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 To Hell With Us Both.

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Augustus McDaniels


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PostSubject: To Hell With Us Both.   Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:50 am

Finn was going to murder him. And that was not used loosely like many other who had just found out they had been knocked up would say it. Finn did not say it and just think he would be really pissed at him. Finn said he was going to kill Morgue and he meant it, this was only proved as he stepped around, gathering up a rope and small knife from the hardware store. Mathias had taken him out and was now buying him the instruments he was going to use to end Morgue's life. The only person Finn had told by now was Mathias, and the boy had been delighted, well, until his brother had slapped him across the face and demanded he stop it.
Arriving to Morgue's home, he wasted no time in knocking. He barged into the home, rope circling one shoulder, knife clutched tight in that hand. In the other hand he held onto the positive pregnancy test.
"Marilyn!" The boy barked hatefully, stepping pasted the mans family as he stormed into his room. Morgue had just been trying to practice his sword swallowing. He quickly slipped the blade from his throat, smiling at Finn until he had the noose on the end of the rope wrapped around his neck. Finn pulled tight, making sure the knot closed off Morgue's airway. As the other couched, and reached for the binding around his neck, Finn flipped out the blade of his knife. He kicked Morgue back into the wall, one hand keeping the rope fastened and the other moving to press the knife into Morgue's stomach, the tip if the blade penetrating skin.
"F-Finn....?" Morgue blinked in surprise, not truly sure what to do. Of course Finn was always being a betch but this was different. he had never come in with the intent to kill.
"I want you to look at me as you die, f*cktard." Finn spat hatefully, pressuring the knife to slide further into Morgue's body.
"W-Why are you trying to kill me?" Morgue reached up, one hand gently closing around Finn's wrist, the one of the hand holding the knife.
"Because you B*stard! Im pregnant!" Finn bared his teeth angrily, dropping the knife in favor of waving the pregnancy test in front of his face.
"P-Pregnant?" Morgue repeated, though he was cut off as Finn yanked on the noose tightening it.
"Are ya deaf numb nuts! I said I was pregnant! And when im done putting an end to your life, imma put an end to this childs." And he meant that, too. Morgue could tell as his eyes glinted in the light of his room.
"Finn please." Morgue took a deep breath, the one hand holding Finn's wrist pulling it to his side, as his other hand reached for the smaller one holding onto the noose around his neck. As his fingers began to curl around Finn's other wrist, the boy lashed out, his knee flying up to land a swift blow to Morgue's testicals.
"F*ck!" The man doubled over, dropping to his knees as both hands released Finn, letting him go completely as he held himself.
He didn't have a chance to look up at Finn, the boy kicked him hard in his teeth, sending him back to the wall.
"See if you get anyone else pregnant, sh*t head." Finn hoped he had damaged Morgue's balls enough so the man never had children. "Now im going to kill this little f*cker. Me and you are over. Go to hell," Fin turned on his heel, pausing at the door. "F*ck you Morgue...Have a nice day." He added with a snarl on his way out.
"Finn!" Morgue called out for him, rolling on his side as his stomach flipped painfully. "Finn!"
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To Hell With Us Both.
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