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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Jealousy.   Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:34 pm

Finn stood in the front row of the crowd, arms folded across his chest as he watched his boyfriend perform with the smallest hint of a smirk on his face.
Morgue shot a wink at the crowd, aimed towards Finn as he seductively let his tongue slide down the blade of his sword. He held the metal between his teeth for a moment before tilting his head back and letting it slide down his throat. He adored the gasps he earned from the crowd. He then took a second sword, slipping it in along with the first that was already inside of him. He then pulled them out together, taking a bow. Normally, he would have exited the stage at this time but instead, he began to speak.
“Now, it’s my pleasure to introduce our newest performer. Asia!” He gestured as a quite plain, yet pretty looking girl entered, beaming at the crowd.
Finn immediately disliked her, any traces of a smile on his face vanished.
“This is her first time in front of a crowd so let’s make her feel welcome, shall we?” Morgue grinned as he handed her his sword. “And she’s been trained by none other than yours truly.”
Finn glared as the young girl took the sword, waving it around as if Morgue had not just done something twice as impressive and sliding it down what Finn thought was an abnormally large mouth.
As everyone else applauded, Finn coughed, words that sounded suspiciously derogatory escaping his mouth.
“Give it up for Asia!” Morgue grinned, taking one of the girl’s hands in his own and spinning her around after she had removed the sword.
A moment passed before he led her off of the stage to many cheers from everyone but Finn.
After the show was over, Finn moved to meet Morgue around back like usual. Finn was leaning against the building, laughing as he and Asia shared a cigarette.
Oh hell no.
“Finn!” Morgue grinned, kissing Finn deeply as his lover approached. “Asia, this is Finn, my boyfriend.”
“Nice to meet you.” Asia smiled, extending a hand which Finn simply stared at like it was something disgusting.
“What kind of name is Asia? Are you a continent?” Finn blinked at her, his eyes narrowed.
“Okay, maybe it’s time to go.” Morgue chuckled softly, taking Finn by the waist.
“Don’t touch me, Marilyn.” Finn rolled his eyes, jerking away. “I asked her a question.”
“Goodbye Asia! See you tomorrow!” Morgue ignored Finn as he led his boyfriend out to his car. “You’re sexy when you’re jealous.”
“Fuck off.” Finn snapped, making his way to get in the passenger seat of Morgue’s car, arms across his chest.
Morgue drove them back to his place where Finn had been staying a lot lately. The first thing Finn did when they got inside was open up the computer. He went to Facebook immediately.
“What’s the slut’s last name?”
“Babe, I don’t think it matter-“
“Ray.” Morgue sighed.
Finn smiled to himself, searching for an Asia Ray on the site. He grimaced as he saw he had 1 mutual friend with her, Morgue.
“You’re friends with her?”
“I’m friends with everyone I work with, Finn.” Morgue sighed.
“Well still.” Finn simply huffed, clicking on the girl’s profile and clicking through her pictures. She had many pictures of her and Morgue together although she always looked happier than Morgue did. “She likes you.”
“She does not.” Morgue rolled his eyes, brushing it off.
“Don’t argue with me.”
Morgue almost argued back but decided against it, knowing nothing good came out of arguing with Finn.
“So are you two just friends or…?”
“Yeah we’re just friends.”
“You’re lying.” Finn spoke immediately, spinning around to face Morgue.
“Okay so we fucked one time when I was drunk, before I knew you. It’s not a big deal.”
“Oh that’s it.” Finn glared, his lips pursed.
“Oh god, what are you going to do?” Morgue groaned.
“Nothing, nothing at all.” Finn shrugged as he turned off the computer, moving to lay in bed, his back facing Morgue.
“You worry me.”
“Goodnight!” Finn grinned far too happily.
Morgue could practically hear gears turning in the boy’s head as they fell asleep together.
The next morning, Morgue woke quite late. As he blinked his eyes open, he nearly jumped.
“Fuck, Finn!”
“Morning, Marilyn.” Finn smirked at his lover. He had been sitting upon Morgue’s chest, his eyes open wide as they stared at the boy.
“Scared the shit out of me.” Morgue muttered as he sat upright, holding Finn to his chest. “Why are you so happy this morning?”
“No reason. Just a beautiful day, don’t you think?”
It was raining outside, thunder and lightening booming every so often.
“Yeah, I thought so.” Finn nodded, standing and leading his lover out to the kitchen. “Breakfast?”
“Sure…” Morgue nodded tentatively. He knew Finn was up to nothing good. “I have to get to work in a little bit.”
“Oh yeah? What are you doing today?” Finn arched an eyebrow.
“Teaching Asia how to eat fire.” Morgue nodded at his boyfriend.
“Oh, I don’t think you’ll need to go in then.”
“Why?” Morgue asked slowly, though he had a feeling he knew.
“Oh no reason.” Finn shrugged. “You can go if you want to.”
Long story short, Asia was not there today. Or the next day. Or the day after that.
In fact, Morgue never saw Asia again.

I hope you enjoyed that heheheh
Now I felt the need to include some of the pictures cause Morgue looks adorable in some of them ><

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