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 Of Acid Trips and Streaking Bets.

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Misery Braxton


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PostSubject: Of Acid Trips and Streaking Bets.   Thu May 16, 2013 7:36 am

"Is it on?" What once was a blank screen blurred until Misery's face could be seen, the boy being so young he had not even began to grow his trade mark stubble. He looked to be around ten or eleven, his big brown eyes focusing into the camera.
"Yeah, its recording." Came the ever rasping voice of Trever who was obviously holding the camera.
"Okay, so." The young Misery smiled, gesturing with his thumb behind him. "In the next room, Rhett is on the couch. He is tripping, and we think he is on drugs. Like not even kidding." The smaller version of Misery cracked a wide smile. "He is funny! Like really funny! And Me and Trever have a bet going. I bet that I can get him to go streaking down the road. If I can't do it I have to be the one to go streaking." The boy laughed softly, his mane of hair bouncing atop his head. "If I can do it Trever has to work as my slave for two days. So I guess were going to get started!" The boy stood, turning and leading the way from the bed room into the living room where Rhett indeed could be seen sprawled out on the couch. He wore a light gray tank top that stretched over his muscular form, and a loose pair of jeans which adored holes in the knees. Misery moved to stand in front of Rhett, who's eyes were shut at the time. With a tiny nudge of his foot, Misery managed to get the mans attention. Rhett's head snapped forward, his eyes wide and blood shot as he looked at Misery.
"Oh mah f*ck when did ya get 'ere? Ah mah sh*t!" Rhett leaned back into the couch, his eyes wide as they darted around the room. "Tha walls! The hell es wrong with em!?" The man's hands moved to cover his eyes, his legs being drawn up on the couch.
"What about the walls?" Misery giggled softly, Rhett had been acting this way since coming home. He had been out since the wee hours of the morning, and coming home they could tell that something was different with him.
"There f*ckin' meltin!" Rhett slung his hand out, motioning to one of the 'melting' walls. "Don ya see em!? Miseryeh open yar eyes! Get offa tha floor! Ets got lavah on et!" Rhett reached out, yanking Misery forward into his lap to save him from the burning ground.
"Rhett!" Misery allowed the man to hug him, his shoulders shaking as he struggled not to laugh.
"Et's f*cking in 'ere." The man shook his head, it must be the lava he thought, reaching down to peel away his tank top.
"This is going to be easier than I thought." Misery smirked at the camera, giving Trever his middle finger.
"Wanna take off your pants too, Rhett?" Misery purred, deciding to try and seduce the pants off of the older man.
Rhett immediately stared at Misery, his eye brows drawn in concentration. A few moments passed as Rhett simply stared at the smaller boy beore he let out a suddering wail, flailinf his arms around to shove MIsery away.
"Noh! Ah know what yar doin! Yar one of them Alien drones! Ya want mah penis an ya can't ave it! Ah wont let ya probeh meh!" Rhett pointed an accusing finger at Misery. "Yar tha enemeh!"
Trever's manic laughter rang out as Misery pouted on the floor. "Rhett, im not an ali-"
"Don' feed meh yar lies! Oh f*ck!" The man's attention shifted to the window where a blind kept out peoples view of inside the home.
"Ah seen somethin'." The man gulped, glancing around the room. "Somethin' es outside. Weh ave' ta keep et out. Weh need ta bored up ta windows!" The man stood, roaming the room as if looking for boards.
Misery stood, scratching the back of his head as he watched Rhett. "What are you on?"
"Whah?" The man paused, he had just picked up one of Trever's tables and was trying to break off one of the legs to cover the windows with.
"Your obviously high, what are you on?"
"Ah'm nowt high!" Rhett objected, finally breaking the table leg off with a loud crack.
"Just tell me if you took anything!" Misery stomped his foot, rather wary now that Rhett had a weapon.
"They said et was acid." The man muttered, moving to flick off the light switch. Darkness soon flooded the room, Misery's gasp could be heard as his vision deserted him.
"Trever, turn the light back on please." The boy did not like being in a dark room with a crazy Rhett.
"Noh!" Rhett protested from the darkness, his growls loud as he stumbled through the blackened room.
"Yes." Trever evidently flicked the light back on because soon the room could be seen again. Rhett was now leaning against the door, his eyes darting around wildly.
"Why did ya doh thah! Now they can see us!"
"Who can see us?" Misery whined, shaking his head at the larger man.
"Tha aliens outsideh!" Rhett hopped up, peeping through the window.
"Man....Your tripping balls Rhett." Misery ran a hand through his hair, staring at Rhett as he tried to decipher how he could get the pants off the man without a struggle.
"Tell me more about your aliens?" Misery stepped closer to the man, hesistant being Rhett had just accused him of being an alien.
"There horribleh! They 'ave big round eyes that are like...fiveh different colors. They areh black an blueh with their fur. They 'ave razoreh sharp teatheh an arms an legs thah ave four fingers on em." Rhett had not even noticed that Misery had started undoing the zipper of his jeans.
"Oh! I know those aliens! I have read about them in books!" Misery smirked lightly as he unzipped Rhett's fly. "It said that they hate naked people, and the only way to get rid of them is to chase them away without any clothes on." Misery finally got Rhett's pants down, even urging the man to step out of them so he could start on his boxers.
"Soh....All ah ave' ta doh es goh get em while ahm naked?" Rhett blinked as realization hit him. 'Thah es et! Ah'll get rid of em!"
"Great." Misery slipped the mans boxers off, taking a moment to admire how gorgeous Rhett's body was.
"Wait...Where did that tattoo come from?" Misery pointed to a very fresh and very swollen tattoo on the mans arse cheek.
"Uh...Ah don' know....The aliens musta done et!" The man nodded, squawking loudly as he glimpsed Angel who was hidden under a table.
"Heh 'as tha righ' idea! Weh ave' ta hide from em!"
"Wait!" Misery protested but it was too late, Rhett had dropped down to the floor, cramming himself under the dinning room table.
"Oh Rhett! Get outta there!" The small boy groaned, glancing over to Trever as if to ask for help.
"On your own. Remember we have a bet." The man reminded, pointing to his brother. "Go on."
Misery stood a moment, rubbing his cheek as he mused on how he was going to get Rhett out from under the table and out into the streets where he wanted the man to run.
A wide grin cracked over Misery's face as an idea hit him. He edged his way to the door, opening it just a bit to glance out.
"Oh no! Rhett! The aliens are going to get me!" He squeaked, acting as if something from outside were trying to drag him from the home, putting on a big so as if something was pulling on his arm. "Rhett! Save me!"
The man immediately rolled from under the table, charging at Misery with the wooden leg of the table he had earlier desecrated. He had never put it down, using it as a weapon for most of the time he had been in possession of it.
"Ah'll save ya!" The man charged from the home, breaking out into broad day light in nothing but his birthday suit. Before Misery could even turn around Rhett was already down the street, his penis hanging between his legs as he ran, much to the pleasure of a group of women who had gathered at the end of the road to get a good look at the naked man.
Misery laughed after him, glancing back to Trever who continued to hold the camera.
"Might as well join him." The boy shrugged, shedding his own clothing in favor of streaking after Rhett.
Needless to say the police were called to the two streaking men. Trever posted bail only hours later.
Moral of the story? Acid f*cks with your brain, bro.

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Of Acid Trips and Streaking Bets.
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