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 Of Stoned Stoners and Blowing for Blow.

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Rhett Braxton


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PostSubject: Of Stoned Stoners and Blowing for Blow.   Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:27 am

Since you used to really like using Sage and all, and we never had anything with him and Vance, I was thinking maybe I could make a better character for him to be with! If you don't like it, thats fine. But I would like to use this character if we get the chance:3 If you don't like him we don't have to though!
I love you!
Allow me to apologize for my horrible Sage><
And possible mistakes <3

Mack was sprawled out on the couch, one of his legs hanging limp off the side of the sofa. In between his lips sat a joint, lit and burning as he absorbed the smoke. He was an avid pot head, and he abused a very wide assortment of drugs. Aside from abusing them, he sold them out of his home.
A knock on the door drew his attention, his eyes lazily flickering over to the source of the pounding. With a torpid wave of his hand, he called for whoever it was to come in. His dog outside would have barked had it been someone unfamiliar, and he already had a rather good guess at who it was.
The door cracked open to reveal Sage Moore standing in the door way, his body trembling as withdraws hit him head on.
"Sup brutha man." Mack's lips curled up into a fond smile. "Come in and join my mello."
Sage rolled his eyes at the other, Mack was indeed the thing that came to mind when someone mentioned a pot headed hippie.
"Cram it Mack, you know im here for a reason." His words quivered with his shot nerves, his eyes flickering around the room.
"Chaaaa man. Totally...." Mack pushed himself up, yawning before falling back to the sofa. "You want some star dust, don'cha?"
With another eye roll, Sage stepped further into the room. He pushed Mack's leg away from one end of the couch and sat himself down, staring to the other with irritation.
"I want cocaine. I want it now. I got money." He winced in thought of the money. The things he had done for it left a sour taste in his mouth.
"But brua, I don't feel like getting up..." Mack pulled the joint from between his lips, amused smirk playing on his face as Sage looked as if he were about to blow. He had waited so long for this and now Mack was playing with him.
Blowing out the smoke into Sage's face, Mack reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny sack of cocaine. Sage immediately reached for it, only to have it snatched away.
"Give it here da*mn you!" The boy fumed, his insides twisting with want.
"Dude, no. I'll give it to you when you pay me." Mack's smirk only grew as Sage offered him a wad of cash.
"Nahhhh man." Mack pushed his hand away, leaning into the couch. "I want a different kinda pay..." His eyes flickered down to his crotch. A look of horror crossed Sage's face as he realized what Mack was getting at. He did not want to do that with Mack. He was used to doing it with other people for his pot money but not Mack. He and Mack were good friends, and strangely enough he had a slight crush on the boy.
Mack dangled the bag of blow in front of Sage, knowing he could not turn it away.
"Fine! What do you want me to do!" The boys eyes never left the baggie as Mack leaned into the couch.
"Dude, wicked." Mack nodded his head in appreciate, pleased that he was going to get his way. "Now, if you want this bag-a-blow, ya gotta blow me." Sure it was not all that funny but to him it was simply hilarious. But then again he was chinked out on pot.
"Fine, Fine." Sage grumbled, anything for his drugs.

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Of Stoned Stoners and Blowing for Blow.
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