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 Of Internal Organs & Dirty Talk

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Prince Lexington


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PostSubject: Of Internal Organs & Dirty Talk   Mon May 13, 2013 11:08 pm

This does not have an ending, I ran out of ideassss >< Sorry hehehe But I still wanted to show you it even though it's sort of pointless. Razz

Prince shrieked as Mathias’s fingers ran over his ribcage vigorously, tickling him.
“Stop, Mattie!” Prince giggled, attempting to crawl away only to have Mathias hold him by his hips, placing kisses up his bare back.
“Never!” Mathias laughed like a small child, tugging Prince tight against his strong chest.
Prince beamed, leaning back to kiss his lover sweetly, caressing one of his cheeks.
“I love you so much…” Prince cooed.
“But I love you more!”
“No way, I love you more!” Prince grinned, their noses pressed together as they spoke.
Finn let out a loud groan from his spot beside Morgue on the couch next to them, rolling his eyes.
“You two are fucking dumb.” He muttered, thumping his brother in the back of the head, along with Prince.
“Ow.” Prince whined, pouting his lips, making them appear even larger than they normally were.
“Don’t hit my Princess!” Mathias whined, holding Prince closer to him.
“You make me want to slit my wrists.” Finn let out a sigh, leaning into Morgue gently as he watched Mathias and Prince cease paying any attention to him.
The two new lovers continued with their tickle fight, squealing and laughing as they rolled around the home.
Finn watched, his eye twitching ever so slightly as Prince and Mathias disappeared into Mathias’s bedroom.
“The fact that I know my brother is screwing that slut makes me want to light the bitch on fire.” Finn let out a huff.
“I find you utterly adorable when you’re protective of your brother.” Morgue chuckled softly.
“Oh yeah?” Finn glared. “I’m going to find you utterly adorable when your internal organs become your external organs.” The boy snarled, turning to claw at his lover’s face.
Morgue simply took the scratch, laughing at the deep gash that appeared on his face as he took Finn around the waist, kissing him softly.
“Did I ask you to kiss me?” Finn muttered as he attempted to pull back, wiping his mouth although he truly did enjoy it. “Ugh, can you knock it off with the fucking swords? You taste like metal all the goddamned time.” He growled.
“You love it.” Morgue purred as he let his lips run over the boy’s skin, trailing down his neck.
“I’m going to murder you.” Finn muttered, though he made no move to get out from under Morgue as the boy laid him down on the couch, straddling his waist.
And then, only a matter of moments later, Finn was in the middle of a passionate liplock with his lover as he felt the man’s member sliding in and out of him at a slow, steady pace.
“Jeremy, hurry it the fuck up.” Finn panted, his hips bucking up into the other man, his eyes clenched shut in pleasure he was trying to hide.
“No, I think I’m keeping this nice and slow. I want you to really feel me.” Morgue drew out the word feel with a long sensual thrust inside of his love.
“Marilyn I swear to god I will not hesitate to castrate you and impale you with one of your own swords.
“Oh, don’t threaten me with a good time.” The man wiggled his brows as his chest was shoved at by Finn’s soft hands.
“You’re an insufferable fucking idiot.” Finn snarled as his walls squeezed tighter around Morgue’s erection, trying to pull him in deeper.
“You’re so fucking tight.” Morgue cursed through gritted teeth as his hips sped up to Finn’s pleasure.
“Thanks, jackass.” Finn rolled his eyes.
Both of their moans grew louder, pushing them closer and closer to the edge of their climax.
“Shit, Finn.” Morgue groaned, thrusting as fast as his hips would allow.
“Marilyn.” Finn growled, loud groans slipping from his mouth as he finally felt Morgue burst, the semen flooding his insides. “Touch me, you incompetent fuck.” He shouted as Morgue’s hand finally wrapped around his erection, jerking it roughly until Finn’s release spurted out, landing on his flat stomach.
“OH MATTIE!” Prince’s blood curdling scream nearly shattered Finn’s ear drums as he slapped his hands over his ears not quite fast enough. The scream rang through the home from Mathias’s bedroom upstairs.
“Fucking slut is going to get my foot up his ass.” Finn snarled.
“I don’t think there will be much room since Mathias’s dick is already up there.” Morgue joked, chuckling softly as Finn shot him a glare, moving to clean up.
“You’re such a whore!” Came Mathias’s voice.
Finn blinked at this, his face drawn in shock.
“Did Mathias just say that?”
“Sounds like it.” Morgue nodded lightly as another sound rang through the home, the clear sound of a hand cracking across someone else’s skin. “Either they’re into kinky shit or Mathias is abusing him. Not sure which one is more believable.”
“Oh god HARDER!” Prince cried out.
“Kay. It’s the kinky shit.” Morgue nodded matter of factly.
“Well they need to quiet it the fuck down.” Finn wrinkled his nose up, still a bit surprised his brother had said that.
The screams continued on for nearly another hour.
“God, how long do they last?” Morgue groaned, tightening the pillow he had been holding over his ears.
“Apparently a while.”
“You know I’m sorta proud of your brother. I didn’t think he had it in him.” Morgue chuckled.
“I’m not proud. He could do better.” Finn scoffed.
“Don’t like Prince?”
“Not at all. If he gives Mathias some sort of disease he’ll have hell to pay.” Finn shook his head as the noises slowly died down.
“Thank god.” Morgue sighed as he chuckled off the pillow.
“I’m going up there.” Finn nodded, slipping on his boxers as he stood up.
“Why do you have to mess with them? Come cuddle me.”
“Ew. No.” Finn rolled his eyes as he began making his way up the stairs.
He peeked in his brother's bedroom, expecting to see them giggling or simply cuddling. But instead, he saw Mathias's head buried in Prince's shoulder, the sound of his brother's sobs hitting him full force.
"Oh baby shhh." Prince cooed softly. He had yet to notice Finn and Finn sort of liked that. He only had the door open a crack, just enough to see what was going on.
"D-did I do good?" Mathias sniffled as he clung onto his lover.
"You did so good baby. Thank you so much..."
"You're n-not a whore..."
"Oh darling... I know." Prince sighed, shaking his head. "Shh, it's okay."
"I-I don't like that... Being mean to you..." Mathias cried softly.
Prince said nothing at the moment, caressing the boy's cheek gently.
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Of Internal Organs & Dirty Talk
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