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 Devil in Disguise.

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Augustus McDaniels


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PostSubject: Devil in Disguise.    Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:45 pm

On October the first, Quinn stopped talking.

By the third of October, they had determined that the cause of Quinn's silence, was because he had been molested, and it had scarred him.
Kaiden still spoke.
And Kaiden verified that he too, had been touched. ,kk

By October sixth, they had a perp.

By November fourth, they were in court.

Misery sat as though he were a statue beside his lover. Carter had been trying to hold his had but he had been pushed off, and snapped at. Misery did not want to hear what anyone had to say. He knew how this was going to work. They could not get this man punished if their sons did not hold up in court.
Misery was not about to put his babies through that. They were only four, and this could scar them for the rest of their lives.
And so Misery would take care of it for them.
The man walked through the doors, bailiffs on either side of him to guide him to his attorney at the front of the room. Misery's eyes narrowed. That man was the devil in a mask, a demon in disguise.
The man reached into his coat pocket, his hand coming into contact with the handle, it fit in his hand perfectly, almost as perfect as Carter's did.
Misery's stoic eyes waited, trained on the monster as the bailiffs stepped back to give him privacy with his attorney.
Misery was not Misery anymore.
In a fluid motion he had stood, and took three long strides over to the defense desk, all the while his hand pulled out his brand new hand gun.
His bestfriend.
He pointed the gun directly to the back of the devil's head, and fired four shots that rang through the court room, almost in time with his heart beat.
He had never felt so much satisfaction then he did watching half of that mans head explode.
He did not feel being tackled to the floor of court.
He did not see Carter watching a stranger, someone he all of a sudden did not know be led away in cuffs.
All Misery could wrack through his brain, is that he had done it. That man had paid.
Never again would he hurt his babies again.
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Devil in Disguise.
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