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 January 1, 2013

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Finn Holloway


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PostSubject: January 1, 2013   Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:03 pm

January 1, 2013
Hello there!
Okay so, my name is Mathias! And im going to be talking to you because my new therapist person said I needed to. Hey! look! if you take therapist apart, it is the-rapist. Haha! That made me laugh! But anyways im supposed to talk to you and I think I might. I would like to be able to talk to someone about everything and them not call me dumb, or tell anyone else so I mean, yeah. So imma go through a few of the things that have already happened so you know a bit about me. When I was four, my brother who was three got really sick and they put him into the hospital. His name is Finn by the way, but like I said. He was in the hospital and he was really sick and my dad cried alot and my mom was always yelling. When we would be at home and not with Finn, my mom would yell at dad a lot and dad would just cry and be all quiet. One day though, the doctors said that Finn might not be okay like we had hoped, and the entire drive home momma was just screaming at me and daddy and she kept on and on and finally, when we were at home, daddy just got up and walked out. At the time I didn't know where he had went, but now I know he went to the court house and filed for divorce. Then he took me and packed up all my favorite toys and he left. He said we were going on an adventure! He drove for a very long time! And then we even got to ride in the sky! All until we got to the new place that was really cold and everyone sounded weird. For a while daddy kept me in a hotel room and every time I would ask where Finn was and when we were going home he would cry even more then he normally did so I just stopped asking after a while. He always told me Finn was in a better place. I didn't believe him. I mean, where could Finn be that was better than with me? Well, one day, a long time later, daddy was on the phone and I don't know who it was but I really think it was momma because I thought I could hear her yelling. After he got off the phone he was crying really hard and he took me and we left and we drove like we did when we first got to that place, which I now know was named Stockholm. Anyways! We even rode in the sky again! Daddy took me all the way back to momma's, and when we got there, Finn was sitting in the floor playing the toys. Daddy I remember yelled really loud and scared Finn, but he hugged him all tight and I did to and I cried and daddy cried and Finn didn't know what was going on! Then I remember mom came into the room and Daddy got really angry! They went into another room and we heard a lot of screaming and fighting and I didn't know what to do but Finn hugged me and told me it was okay. Turns out momma had not told daddy that Finn had been okay for a while. When she did, daddy came running, but he was upset that he had not been told about Finn coming home. After that me and Finn got left with a baby sitter while mom and dad went to court. The judge man said that daddy could have me and momma could have Finn and we could see each other every other weekend. Then momma took Finn and daddy took me. I remember before daddy took me back to that place, Finn hugged me all tight and told me he loved me and he smiled really really big.
It was the last time I ever saw him smile.
Love, always!
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January 1, 2013
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