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PostSubject: Pregnant.   Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:08 am

“What are ya readin’?” Killian arched an eyebrow as he glanced over at his lover. It was strange to see his lover reading like that, his face so scrunched up in concentration.
Not that Luca was dumb, he was quite intelligent, he was just never much of a reader.
“Book about pregnancy.” Luca murmured, his eyes scanning over the pages.
Killian snorted, shaking his head.
“So we don’t mess up.” Luca said simply, his hand resting on Killian’s plump stomach.
Killian was around seven months along and it was huge by now. Luca adored watching the man waddle around. It was one of his favorite pastimes lately. Only second to making love to his lover…. Or Killian making love to him.
“Yar doing fine.” Killian rolled his eyes.
“Did you know the baby can respond to sound now?” Luca smiled softly and Killian could no longer tease the man for his reading. He found it quite endearing how determined Luca was to father this child well.
“Ah didn’t know that.” Killian smirked at his lover and next thing he knew, Luca’s head was down by his stomach, the book sitting open atop the pillow.
He pressed his lips to Killian’s stomach, humming softly before pulling back.
“Is it moving? Can you feel it?” He asked eagerly.
“Ah don’t feel anything.” Killian shook his head, curling his fingers in Luca’s hair.
Luca furrowed his brow before going back in, blowing raspberries against Killian’s tummy.
“Quit that!” Killian popped the man in the back of the head, trying his hardest not to giggle as it tickled his stomach.
“Why?” Luca whined, taking Killian’s hands in his own and squeezing them tightly. “I want it to move… I want it to know my voice.” He frowned. “Did you know it can already recognize yours? Right when a baby is born, it can recognize its mother’s voice from a recording of just one syllable.”
“Ya sound like Quinn weth all yar facts.” Killian chuckled softly at his lover.
“I’m sorry.” Luca sighed. “I just want to know everything there is to know about this baby…”
“Yar gonna be fine, Luca. Ya will be a great daddy and it will all be okay.” Killian smirked.
Luca simply smiled as he continued murmuring words, forming a soft song.
“Este niño lindo
que nació de noche
quiere que lo lleven
a pasear en coche.
Esta niña linda
que nació de día
quiere que la lleven
a comer sandía.

Ya duérmete niña
que tengo que hacer:
lavar y planchar
y ponerme a tejer
una comisita que
te voy a hacer
y el día de tu santo
te la has de poner.
A la rorro niña,
a la rorro ya,
duérmase mi niña,
duérmaseme ya.
Arro rro mi niño
arro rro mi amor
arro rro pedazo
de mi corazón.”
Killian listened to his lover sing in his native language, finding that it made his heart skip a beat to watch Luca down there, his voice so soft and sweet, love in his eyes as he thought of their baby on the way.
“Ya sure are something, crocodile.” Killian smirked softly as he stroked Luca’s hair.
Luca continued singing softly as he caressed Killian’s plump belly.
“Is it doing anything?” He whispered.
“Noh.” Killian shook his head, but paused. “Et’s kicking.” He whispered.
“What?! Really? How do you know?!” Luca’s eyes were wide as he looked down at Killian’s belly.
“Ah can sort of tell!” Killian snapped though his smile returned soon after. He couldn’t stay pissy as long as Luca was on his stomach, cheek pressed flush against the skin, his hands all over the sides.
“I can feel et.” Killian murmured. It was weird. This was the first time it had kicked. And it made Killian grin to see his lover so happy.
“Oh!” Luca beamed as he felt a tiny foot thump against his palm. “Hi little baby.” He cooed softly, pressing his lips to the spot where he’d been kicked. “How are you doing in there? Are you ready to come out soon? Well I mean I hope you’re not, cause you’d be a preemie if you came out now but still. I’d really like to see you. Can you hear me in there? I’m your daddy. My name is Luca but I’d like it if you called me daddy. I’d like it a lot. I’d really like us to be close. I can’t wait to help you and feed you and hold you and change your diaper. Oh wow I can’t wait for you to get here. We’ll start trying to teach you stuff right away. I can’t wait for your first words. Oh, I hope it’s dada! But momma would be okay too. Your momma is going to love you so much. I can just tell. We’re both going to love you and oh gosh, I can’t wait for you to get here! You should really hurry up in there. Can’t you grow faster? We still have another two months. I don’t know if I can wait that long. Well I love you anyways, even if you’re a slow grower.” He laughed lightly.
Killian watched intently as his lover spoke to his stomach for the rest of the night.
Maybe being pregnant wouldn’t be so bad after all….
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