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 Lose You.

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PostSubject: Lose You.   Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:52 pm

Morgue felt his car slide through the rain slickened street, skirting to a halt in front of the pitiful deteriorating trailer. He had not counted on it raining today. He usually tried to get Finn to stay with him when he rained so he would not have to face the brunt of the weather, but the boy had darted from his home before he had a chance to do anything. He had still be in complete and utter shock at what Finn had told him, and further more the fact that the boy had tried to kill him. Of course it didn't surprise him, but he did not fear Finn in the slightest. That much was obvious being he had hunted the boy down, and decided this is where Finn would be. He parked his car, and shut off the engine, preparing himself to enter the down pour of rain. The home looked even more poor than it had the first time Morgue had laid eyes on it. He braced himself, forcing the car door open and making a dash for the trailer, which didn't do much to shield him from the rain but it was something. Morgue entered the home without knocking, rather surprised to see that Jake was up.
"Dude...What in the f*ck are you doing in my house?" Jake blinked, bottle of jack held close to his chest as he eyes the intruder. Morgue bowed lightly, extending a hand even though he wasn't sure if he really wanted to be polite to this man. "Morgue sir, im terribly sorry to enter your...home, without knocking. Its storming hard outside, and I was in a hurry. Im looking for Finn, is he here?"
Jake took his hand, shaking it lightly. "Finn is in his room I think, if not I don't know where that child has gotten off to but he will be home sooner or later." Jake slurred, his head lolling to the side. It was obvious he had no clue where his son was, and honestly he didn't seem to care. Morgue watched the man a moment, he seemed as though he had forgotten Morgue was in the room, he was just sitting there, staring at the wall.
Morgue simply shook his head, his heart aching for his lover. Stepping across the rotting interior of the home, Morgue made his way back to Finn's room. The door was wide open, and there was Finn. He held a large blue tarp in his hands, tying it up to replace the missing wall. He had roof leaks in multiple spots, the shirt his was wearing had been soaked through, as well as his pants. He looked rather pitiful, hair sticking to his face, body almost blue with how cold he was. The wind could cut you in half, and Finn had no way to stop it, aside form this tarp which seemed to be doing little good.
"Finn..." Morgue stepped further into the room, eye brows furrowed when the boy didn't address him. "Finn." Morgue said once again, a bit more firm as he reached a hand out for Finn only to have the boy turn and slap it away. Finn's eyes lit up as lightening struck the sky, his upper lip curled in a snarl. "Go the hell away! Your not welcome here da*n you!" Finn's jaw was tight, his teeth bared as he finally just let the tarp go, the rain forcing its way into the room.
"Your carrying my kid Finn! You can't just tell me to go away." Morgue stated calmly, trying to keep the situation in hand.
"Not anymore." Finn snorted, moving to try and pick the tarp up once again, being the rain was pelting down hard, and he was sure he would have pneumonia by the next morning.
"Do what?" Morgue blinked at him, his eyes brows furrowing in confusion. "What do you mean 'not anymore'?"
"I mean what I said dumbarse. I told you I was getting rid of it f*ck face, don't you listen?" The boy didn't face him, and that was probably a good thing or else he would have seen Morgue's face crumble. He had not particularly wanted a child. He himself did not think he would have been a suitable father, and Lord knows that Finn would not do as a mother. But still, he had not wanted it dead. They could have let it go for adoption so it would have had a chance at a life but Finn had taken that away.
"You killed it?" Morgue's voice was a near whisper, his eyes welling with tears. He did not fully understand why it meant so much to him, but it did. It had been his baby, and even if he could not have given it a life he would have found someone he could.
And Fin had taken it away.
"Already said that dipsh*t!" Finn turned just as he was tackled down by Morgue, the larger of the two of them taking Finn by the shoulders and squeezing, shaking him desperately. "You KILLED it!"
"Get the hell offa me Marilyn!" Finn lashed out, hand connecting with Morgue's face but it didn't seem to phase him, the other simply continued to shake him. "You killed our baby!" Morgue accused. "My baby you bitch!"
Finn punched him again, his teeth bared. He did not care about the words, what he did care about though were the tears pouring down Morgue's face. He opened his mouth to speak but he didn't have the chance. Morgue dropped down, forcing them onto Finn's soaking wet cot, where he then wrapped his arms tight around the boys lithe waist. Morgue then pressed his face into Finn's stomach and simply stayed there, his warm tears contrasting against the cold rain.
"Let me go dumb ass!" Finn snapped, his fists coming down hard on Morgue's back and shoulders, but it was no use. Morgue was lost in Finn, holding him, loving him, and mourning the loss of their baby.
Morgue didn't know how long he stayed like that, the sky only grew darker, the rain got harder, but strangely enough, Finn's yells quieted until his voice was soft, his hands as gentle as they had ever been as they rubbed over Morgue's shoulders.
"Marilyn...Jeremy...Im sorry about the kid okay?" There was a sigh as Finn pressed on, doing something he had never before done in his life. "Im not sorry that it is gone, but im sorry that your so f*cking upset over it." He loved Morgue, and truly did and he hated seeing how the loss of that child had broken him down.
Morgue didn't answer him, just pressed him closer, arranging Finn until he was able to hear the boys heart beat under his ear. He laid there like that, just so thankful that he still had Finn. He may have lost that kid, but if he had anything to say about it he would never lose Finn.
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Lose You.
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