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 Daddy's Little Boy

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PostSubject: Daddy's Little Boy   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:28 pm

Luca sighed as he leaned against the window, watching Augustus and Killian glare at each other.
“Can’t you two get along?”
Killian was his lover but he wanted to spend time with Augustus as well. And Killian refused to let that happen without him being in attendance. However, when Killian was around, all they seemed to accomplish was a lot of yelling.
He let his head rest against the cool glass of the window, sighing softly as he looked out onto the front yard of his and Killian’s home.
He blinked as he saw a form making its way towards them in the distance. He would know that man anywhere. The huge silhouette, the toned muscular arms and legs, the tight white tank top, the slicked back black hair with just a hint of gray.
His father.
And just like that, Luca had zoomed out the front door, leaving Augustus and Killian staring after him. They shared a glance before jogging behind the object of their affection.
By now, the figure in the distance had gotten closer, standing in their yard as he was hit with an armful of Luca. The force knocked the elder man over.
“Papa!” And Luca was crying, sobbing into his father’s chest like never before.
Killian and Augustus stood a few feet away, Killian’s eyes wide with shock. He had never seen his lover like that.
A deep laugh rumbled from the new man’s mouth as he wrapped his arms tight around Luca.
“My boy…” He pressed his lips to Luca’s temple, holding him close. “You’ve grown so much…” He shook his head as he helped his son to his feet, looking him over. The last time he had seen his son, Luca had been just a boy…
He looked up, glancing to Augustus and Killian.
“How rude of me. I’m Manuel, Luca’s father.” He gave a warm smile to the two boys, shaking their hands in turn. His accent was much thicker than Luca’s, and his English was not quite as good. His skin was a deep caramel color, stretched tightly over his toned muscles. He wore the same type of clothing Luca always thought of him in. A white tank top that clung to his large body and a pair of simple black shorts. He was like a larger, older version of Luca himself.
He turned to hug Luca to his chest tightly. Luca took his father’s face in his hands as they spoke back and forth in fervent Spanish. Augustus looked nearly ready to faint with how much he adored hearing Luca speak like that.
A few moments passed like this and then Luca led the three most important things in his life into his home. Luca sat on the couch, Augustus on one side and Killian on the other as his father sat in a large armchair across from them. Luca leaned into Killian as one of his arms held Augustus around the waist, tight to his side.
Manuel was explaining to Luca how he had found him.
“I’ve been back for years now, mi hijito.” Manual smiled softly. “I’ve been looking for you ever since. However, you definitely followed my instructions I gave you when you were young. You never left your real name anywhere you shopped, you left no records whatsoever. And while I’m proud you listened, it made it a pain in the behind to find you.” He chuckled, running a hand through his deep black hair. “I went to the men responsible for my death first. Asked if they had seen a young boy running around soon after I passed.”
“You went to them?!” Luca’s eyes were wide. His father could have been hurt again!
“I did. However they didn’t seem too eager to help me.” He laughed softly. “They took me to someone who they said would make sure to punish me for stealing from them all those years ago. It was a man by the name of Trever Murdock I believe.”
Luca blinked lightly, glancing to Killian at the mention of his mother.
“However, I got lucky. He said I looked familiar. And when I explained my predicament to him, he said a boy named Luca that looked just like me was dating his son. So he gave me the address and here I am.” The man grinned at the three of them, moving over to examine Augustus closer. “Though I have to say son, you don’t look much like your mother.” He stroked Augustus’s freckled cheek, eyeing him up.
“Dad…” Luca spoke tentatively.
“That’s not my boyfriend.”
Manuel pulled back, arching an eyebrow.
“My apologies.” He nodded, glancing to Killian instead. “Is this him?”
“Yes it is. This is Killian Murdock, my boyfriend.”
“Well it’s nice to meet you son.” Manuel smiled at Killian.
“Dad, this is Augustus, a close friend.”
Manuel nodded, glancing back to Augustus.
“Why did you assume he was my boyfriend?” Luca’s brow furrowed. He was honestly curious.
“Luca, Luca, Luca.” The man sighed, shaking his head. “What did I teach you about body language when you were young?”
Luca’s hummed thoughtfully as he tried to remember. Of course he remembered everything his father had taught him.
“Well I’m leaning into Killian. That shows that I’m comfortable with him and I depend on him.”
“Correct. Good boy.” Manuel nodded. “But you’re reaching out for Augustus, showing your heart belongs to him.”
Luca blinked at this. God he had missed his father’s wisdom.
“No.” He shook his head.
“Body signals don’t lie, my boy.” Manuel smiled softly at his son.
Killian listened with interest, already sure that this body language stuff was bullshit. No way Luca longed for Augustus more than him.
“What else can ya tell us about tha way we’re sittin?” Killian hummed, a bit interested.
“Well your arm is around Luca’s waist. You’re pressing him quite tightly into yourself which shows that you’re very possessive of him. Jealous, even. You want him to know he belongs to you. And Augustus is leaning his head very lightly on Luca’s shoulder, showing that he wants to be very close with him but he’s tentative. He doesn’t know if Luca wants him so close so he’s just barely brushing Luca’s skin with his cheek. He wants the contact without making Luca uncomfortable.”
“Yar good.” Killian admitted. Did that mean that what he had said about Luca was true as well.
“I am.” Manuel smiled at the boy. “My boy, what do you get from my body language?” He asked the three of them. “Any of you, don’t be shy.” He winked at Augustus especially.
“Well…” Luca hummed, looking his father over. “Your arms are at your sides, showing you want us to feel comfortable with you, you’re open to us. You’re not making direct eye contact with any of us, meaning that you’re a bit uncomfortable yourself. Your legs are crossed at the ankles though which means you’re firm and at ease with your surroundings… you’re giving mixed signals, papa.” Luca’s brow furrowed in confusion.
“Exactly right!” Manuel grinned. “A good con artist knows how to be in control of their body language, and give someone any impression they want. Anyone recognizes body signals even if they don’t realize it. You have to know how to make someone see what you want them to see, not what you’re actually seeing.” He nodded.
“I’ve missed you, papa.” Luca couldn’t help himself from burying his face in his father’s chest.
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Daddy's Little Boy
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