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Finn Holloway


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PostSubject: Lie.   Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:06 am

Finn sat on the edge of the bed, watching Morgue pace the room back and forth. Evidently his lover had something important he needed to tell him, and it was taking him a bit to do it. Finn almost thought he could see the trails of Morgue's foot falls as he walked back and forth.
"Damnit Marilyn! Get on with it you f*cktard!" Finn snarled in irritation, he had never been a patient person and Morgue was truly making him a bit nervous. Morgue never hesitated in telling him anything, and so this had him rather on edge. Even so, as soon as Morgue answered him Finn wished he would have just kept quiet.
"I cheated on you." The bleach blonde blurted out, coming to a stop right in front of Finn.
"You did what?" The boy arched an eye brow, though inside he felt his heart drop. He would never admit it but just to hear that...
It made his chest ache.
"I cheated on you...With Trever." Morgue looked defeated, a hand moving to thread through his hair. "It didn't mean anything. It wasn't supposed to happen. He was just... experimenting on me and he used some kind of vile and it made me jump him."
"And your telling me this why, sh*t head?" Finn stood, he seemed calm enough, that is until his fist connected with Morgue's mouth, sending his lover backwards into the wall. "You know something Marilyn, I had actually been the dumbarse in the relationship." He stepped forward, kicking Morgue hard in his side. "But im not anymore, you da*n spitf*ck, because im so f*cking done." Finn kicked Morgue again, this time in his chest. "You want Trever? You f*cking have him." And with that, Finn made his way from the room. He tried to walk slowly, as if everything was okay. Inside though, his body felt a numbness pumping through him. It was different for Finn than it would have been for anyone else. Of course he had that sense of betrayal but that was not really what hurt. It was just the thought of Morgue with someone else. Of course Finn had seen this coming, he may not have ever been in a relationship before but he just knew good things did not last for him. Morgue had been the best thing in his life and so it was natural to have something go wrong. Finn didn't feel sorry for himself though. Not like a lot would. He did not feel like the poor victim who had been lied to. No he did not feel bad for himself in the slightest. He simply felt as though the last ounce of good that life had to offer him and disappeared. He was pissed as hell about it too. He was angry that Morgue had done what he had...He was just livid.
But truly he was hurt, and he did not want to admit to that, even to himself. He did not want to acknowledge the way his heart ached, feeling as though something was stabbing into it. He did not want to allow himself to understand why his face was getting all wet but it wasn't crying. He especially didn't want to take notice as to the fact that all he wanted right now was Morgue. He wanted Morgue to take it back, say it was a joke.
Say he loved Finn.
But right now, as Finn walked away from the one thing he had in his life he felt precious to him, the only thing he loved...
He spit out his words like venom, hatefully to anything listening.
"Love is a f*cking lie."


this was dumb and quick, and I have more for it but family guy distracted me. I love you and hope you have a good day.
I miss Carter.
Rhett misses being a daddy.
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