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PostSubject: Independent.    Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:49 pm

Such a simple word. Just six letters. Two syllables.
So how did it cause so much pain?
Shannon thought his knees were going to go out on him. His heels were suddenly difficult to walk in as Trever informed him that he had approximately six months to live.
Shannon stared off into space, barely there as he listened to Trever rattle off information to Asher, while Aristotle seemed to just be smiling, not understanding what was happening.
“Cancer of the brain is usually called a brain tumor. There are two types, yours happens to be a primary tumor. It originated in the brain, instead of spreading from another part of your body which is actually a good thing since we don’t have to worry about the rest of you. Unfortunately, there are many symptoms that go along with this, most of them unpleasant. Headaches, nausea, persistent vomiting, you may have some problems with your vision, such as double vision, or blurred vision. Your balance will be a bit off and thinking could be a chore. Muscle jerking and twitching is common as well as a numbness or tingling sensation in your arms or legs. You may develop a slur in your speech. And those are not the worst. The worst I’d have to say is the possibility of a seizure.” Trever nodded, though his expression was quite bored. The only reason he was doing this was for Barry.
Barry stood in the corner of the room, arms folded across his chest, Killian by his side just as Brice was by Shannon’s. Shannon had been having increasingly painful migraines lately and Brice had insisted on having his father talk Trever into seeing him. He knew Trever, while insane, was the best there was. Killian had been on his way and had simply tagged along. He’d never expected to hear this.
No one had.
Trever had ran simple tests at first. Then, when he gathered there was an actual problem, he ran others. Ones that made Shannon worried, of course, but he had never in a million years thought this would be what was wrong with him. Part of him almost wished he hadn’t come here at all. He’d rather have not known. He could have just died peacefully…
But no. He would have to fight this.
“And of course I’ll start you on chemotherapy if you’re interested. Surgery is an option as well with brain tumors, although it is not guaranteed to work. It would most likely just let me get a piece of the tumor to examine and determine the type and how hard it will be to remove. But if you’re interested, we can try.”
Asher looked to his son, asking what he thought. Shannon didn’t answer, lost in his own thoughts, so Asher spoke for him.
“Chemo will be good at least for now.” He nodded, his jaw tight as he tried to calm himself. “Is there any specific cause for this?” He needed to make sure he hadn’t been doing anything wrong…
“Well several things could have increased his risk for this. Having HIV infection could have had something to do with it…” Trever trailed off as Asher looked to his son with wide eyes before Trever continued. “But according to my results, he doesn’t have that. Yet.” He added the last word with a light smirk. He couldn’t help himself. In his defense, Shannon always had looked a bit slutty.
Asher was too distraught to yell at him.
“Then of course, there’s always genetic factors. With Shannon in particular, I’d assume his father’s brain issues had something to do with it…” Trever glanced over at Aristotle who was humming the Scooby Doo theme song, playing with his lip ring.
“Oh.” Asher said simply, glancing over to Aristotle lightly, just hoping the man hadn’t heard. Or if he’d heard, at least had not understood. He wouldn’t blame his lover and he knew Aristotle would be devastated to know he’d hurt his Shay. “Shay… sweetheart are you okay?” He asked gently.
Shannon simply stared at him. He heard every word they were saying, he just couldn’t seem to make himself respond. Brain cancer…
He concentrated on everything else instead. How nice Brice’s hand felt in his own, how he could pick out the scent of everyone in the room… Brice was a nice clean smell, freshly cut grass… Killian, a musky cologne… How his father’s humming soothed him.
Anything but the fact that he had cancer.
Brice’s arm was tight around Shannon’s waist as he led him into the home.
“I’m fine, I swear.” Shannon insisted, though he appreciated his boyfriend trying to help him.
“Just let me do it.” Brice waved him off, holding Shannon by the hips to make sure he didn’t stumble or anything. Shannon’s balance had been off lightly but he still insisted on wearing the heels.
They’d just returned from his second round of chemo over at Trever’s place and it was obviously taking his toll on the boy.
“Brice, please?” Shannon sighed softly. “Walking is the only thing I can do anymore…”
“Fine..” Brice frowned, but he slowly let go, still keeping an eye over his lover as Shannon took a step inside the home.
He strutted across the floor like he normally would in his heels, feeling better for the first time since his diagnosis. And then the numbness came. The tingles began in his thigh, running down his entire right leg until it was completely numb. Then he was down, tumbling towards the hardwood floor. He landed in a heap, his cheek resting against the ground.
“Shay!” Brice was at his side in seconds, cradling him in his arms. “Are you okay?”
Shannon said nothing, gritting his teeth tightly to keep from either bawling or screaming, he wasn’t sure which just yet.
