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 I love you five!

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Killian Murdock


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PostSubject: I love you five!   Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:42 am

The song Augustus is singing:3

Killian sat back, watching his lover closely as Augustus spoke to him. He did not get jealous anymore, not since he had taken Luca's bottom virginity. He knew he was much better than Augustus could ever be, and it was amusing to watch the small boy flirt with the man.
Augustus had found his old acoustic guitar and he had taken a seat beside Luca.
"Hey there latino mamma, I wrote you a song! Ya wanna hear it?" He sounded liked Elvis, not a mock version either, like the actual king.
"Uh...Sure." Luca smiled at the boy, rather amused with the way the freckles seemed to dance on his face when he gave the whole smile, the one that scrunched his nose and made his eyes shine.
"Okay, so here we go! I hope you like it pretty lady! I almost went wiggy trying to write it!" He glanced down to his guitar, slowly letting his fingers move over the strings as he began to strum.
"I love you 1, a-2, a-3, shoo-bee-doo
I love you 4, that's more than I can afford
And I can tell someday that I'm gonna say the truth!" He paused, his glasses hanging askew from his nose. His hair which was newly dyed black hung low in his eyes but he shook it from his face, leaning in closer to Luca as he spoke once more "I love you five!"
He didn't sound like Elvis when he sang. Instead he sounded like Augustus, his voice bubbly and bouncing, with a rasping adorableness that seemed to mingle with the goofy that the boy displayed so well.
He leaned back, his fingers grooving with the strings of the guitar like they were long last friends.
"I've been walkin' around trying to figure out," He spun around Luca, bouncing on his toes. "Why I'm feeling all the feelings that I'm feeling now!" He seemed like he was going to lean into Luca again but instead he leaned back, doing something like a ballerina would do, though he only managed to send himself crashing to the floor, one of his strings breaking. As Luca dropped down to help him up, Augustus only smiled, still not his half smile he was famous for, instead it was another one of his large ones, the ones that split his face that he saved only for Luca. "And I got more on my mind than I have got on my plate." He continued to try and play with only five strings, his eyes trained on the guitar and figuring how he could play to tune just as well while he was missing an important part.
"I love you 1, a-2, a-3, shoo-bee-doo
I love you 4, that's more than I can afford
And I can tell someday I'm gonna say the truth!" He took in a deep breath as he got to his feet, his cheeks burning as Killian's laugh rang out behind him. The boy ignored him though, staring straight at Luca when he sang out the next verse.
"I love you 5 times more than any boyfriend before!" He elbowed over to Killian who quieted down in annoyance at being mentioned in the song. "'Cause all they really cared about is whether you put out!" And thats what it had been at first with Luca and Killian, they had sex on the first day they met. Augustus though was not even interested in the sex, he just adored Luca for Luca.
"And I truly believe that this love could be!!" He leaned in close to Luca, staring him in the eyes as his voice softened sincerely. "And I could count 5 times off the top of my head, where I sucked it in 'cause you were hangin' with him." He once more jerked his elbow over to Killian but his eyes never moved from Luca. "And I got something to say, I love you all the same..." He sounded so in love it made Luca's heart ache. The boy sure was something.
He repeated the chorus twice more, ending off with an "I love you five!"
Luca really had nothing to say to the boy, but as Augustus opened his mouth to speak, once more sounding like Elvis, all he could think about was how much he would love to hear Augustus singing again, as Augustus and not Elvis.

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I love you five!
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