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 Silence Is Golden.

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PostSubject: Silence Is Golden.    Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:23 pm

“Ya readeh?” Killian flashed a wicked grin at the teen beside him.
“Absolutely.” Mika nodded his head, glancing around the room, then down at his cuffed hands.
Killian was already working on picking the lock on his cuffs. He grinned in triumph as the metal binds fell to the ground, reaching over to work on Mike’s lock next.
“Ef heh walks en here before ah’m done weth thes, weh run. Plan es off, weh just run. Got et?”
Mika nodded in agreement, keeping silent as he watched Killian’s skilled fingers working near his wrists.
Soon the cuffs were off and Jack was still nowhere to be seen.
“Good.” Killian nodded. “There’s still timeh.”
The two boys had just met several hours ago when Jack had bought the both of them for the night in the slave trade. But they’d bonded immediately, both of them pushed to their limits with this life. They were ready to escape and tonight was the night.
Jack had gone up to his room for something neither of them wanted to know and during the time period while he’d been gone, they’d formed the perfect plan.
They would be free tonight.
Mika took his position, moving to crouch behind the sofa. He was the more active of the two as most of his life he’d had a master that wanted him nice and muscular. The man had ordered him to lift weights and go out jogging every morning. He was agile and capable of doing what they needed to in order to make their escape. Killian simply stayed where he was, legs crossed on the floor.
Then the footsteps came. They both shared a glance to make sure they were ready before Jack arrived. He made Killian sick, quite honestly. He never wanted the disgusting man touching him in any way but of course he did anyways.
“Where’s the screamer?” Jack barked, his gaze locked on Killian, using a nickname Mika had definitely earned during his years in the slave trade.
“Ah don’t know who yar talkin’ about.” Killian grinned like the smart ass he was. He knew Mika didn’t like the name and refused to answer to it.
“I don’t need you talking back right now bitch.” Jack snarled, taking a step forward which was the only signal Mika needed. He jumped up, using the couch to push off, he pounced forward onto Jack’s back, hanging on for dear life.
Jack let out a roar, his arms swinging back to claw at the boy’s face. Killian shot up to grab at the man’s legs, knocking them out from under him, sending Jack flying to the ground. Killian grabbed a pair of the cuffs, snapping one around Jack’s wrist and the other to the stair railing. He wasn’t going anywhere. Killian grinned at Mika before moving to run out the door. He was stopped in his tracks by Mika’s shout of pain. Jack had reached out and grabbed a handful of his long black hair, tugging him into a headlock.
“Go!” Mika waved Killian off as he struggled against Jack’s grip.
Killian knew the deal had been to run if you could, no matter what state the other was in. But even though he’d just met Mika… he did not feel right leaving him like this. He moved back, taking Mika around the waist and prying him out of Jack’s grip. Mika paused to smile at Killian gratefully before swiping Jack’s car keys off of the coffee table.
“Go!” He shouted as Jack protested being left there. The two boys ran from the house, jumping into the car, Killian in the driver’s seat, Mika in the passenger’s.
It was then that they realized neither of them knew how to drive.
“Well we’ll figure et out on tha way, won’t weh?” Killian flashed his signature smirk, turning the keys in the ignition and slamming his foot down on the gas, sending them flying down the highway.
“Where are we going?” Mika asked, though he was too excited to really care. He was beaming, laughing softly to himself.
“Ah don’t know!” Killian admitted. They drove all through the night, miles and miles away from the home they’d escaped from.
Killian didn’t stop until they reached a liquor store. They needed something to celebrate with, after all.
Killian soon realized he had no money on him.
“Fuck.” He cursed. How had he been so stupid as to miss that?
“Don’t worry. I got it.” Mika smirked lightly as he pulled a wad of cash from his jacket pocket. He’d swiped it from his master before leaving for the night.
They bought every kind of alcohol that looked good, as they’d never gotten the chance to try anything before.
An hour later, they found themselves in a shitty hotel off the side of the road, laughing and drinking together, lying on the bed.
They told stories of their upbringing, how they’d found themselves in the slave trade, how Mika had earned his nickname.
Mika had been seven. He was kidnapped after getting off the bus from school one day. He told Killian how his master hadn’t been so bad but the man liked selling him a lot. And when it was strangers raping him, he hated it. He’d screamed his head off at the pain. The men had laughed and tried to make him scream louder. It became a contest. It was a joke to them. Let’s see who could make him scream the most. And he never let them down. Even when no one thought it was possible for him to make a noise any louder, he didn’t disappoint. He was sick of it but he never had any hope of escape until he met Killian. It all seemed so surreal now… He was free.
As the months passed, he and Killian bought a tiny home for themselves and had a pretty nice life going. They weren’t together, neither of them really interested in sex yet after their years of abuse. They were just together out of convenience.
Killian slowly began to develop interest in other men and women, sex becoming his main source of entertainment. Mika never shared his interest though, content with staying home and listening to music, the only thing that had ever been there during his years as a sex slave. He’d began to crush on the other man but had said nothing, especially as Killian slept with more and more people.
Mika now refused to raise his voice at all. He had trained himself to keep from screaming, no matter what. He preferred the silence, fearing ridicule for his loud nature, even from Killian who he considered his best friend now.
Even on the night Mika finally found himself in bed with Killian atop of him, he was eerily silent. Not a word left his mouth the entire time.
And eventually, he and Killian went their separate ways. Killian got an apartment of his own as Mika went off to explore his interest in music, moving from place to place, staying in hotel rooms when he needed. He preferred it that way.
Mika sat on the couch at the latest gettogether. He was back in town and Killian had invited him here. He was mostly just observing though, as he liked to do. At least he was until a boy with died black hair with freckles everywhere approached him.
“Hey there dread lock baby, your eyes are driving me wild! Am I as studly as the studliest of the studly or what?” Augustus wiggled his brows at the boy.
Mika simply stared at him.
Killian found this quite amusing that of all people, Augustus always seemed to be drawn to ones that associated with him.
“Heh’s not much of ah talker.” Killian chuckled, sliding his arm around Mika’s shoulders. “Except en bed of course.” The man winked. Of course he knew Mika was just as silent in bed, he just needed to point out the fact that he had had the boy before.
“I am not.” Mika let out a soft chuckle, shaking his head at his friend. He was only ever truly himself with Killian. He rarely laughed or smiled at all if it was not at the other man.
“Okay, soh heh’s not loud en bed but tha point es, ah screwed hem.” Killian nodded quite proudly.
“You’re a nuisance.” Mika couldn’t help but grin though, glancing to Augustus who tried once again.
“Anyone ever told you I have pretty eyes?”
Mika once again said nothing. He wasn’t completely mute, he just didn’t prefer to speak unless there was a need for it. And pointless pick up lines did not require the use of his voice. He simply pressed play on his iPod, slipping his earbuds in and letting the music drown out Augustus’s words as the boy followed him around constantly, bombarding him with flirty lines for the rest of the evening. He said nothing but he grew to enjoy them. Augustus even got him to chuckle several times.
“Are you ever going to leave me alone?” Mika questioned, slipping his earbuds back into his jacket pocket along with his iPod.
“Not today pretty momma!” Augustus spoke smoothly, sounding like the King himself.
“Good.” Mika flashed a grin before he was back to his usual silence.

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Silence Is Golden.
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