He couldn’t even do this on his own anymore. He’d never felt so weak. That fall had jarred him, he had felt as if it could have nearly shattered his fragile bones. He just laid there, letting Brice scoop him up into his arms.
“I’m fine…” He murmured lightly.
He still couldn’t feel his leg… He glanced down at it, nearly glaring as he examined it. It was an odd sensation, watching it dangle there limply. Brice carried his boyfriend up to his bedroom, laying him down in the bed and curling up beside him. Shannon slowly pried the wig off of his head, tossing it to the ground and nuzzling Brice’s neck.
“I love you.” He whispered.
“I love you too Shay.” Brice responded, letting his fingers run through his lover’s hair. Shannon purred at this feeling, savoring it for he knew that his hair would soon be gone…
They laid like that for a while, Brice was almost asleep when Shannon spoke again.
“Yeah Shay?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry. Why are you sorry?” Brice frowned deeply, opening his eyes to look at his lover who was staring up at the ceiling blankly.
“Because. I made you go through all this with your sexuality, and now I’m going to die…”
“Don’t say that.” Brice sighed, his stomach constricting in a knot. He knew very well Shannon was more than likely going to die from this… “Shay, I want you to tell me something. Tell me something you want to do. Anything. I’ll take you to go and do it.”
Shannon smiled sadly. His dying wish…
“I want… before I get too sick I want you to take me out. On a real date…. As a boy. No wig, no makeup. Just Shannon…” He nodded slowly. It was easy to think of what he wanted. He’d always wanted Brice to love him as a man… Be proud of him and show him off. “And I want you to make love to me like that. Out of drag. I don’t want you to be ashamed of me.”
“Of course.” Brice nodded immediately. “I’m not ashamed of you though…”
Shannon just shook his head, smiling softly.
“Thank you.” He kissed the boy’s cheek before dozing off.
Shannon got worse as the months passed. The symptoms increased a lot. His legs would go out on him, he would slur occasionally, and his vision was often blurry. And the headaches were the worst. They were constant, his entire skull pounding with the immense pain. He hated it. Not to mention the other symptoms from the chemo. He was bruising easily, his skin losing it’s tanned color. He piled on the makeup even when he was out of drag, praying it would make him look okay again but it never worked. He looked sick. He was just hoping that the hair loss wouldn’t come yet.
Today, Brice was doing everything he could to take care of his lover. He was stressed, being pushed to his limit lately. He was currently making Shannon the only thing he ever wanted lately; a fruit smoothie, as Shannon laid in bed, burning up with a fever.
Brice normally worked at a comic book shop, but he’d been taking off way too much time lately, wanting to make sure someone would be there to take care of Shannon.
“Brice!” Came Shannon’s pitiful whine.
“What babe?!”
“I-I need to go to the bathroom…” Shannon sighed, ashamed of this. He couldn’t walk by himself, in fear his legs would go out on him as they so often did. He hated it, but Brice didn’t want him to fall and hurt himself, so he obeyed.
“I’ll be up in a second!” Brice promised as he poured the mixed drink from the blender into a glass, slipping a straw in before jogging up the stairs with the concoction in hand. He had blended in several of Shannon’s various medications to stop his headaches.
He flashed Shannon a soft smile as he let him sip from the glass before sitting it on the night stand and taking his lover’s hand, helping him stand up. Shannon wore his heels even though he was just lying in bed. He insisted upon it, since he felt it was the only thing he had control of anymore, although it certainly wasn’t helping the balance issue.
His knees quivered with his weight as he stood, holding onto Brice tightly.
“Sweetie... maybe you should take the heels off…”
“No.” Shannon shook his head. “I’m fine.”
Brice simply sighed, helping Shannon into the bathroom, getting him situated before he heard the doorbell ring. He groaned softly but kissed Shannon on the temple.
“I’ll be right back.” He reassured before jogging off, opening the door just to glare as he saw Killian Murdock standing there, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. “What do you want?” He sighed, exhausted. This was the last thing he wanted to deal with right now.
“Ah’m not here ta see you, scoundrel.” Killian pushed past the other man, stepping inside the home without an invitation.
“Please just go. Shannon isn’t feeling well.”
“Heh isn’t?” Killian frowned deeply. “Where is heh?” He looked around for the drag queen, his question answered when Shannon’s voice rang out.
“Brice! Who is it?!” He called down.
“It’s no one!” Brice responded.
“Please let him up?” Shannon sighed, knowing it was Killian by the tone of his lover’s voice.
“Ah’m comin’, princesseh!” Killian shot a wink at Brice as he made his way up the stairs, smiling as Shannon limped out of the bathroom on wobbly legs. “Here ya goh.” Killian extended the flowers, smirking as Shannon hugged him around the neck tightly.
“Thank you so much.” He smiled sweetly at Killian as he took the bouquet, inhaling deeply.
