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PostSubject: neh   Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:44 pm

"Your late." Trever grinned to the boy in his door way, offering a hand out for him.
"I didn't have a set time to be here. I come when I feel like it." Finn Holloway lightly popped Trever's hand away, entering the room with an air of utter terror around him. He immediately found himself drawn to the part of the room which was full of Trever's many torture devices.
"Yes well, I have someone coming over here today. He lets me experiment on him a-"
"Not that Marylin Manson rip off? Puh-lease. Trever he is unacceptable." Finn cut the other an irritated glance.
"He is actually a rather good sub-"
"I do not give a f*ck. Find someone I can stomach looking at." Finn now turned to face Trever completely, his eyes narrowed on the lanky blond. Trever snorted to the boy, he disliked being told what to do, but then again he truly enjoyed Finn's company. The boy was like a needle in his side.
He enjoyed it.
Because he enjoyed it, he never argued with Finn, and never truly got angry when told what to do.
"Well, Finn, I could always use you." He stepped forward, hoping to give the boy chills. To his dismay, Finn simply stepped closer. Though Finn was much shorted than him, the boy looked straight up at Trever, his voice dripping with sugar.
"How about, you lay down on that table, and you be my little toy?"
"I think not."
Yet, not even fifteen minutes later, Trever was sprawled out on his work table, watching Finn write on his HIS clip board.
"I hate you." Yet he smiled, his eyes ablaze when Finn grinned back at him. His teeth seemed to be pointed like that of the monster he was.
"I hate you too."
And then there was a few banging sounds, and finally a large figure in the doorway.
"FINNEY!" A Danish voice boomed, the large form bursting into the room and taking Finn under his arms, lifting him high before looking him over to assure he was okay.
"Put.Me.Down." Finn's voice oozed with venom, his knuckles white from clutching the clip board.
"But you may be hurt! Im just checking on you because I lo-"
The clip board came down hard on Mathias's head. The larger gave a pained wail, dropping his brother to the floor in favor of flopping down himself, hands clutching at his head.
"Brother! My head!" Mathias sniffled, looking up to Finn through large tear-filled eyes. "You hurted it!"
Finn rolled his head, holding Trever's clip board closer. "You d'served it." He spoke in his heavy Sweden accent.
"B-But...." Mathias reached out, his large arms winding around Finn's waist. "K-Kiss it better!!"
Finn simply blinked down at him, amazed at his brother retardation.
Finn ignored him.
For at least ten minutes anyways, until the youngers wailing became to hard to handle. Finally he did lean in to press his lips into Mathias's hair, relieved when the water works stopped.
"Thank you Finney!"
"Don't call me that!"
Trever, still on the table, whined pitifully.
He could just see that he would be here for a long time.
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