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 Of Gorgeous Crushes & Creamed Jeans

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PostSubject: Of Gorgeous Crushes & Creamed Jeans   Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:21 pm

Mwahahaa my shannon muse insisted I write this. There would be more Aaron if I could write him better but sadly, I can't. I adore Aaron though! This is just a tiny little thing I wrote in like thirty minutes, but I hope you like ittttt.


“You are aware you’re drooling right?” Jasey arched an eyebrow, smirking lightly as he took a seat beside his best friend who was staring wide eyed at Aaron Mizanin across the room.
“Who wouldn’t be drooling while watching this?” Shannon groaned, his eyes refusing to leave the man’s form. Some of the men were working out in the backyard while they had their family barbeque. Most people’s eyes were on Quincy or Gabriel Johnson, with their huge, gargantuan forms. But Shannon had always preferred Aaron. Aaron with his gorgeous smile. Aaron with his defined jaw line that tensed up when he got angry or sad. Aaron with those taught muscles. Aaron with that sweet nature. Aaron with that sweat currently dripping down his chest, across his defined abdomen.
Oh hell, Shannon could cum just watching him.
From the time he’d been young he’d found himself attracted to Aaron. The people who knew, like Jasey, often asked why. Sure, Aaron was attractive enough. But he was just sort of… boring.
But not to Shannon. Shannon adored everything about Aaron. How strong and muscular he was, but he would never use that to harm anyone. He loved how sweet he was…
“It’s going to be really obvious you want to fuck him if you get a boner.” Jasey snickered, glancing down at his friend’s crotch, which was indeed stirring with his arousal.
“I can’t help it. God, just look at him.” Shannon sighed as he stared at what he was sure was his future boyfriend.
“Why don’t you go talk to him?”
“Are you nuts? He’d never go for me…” Shannon shook his head furiously.
“So? Just be a friend first. Then, once he gets to know your awesome personality he won’t be able to help falling in love with you.” Jasey nodded.
“You think so?” Shannon chewed his lower lip nervously as his gaze drifted over to Aaron once more.
“Oh I know so, hunty.” Jasey grinned. “Look. Zac and Angel are over there drying sweat off their lovers and giving them water. Ivy isn’t here, you go do that for Aaron.” He nodded, eager for his friend to catch the guy of his dreams.
“What if she gets here?” Shannon frowned.
“She won’t, she’s sick. But if she does, you tell her to fuck off.” Jasey said simply as if this was obvious. “Now get over there! And don’t forget to sissy dat walk!”
Shannon giggled at his friend, quite hyper as he ran and grabbed a bottle of ice cold water before heading in Aaron’s direction. When he talked to Jasey, his friend had a way of convincing him of anything. It wasn’t until he was directly in front of Aaron that he realized there was no way he was going to be able to talk to this gorgeous man.
“Hey, Shannon, right?” Aaron arched an eyebrow as he set the weight down, sitting up, his chest glistening with sweat.
Shannon’s eyes were wide, like a deer caught in headlights as he nodded slowly.
“Is there something you wanted to say or…?” Aaron trailed off, a confused look on his face at how Shannon was simply standing there.
“I… uh… I came to… um…. Water?” Shannon flashed an awkward smile as he extended the arm with the water, nearly thrusting it into the boy’s chest.
“Yeah, thanks.” Aaron smiled softly as he took the water the boy extended.
He twisted off the cap, pouring the cool liquid down his throat before pulling the bottle back. He then raised it over his head, drenching himself with the icy cold water to cool himself off.
Shannon’s jaw literally dropped as he watched everything from the way the man’s muscles rippled under his chest to how his hair, damp with water and sweat matted to his forehead.
And then, with a high pitched squeak, he realized with horror that he had just jizzed in his pants.
He stood frozen for a moment as he watched Aaron’s eyes flicker to his crotch and back up again. This was possibly the most embarrassing moment of his life.
So what did he do?
He ran.
He ran back inside of the home before hearing what the other man had to say, cursing himself all the way.
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Of Gorgeous Crushes & Creamed Jeans
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