“Yar vereh welcome, loveh.” Killian nodded.
“Help me back to my bedroom?” Shannon asked lightly.
“Course.” Killian extended an arm, letting Shannon grip onto his bicep, keeping himself steady as they made their way back to the bedroom, Brice already in there, fixing the sheets.
Shannon kissed Brice deeply as he made his way over to him, hugging him close.
“You’re such a good boyfriend…” He sighed happily, smiling at the man. Brice returned the smile as his phone rang.
It was his boss. The man could be heard yelling from the phone. Shannon frowned deeply as he listened. When the phone call was over he looked over at Brice as the boy sighed.
“You can go to work, Brice… I can handle myself.”
“No, you need me here. You need someone to take care of you.”
“Ah’d hate ta interfere but ah’d beh happy ta stay here and take care of hem.” Killian gave a sly grin.
“Don’t even think about it.”
“Please Brice? He won’t try anything with me, and I won’t let him. I promise. You just need to work…” Shannon frowned and Brice groaned but nodded his head.
“We’ll take turns. I’ll work one week and he’ll take care of you, then the next week he can work while I stay here with you.”
“Sounds good lassie.” Killian grinned, wrapping an arm around Shannon’s shoulders, tucking him into the bed. “Now ah believe ya’ve got ah job ta get to.” He winked at Brice.
“I do but first I need to talk to you.” Brice nodded, taking Killian by the wrist and leading him back downstairs to speak in private. He proceeded to give him instructions about how to care for Shannon and what all he would need. “He only drinks fruit smoothies. No bananas, they disgust him. Every other fruit in here you can use. Put all his pills in it. They’re all on the counter beside the blender. He won’t take them otherwise. Don’t blend it too much but enough so there’s no chunks. It should be a hot pink color. Make sure to give him a straw with it. A bendy one. Make sure that’s pink too. He likes it. Only use the tall glasses, it makes him feel fancy. Don’t laugh at him for wearing his high heels in bed. He needs help walking everywhere so don’t let him do it alone. His legs go numb and he falls sometimes. Be sure you’re holding on to him at all times. But be gentle with it because the chemo makes him bruise easy. Don’t say anything about how much makeup he has on, he feels ugly so he wants to. If he gets nauseous, lift him and run him to the bathroom immediately, he throws up quickly and there’s a lot of it, so you better be fast or you’ll be cleaning the floors for a while. And his headaches are usually constant unless the pills work for a bit. If he starts to tense up, like if his jaw clenches, that means it’s really bad again. Make him unclench it and then massage his temple with one hand and stroke his hair with the other.” Brice continued on with the detailed instructions. Killian was quite amused, honestly, but he found it a bit cute that Brice paid so much attention. So maybe the boy wasn’t so terrible.
Brice was soon gone and Killian was curled up in bed with Shannon, holding him gently but securely to his chest.
“Open up yar mouth, love.” Killian frowned as he noticed the boy’s teeth clenching like Brice had warned.
“Nuh uh.” Shannon muttered, so Killian reached over and grabbed the boy’s mouth, gently prying it open.
“Stop that, yar gonna make et worse.” He then did as Brice had instructed and rubbed the boy’s temple with one hand, his other stroking through the soft blonde locks. His eyes widened as a clump of hair came out in his hand. He tried to be discreet, slowly dropping it to the floor. His poor princess. He sang under his breath to Shannon and soon the boy had fallen asleep and Killian followed soon after.
A few hours later, Killian was woken by a choking, gasping sound. He looked over to see Shannon, sound asleep but choking on his own vomit, drowning in it. It was disgusting, yes but he was too panicked to think about it much. The boy had thrown up and then passed out like he often did, unable to sit up in his unconscious state.
“Love!” Killian exclaimed, grabbing the boy and sitting him up quickly, knowing if he didn’t act fast, the boy could die from this. He sat Shannon up, thumping him on the back firmly, getting him to gargle and cough up the vomit. However, this only made more come up. Shannon woke just in time to barf all over Killian’s lap.
“I’m so sorry!” Shannon gasped as he looked over to the other man now covered in the contents of his stomach.
“Et’s okay love.” Killian reassured, his nose wrinkling at the stench. He was just focused on getting Shannon and himself cleaned up until he looked over to see Shannon had broken into tears.
“Oh princesseh…” He leaned over, pulling Shannon to his chest.
“I’m s-so s-sorry!” Shannon sobbed into the man’s shoulder. He was so pathetic. He hated it…
“Shh, yar fine love.” Killian cradled the boy in his arms, his heart aching. “Et’ll beh okay.”
Shannon simply cried harder. He hated this. He wanted this to just stop already… he was so sick of being unable to do anything on his own… He needed assistance with every little thing… He couldn’t do anything right… He just wanted to be independent for once.

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