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 Screwing On The Job.

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Kelly Braxton


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PostSubject: Screwing On The Job.   Wed May 08, 2013 10:55 pm

“Dad, I’m going to work!” Kelly called as he grabbed his jacket from the hook, heading towards the door.
“Alright, Kelleh. Beh back soon! Love ya!” Rhett responded from his spot on the couch, waving goodbye to his son. “Call ef ya need anything.”
“I will, daddy. Love you too.” He smiled softly as he exited the home.
He had gotten this job just a few weeks ago and he had yet to tell his father exactly where it was because he knew the man would not approve.
He was working for a slave owner named Jack. No, he wasn’t selling himself. He wasn’t that desperate for money. The man had needed help tending to some of his bitches and he wanted someone to watch them while he was gone.
No, it wasn’t Kelly’s idea of a great job, but it was the only one that would hire him so it worked for now. And yeah, he was a bit scared of Jack but he soon realized as long as he stayed on the man’s good side, he would be fine. All the anger got taken out on the poor bitches that it was Kelly’s job to look after.
As he approached Jack’s home, he glimpsed the man sitting out front on the porch.
“Good, you’re here.” The man grunted, leading him inside. “I have to go out soon. You’ll need to watch them for a few hours.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I got a new bitch too. He’s the first one you’ll see when you walk in. He’s chained to the staircase.” He nodded, grabbing a beer from the fridge. “Dinner is on the stove if you want some. Give some of the old leftovers in the fridge to the bitches if they’re in danger of starving. I’ll be back soon.” He tossed Kelly the keys to the slaves’ cuffs in case he would need it before exiting the home.
Kelly hummed softly, laying his jacket on the couch and grabbed a loaf of bread from the kitchen before moving towards the staircase leading to the basement where Jack kept his bitches.
Most of the bitches really enjoyed Kelly’s company as it was better than any men they were used to seeing.
“Hey guys.” He called as he jogged down the stairs, looking around. Things looked much the same as usual, except for the new bitch by the stairs. The second he laid eyes on the boy he stopped in his tracks.
The boy was staring up at him with bright blue eyes, brown hair hanging in his face. It was very clear he was new to the slave trade in general. He was naked of course, as all the bitches were. His creamy white skin was unmarred, apart from a few fresh bruises, the deep purple clashing with the white of his flesh. The most noticeable of the bruises was hand shaped, right across his cheek. Tear tracks were still stained down his cheeks. Kelly could see the innocence in his eyes, the confusion, the fear. These emotions were only in slaves for maybe a weak before they learned that this was their life now. So this boy had to have been here for only a day or two. Kelly felt bad for him.
He felt bad for all the slaves of course, but there was something about this one. It made his heart skip a beat…
He stepped off of the last stair, kneeling beside the boy so they were the same level.
“What’s your name?” He arched an eyebrow.
“Ian…” The boy shrank back in fear from him, obviously thinking he was like the other men and had come to hurt him.
“I’m Kelly. I work for Jack.” He nodded. “But don’t worry. I’m here to take care of you.”
“You are..?”
“I am. Trust me. Are you hungry?” Kelly asked, his voice soft and gentle as he opened the loaf of bread, offering the boy a piece.
Ian nodded, slowly, opening his mouth since his hands were cuffed, preventing him from feeding himself.
Kelly slowly moved forward, letting the boy bite off the bread.
“Thank you.” Ian whispered softly, wincing as he swallowed. It took Kelly a moment to realize this was because of the purple mark around his throat.
“How long have you been here?”
“T-two days.”
“Yeah?” Kelly hummed. “Well I’ll tell you what. If you promise me you’ll be good and not try and run away, I’ll uncuff you and let you relax for a while.”
“Yes sir.” Ian nodded firmly.
“No need to call me sir. Kelly is fine.” Kelly smiled softly as he took the key and unlocked the boy from the staircase.
He knew that new slaves were most likely to try and run but he’d had to chase slaves down before and was confident in his ability to do it again.
As he let Ian stretch out, he moved around the room, smiling as he talked to the other boys, feeding them all their share of the bread.
“Anyone thirsty?” He hummed.
Of course, they all were. So he made trips back and forth, cupping his hands under the water faucet in the corner and filling them with water, then letting one of the boys drink from them. He did this nearly twenty times before he was done.
“All good?” Kelly smiled lightly at all of them as they nodded.
“Kay, so now we just have a few hours to chill, I guess.” He hummed, plopping down near the stairs, beside Ian.
“How are you feeling?”
“Okay I guess…” The boy murmured at him.
“Sore?” Kelly gave him a sympathetic smile.
“I am…”
“I’m sorry. I know it’s pretty rough the first few times.”
“I was a virgin.” He sighed lightly, putting his head in his hands. “Jack kidnapped me from my bus stop two days ago.” Ian looked nervously at Kelly, as if the man would try and rape him any second. “My mom is probably worried…”
“How old are you anyways?”
“I’m sixteen.” Kelly nodded. “Well I’m sorry that you’re stuck here. But I come down once a week, sometimes twice. And I can even come every day if you want me to. I’m sure I could help you.” He smiled sweetly.
“Okay… Promise?”
“I promise.” Kelly reached out to intertwine their pinkies.

As the weeks passed, Kelly did come over more and more. And it soon became just to see Ian. He soon realized he was falling for the boy… He had been sneaking him more food, letting him out of his cuffs more often than the other slaves. He had even started taking him on walks on a leash like you would a pet. But he simply couldn’t help himself.
There was just something about Ian…

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Screwing On The Job.
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