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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Special...   Mon May 06, 2013 9:05 pm

"How are you going to call me special, you don't even know me!" Misery's face was stretched with irritation, he did not see what the boys point was. He had to only be wanting sex. And if he did that was fine, just be honest about it!
"I do too know you!" Kelly was determined to show Misery how much he loved him. The older man refused to believe that he just wanted him, and Kelly needed him to know how much he adored him.
"What do you know?" Misery retorted, a smirk rising to his features. He was waiting for Kelly to sputter, and possibly try to act like he knew things. What Misery had never expected was for Kelly to back him against the wall. The blue eyed man's fingers curled around Misery's upper arms, pressing him back into the wall. He moved his head so he could look directly into Misery's eyes, his heart racing a he spoke.
"Your special. You are. I know you are! I know how you never over think anything because its too stressful. I know that you have nerve damage because of Trever and I know that you were in love with my brother! I know that you love Carter but for him and not his money. I know that you worry about Quinn because he is so sweet. I know that you are a smart arse without even realizing it. I know that you hate to get dressed up or ever do anything to your hair. I know that your birth mark is right below your ear on your neck. I know that your favorite food is a twenty piece chicken nugget meal from McDonals and that you hate the color gold. I know that your favorite song is by Charles Aznavor and its called "For me, Formidable."" Kelly paused, taking a deep breath and letting his eyes scan Misery's shocked brown orbs. "I know that your eyes are dark when you brooding and that they spark almost like fireworks when you are particularly happy. I know that they can almost look yellow if the light hits them just right and I know that you would always refused to shave if my dad or Trever wanted you too because you like your facial hair and its yours and you wont let them take it away. Thats it...I love you. I love how your so devoted to being you all the time and you never care what anyone else thinks about it. I love how even as a submissive man you will put someone in their place without a second thought. Your so busy being you that you never pay attention to anyone who doesnt like it. I love that little smile you have when you think of something particularly funny or rude. I love how you laugh and how you burp. And yeah thats weird but I admire you for it. You just...you never give a da*mn and you never worry about anyone over shadowing you. You just....your all I have ever wanted in a lover. And not only are you every bit of the personality I love, your also f*cking gorgeous. And its all in a different way. You don't do your hair and you never worry about your clothes. You know you look good and you do. Your hips are just...orgasmic." He had never really paid that much attention to anyones body but Misery...To put his hands on the boys hips and hold him...It made him ache to think of it. "I love you hair and your collar bone and all of your scars. I want to just...I want to kiss them and kiss away all of the pain they once caused you." Little did he know that Cove had done the same thing before him. "I want to hold you and never let you go, just to make sure your safe, and happy...."
Misery's mouth was slightly agape, his eyes holding a serene gloss in them as he stared. He had never been spoken to like that. Sure it was mushy but it felt real...
This is why, when Kelly leans in to place a tender kiss to Misery's lips, the smaller didn't really mind.

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