boys face as he reached up to lightly tug at the wig, his intentions to pull it away.
"Stop!" Shannon moved to take Killian's hands, only to be caught in the others stare, his insides melting as those blue eyes took him in.
"Noh, yar beautiful without et love." Killian finished removing the wig as Shannon ran his hand over his real blond hair. "Yeah well, Brice cannot seem to stand it when im not wearing it."
"The heh es an arse who doesn't deserve ta ave' ya. Shannon, yar gorgeous, and ets great because bein' with ya heh could ave' ah girlfriend an ah boyfriend. Ah was da*n proud ta ave' ya." Killian took Shannon's hand in his, pressing a soft kiss to the back of it.
"I don't need that right now Killian."
"Don' need what dearie?" Killian's eyes flickered to Shannon's face.
"You trying to pacify me! You dropped me over the phone! You have no right to come over here and call me beautiful and tell me im gorgeous and...." And be all sweet, making his heart skip a beat...
"Oh love...." Killian took Shannon's face in his hand, forcing the boy to look at him. "Ah never meant ta let ya goh like thah. Biggest mistake ah ave ever made in mah life. Ah love ya, ah always will love ya and ah was dumb ta let ya goh. Yar mah princess...Ah never should ave; let mah anger get the best of meh. It cost meh tha best thing in mah life..." Shannon simply stared at him, wide eyed, not quite sure what to do. Killian's lips seemed to be closing in on him though and Shannon could not force himself to move away, instead he just sat there and waited for the kiss an-
Shannon's eyes widened as Killian's head was thrown the other way, Brice's fist connected with the side of his jaw.
"Just what in the hell do you think your doing with MY boyfriend!" Brice's other hand clamped down around Shannon's upper arm. Not trying to hurt him by any means but trying to get him up off the couch and away from Killian.
"Boyfriend?" Killian slowly turned to look a Brice, his cheek turning a bright red. "Es heh yar boyfriend now? Are ya not tooh ashamed ta admit tha anymore?" Killian slowly rose from the couch, leering down and spitting a glob of blood in Brice's face, just before he sent a fist of his own flying into Brice's jaw. The younger flew back, letting go of Shannon as not to drag him down also when he hit the floor.
"Brice!" Shannon reached for him, only to have Brice lock eyes with him and growl. "Go Shay! This is between him and me and I don't want you in the middle of it!"
"Heh es righ' lassie, ets time weh settle this." Killian's shoulders were bowed in threat as Brice pulled himself from the floor, wiping blood and spit from his face.
"B-But..." Shannon was close to tears, Brice was bleeding from his nose and evidently Killian's lip was busted and he didn't want either of them to be hurt.
"Don't worry! Im batman! I won't let him do any real damage."
Killian laughed haughtily, crossing his arms. "If your batman, im the joker, and im going to tear you apart."
Brice grit his teeth, forcing himself up and charging Killian, his shoulder hitting the others stomach as he tackled him to the floor, his body straddling that of his brothers as he began with a barrage of fists.
"Stop!" Shannon tried to reach over, almost being hit by Brice who was thrown off and across the room. Killian sat up, his face drawn in irritation as he pulled himself to his feet, ready to take the offensive turn only to have Shannon grab him around the waist, hugging him and trying to keep him from moving forward over to Brice.
"Please Killian? Please!" Shannon pleaded softly, his eyes pricked with tears as his heard Brice fumbling to get up. "Don't fight with him! For me?" The boy looked up at Killian, his stomach tightening at the blood on the others face. He reached up to wipe away a bit which ran in a steam down the corner of the taller mans lips but before he had the chance Brice was behind him, pulling him away.
"Shannon! I said get away from here!"
"No! Stop!" Shannon once more tried to reason with Brice, only to be knocked out of the way in favor of another attack, this one landing Brice against the wall, Killian holding hi by his throat with one hand while the other smack him back ad forth across the face.
Shannon now had tears coursing down his cheeks as he tried to pull Killian off of Brice, his cries loud enough to be heard across the room where they attracted Barry who rushed over to separate his children.
"Hey! Hey!" He held Brice in one arm and Killian in the other, trying to keep them out of hitting range.
"Stop it dad!" Brice snarled, struggling to get away. "Im so done with him! I don't want him around me anymore! Or Shannon! I don't want him over at the house anymore! Or at the get togethers! If he doesnt get lost im leaving!" Brice threatened, finally slipping away enough to back over and wrap Shannon up in his arms.
"Wh-What?" Barry blinked over to his youngest, eyes wide. Brice had never threatened to leave home before.
"Don' worry yarself about et dad, ah'm gone." Killian found himself out of the mans grip, his boots thumping against the floor on his way out.
"Killian!" Barry called out, unable to do anything, divided by his children.
Killian had called him dad...And it had been on his way out.
Brice had threatened to leave him, all because of a fight over a boy...
What just happened?
Barry could not seem to wrap his mind around it, simply sitting there and watching, with the same, utterly lost expression that he shared with Shannon.

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Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.
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