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 Of Later Dates & Drug Tests

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PostSubject: Of Later Dates & Drug Tests   Tue May 14, 2013 4:59 am

"Dang man." Mack sighed softly, he was on his way to see Luca. His friend had invited him over to meet someone. Currently Mack was standing on a large bridge that took vehicles over a large lake. In one hand he held tight to a bouquet of sun flowers and a small note, and in the other he held his joint.
His very last joint.
"I guess this is the end of me and you Mary Jane." The red headed boy trucked on, Luca heavy on his mind as he went. They had been friends for years now, Luca had always tolerated his weed smoking but he didn't seem to like it much, which is why today Mack was giving it up.
Thats right.
MacKenzie Macklemore was giving up marijuana for one Luca Lively.
Of course Luca didn't know it yet, Luca didn't know that since the beginning of their friendship Mack had harbored feelings for him. He still did. And today he had finally worked up enough courage to tell him.
And honestly it felt wonderful. Mack lived for the high, which is why he loved marijuana so much, but Luca was a new drug all together, a drug that took him higher than any other.
A drug that Mack would die for.
"Yeah Mary Jane....I love you, but I love Luca more." And with that he flicked the joint from his hand, watching it as it descended from the bridge, all the way down to the blackened waters below.
Mack checked the address he was given one more time before finally he stepped up the stairs and allowed himself to knock on the door. he had to fight away his smile as he heard Luca's voice, though as the door opened to reveal a set of bright blue eyes instead of the warm brown ones he fell in love with. Quickly Mack shoved the sun flowers behind his back, his surprise clear on his face.
"Uh...Who are you bro?"
"Who am ah? Ah live 'here mate." Killian Murdock leaned against the door frame, taking Mack in. He had began to open his mouth but before he had the chance Luca appeared behind him, one of the mans arms winding around Killian's waist much to the others protest.
"Mack! Hey!" Luca found a wide smile for his friend. "This is Killian, Killian Murdock. " He watched as Killian offered Mack his hand, his eyes adoring on his lover as he and Mack exchanged hello's.
Luca's smile was so bright that Mack couldn't stop himself from smiling also, even though it broke his heart to see Luca staring at Killian with so much love.
"So...Is he your old man?" Mack swallowed back the bile as Luca nodded, leaning into Killian. "Yeah, and this is where im staying now. I'll come get my things later."
"Oh...Alright..." Luca had lived with Mack for a while before he had met Killian, the two had simply been that close.
"Well uhm...I really should go homie, I got some drugs to do." It was a lie. He had been sober off most drugs for at least a year, ever since he first realized he truly loved Luca. And as for today, he had all traces of marijuana out of his system. He had picked today to ask Luca out for a reason. It had been thirty days since he had last smoked. Thirty days for the herb to get out of his system. He was completely sober.
And it sucked.
"You sure you dont want to stay? Me and Killian were about to go get some lunch, your free to come along." Luca offered, he wanted to spend time with his friend.
"I really have to go man. Mary Jane needs me." Mack had to go. He had to get away from here. He couldn't take seeing Killian's hand on Luca's waist like that.
"I see how it is. Mary Jane is always over me." Luca was joking, sticking his tongue out at Mack. "Ill see you I guess." He pecked the boys cheek, disappearing back inside, hollering for Killian to hurry up and get dressed because he was starving.
Killian stayed outside a bit longer, he and Mack having locked eyes. Mack wore a look that simply said "Take care of him."
And Killian nodded, promising he would before following his lover back into the home.
As soon as the door clicked shut, the flowers slipped from Mack's grip. He felt his eyes stinging with tears, his heart radiating pain throughout his body. He tried to swallow, but there seemed to be a lump caught in his throat.
He could hardly breath.
But he continued to smile, even as he picked up his flower and deposited them, along with his note, into a trash banister right outside the home.
His walk home was slow, his feet forcing him forward even though his heart wanted to just stop for a moment so he could cry.
but no.
He would not cry.
He would NOT cry.
Not because of this. Luca was smiling. Luca was happy. It was fine.
Still, he felt the tears sliding down his freckled cheeks as he trudged back to his lonely apartment, where not even Mary Jane waited on him this time.

The note

Dear Luca,

I want you to know that I love you. Not as my homie either. I want you to be so much more than my homie. I want you to be my man. My one and only man. Not even Mary Jane can compete with you, and you know I live for the highs. I have realized though that your a drug that I never want to quit. You give me the greatest high of all, just because you smile. I know its taken me forever to give this to you but I mean...What can I say? I always got to nervous to do it before. And besides, today im totally clean for you. Nothing is in my system, you can even drug test me if you want. All you will find is that I am in love with your eyes. I fell in love with you kinda how you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once. Its really great too. I have never been so happy as when I am with you and I don't want to stop for anything. I know im not exactly the hottest guy ever but hey, I love you. I wont lie to you. Ill do anything for you Luca! I'll even eat that sucky Mexican food that you like so much. I hope that after you read this, you'll smile at me. I love when you smile. I love you.

Straight up love!

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Of Later Dates & Drug Tests
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