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PostSubject: Bored.   Sun May 05, 2013 4:14 am

Yeah, we have never used Kelly>< So I dont know where this came from and I probably screwed him up really bad. I was just so bored>< And this is all I could get out. Misery ish a baby in this one, and it doesnt have much of a point. I dont know all the details and whatnot, so I was not sure how to do anything, but its all I got. I hope you enjoy anyways.
I love you.


"O-Oh no...Oh F*ck no.." Misery shook his head down at the positive pregnancy. His hands trembled, making it harder and harder to read but he didn't need to bother with it anymore. He was pregnant.
He was pregnant.
Normally, Misery would not have minded being pregnant. But that was granted if he knew it was Carter's baby. He could not even begin to fathom who's child this could be. He had spent the night with Kelly, and they had made love....
And when he had finally confessed, he and Carter had made love.
Carter had been devastated enough as it was, but now? Throw in a baby that may or may not be Kelly's?
And Kelly was more or less a child himself.
But yet, Misery still found himself headed over to the Braxton home. He did not know where else to go. He couldn't go to Carter, Cove would be pissed..
But Kelly....
He felt like if he just went to Kelly and talked to him, maybe it would be okay. If only because Kelly was the only other person he could turn too.
On the drive over, without Misery's knowledge, he began to cry. It was a panicked cry, as if the entire world was falling apart around him and all he could do was cry, cry tears he did not even realize he was crying.
But Kelly realized. As soon as he noticed Misery's car pulling up into the yard he had smiled, that is, until he had noticed how wet the boys face was, and how his lips trembled with quieted cries.
"Misery!?" He made his way over to the truck, pulling the door open himself to gather Misery into his arms. He had never seen Misery cry, very few people had that privilege.
"Hey, Hey! Calm down!" He was leaning into the driver's side of the car, picking Misery up and shaking him slightly. As much as he hated to admit it, fear gripped at his heart. He was so afraid that something was seriously wrong with Misery.
And then it dawned on him.
He was in love.
Sure, at first it had been only to piss Cove off, since of course the sorry f*cker deserved it. But now...Now that he was sitting here, holding the boy in his arms..
His heart ached.
He was in love.
"Misery?" His voice was softer, tender as he lifted the others chin. "Talk to me, please?" He felt like he was being stabbed in his chest just seeing the tear stained face he had grown to love.
"I-Im pregnant." The boy coughed out, reaching up with a slender hand to cover his face. "Im pregnant and I-I don't know who's the father..."
And with that, Kelly felt as though he were going to be sick. Misery was pregnant...
Pregnant and it could be his!
"You think its mine?" He had to make sure...
"I-It could be! I-I dont know!" Misery's arm moved, lashing out at the steering wheel.
Kelly took a deep breath, taking Misery into his arms and shouldering all of the boys weight. He rocked him slowly, whispering sweet nothings into his ear, even after Misery had ceased crying and the sounds of his quite snores found their way to Kelly's ears. Sighing deeply, Kelly toted the exhausted boy into his home, straight to his room, and then proceeded to lay him on the bed, where he soon joined him. Laying down, with Misery curled into his chest, Kelly decided he wanted to stay like this forever. He wanted Misery forever and always...
Not because of Cove.
Not because of a baby that might be his.
But because seeing the boys face made his entire life light up.
It had to be Misery. He had to have him.
And he would.
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