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 Of Picnics & Proposals

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PostSubject: Of Picnics & Proposals   Sun May 19, 2013 9:11 pm

Finn sighed as there was a knock on his door. He looked down at himself in his black tux, adjusting his tie as he made his way to the door, wondering why he had even gone through with this.
Fucking Jeremy.
He swung the door open, looking his lover over.
Morgue grinned, holding out the bouquet of roses in his hands.
“I don’t want your fucking flowers.” Finn rolled his eyes, taking them nonetheless and sitting them down on his couch. “Why do I have to wear this shit?” He tugged at his tie irritably, eyeing Morgue who was also in a sleek black tuxedo.
“I told you, it’s a secret.” Morgue hummed.
“Well where are we going?”
“Secret!” Morgue sang, taking his lover’s hand. “Just come on, okay?”
Finn let out a huff, rolling his eyes but he did nod as Morgue led him out to the car.
Morgue held the passenger side door open for him, only to have his fingers slammed shut in it.
He hissed, simply shaking his head as he climbed into the driver’s seat, beginning to drive.
“Going to tell me where we’re going yet?” Finn muttered.
“You really don’t understand the concept of secrets, do you?” Morgue shook his head.
“I despise you.” Finn sighed.
The rest of the ride was in silence apart from Morgue’s attempts to turn on the radio only to have Finn inform him that song was terrible and turn it off again.
Soon, they arrived at Morgue’s destination. An empty clearing in the middle of a forest. Morgue helped his lover out of the car before pulling a blanket and a picnic basket out of the trunk.
“Really? A picnic? This is so fucking dumb.” Finn rolled his eyes, though he helped Morgue spread out the blanket before sitting down beside him.
Morgue smiled as he opened the basket, offering Finn a sandwich.
“What’s in this?” The boy grimaced.
“Turkey. Cheese. Bread?” Morgue chuckled as he took a bite of his own sandwich.
“I hate turkey.”
“Fine, then have an apple.” Morgue pulled one out of the basket.
“Apples make me vomit.”
“Then I guess you’ll starve. You can eat my dick if you’d like.” He winked, wiggling his brows.
“I’d rather starve.” Finn muttered, though he did grab one of the water bottles to drink out of.
Morgue ate his own sandwich rather quickly before standing up, and moving over to his car. He cranked up the radio to a slow song and extended a hand to Finn.
“If I must.” Finn stood reluctantly, taking the man’s hand and stepping around the forest floor with him in a simple yet romantic dance as he was pressed to Morgue’s chest.
“I love you…” Morgue murmured in the boy’s ear, sighing as he was met with silence.
They danced to song after song until the sun had set and it was now the middle of the night. Crickets chirped around them, along with other sounds of the night but they continued on, seeming not to notice the change.
Finally, Morgue pulled back, smiling softly. They laid back down on the blanket, Finn pressed into Morgue’s side as they glanced up at the stars.
“It’s a beautiful night.” Morgue sighed.
“I guess so.” Finn nodded.
Surprisingly, they had had a nice night together. Finn had loosened up and had even laughed several times. Tonight had turned out just like Morgue had hoped.
Now there was only one more thing, and it would be perfect.
Morgue stood, disliking the stirring of butterflies in his stomach as he stood.
“What are you doing, jackass?” Finn groaned as he stood as well, crossing his arms across his chest.
Morgue was so nervous he thought he might vomit as his hand clasped around the small black box in his pocket.
“You’ll see.” Morgue said simply as he turned around to face his lover.
“I love you Finn…” He shook his head. “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything.”
“Don’t get all sentimental on me, Jeremy.” Finn sighed.
“No, let me talk.” Morgue took Finn’s face in his hands, pressing their foreheads together. “You’re so beautiful and you’re the most amazing person I’ve had the fortune of being with. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’ll deal with your attitude and your use of the word fuck in every sentence. I love every little thing about you and I want you to know that. I want you to be with me through everything. I want to grow old with you and I want you to carry my children someday. I want to tell our great great grandchildren the story of our love. I want to love you and no one else but you for the rest of forever.” Morgue spoke, his voice calm and even, even though what was going on inside his mind was anything but. “So what I’m saying is…” He slowly bent down on one knee, pulling the tiny black box from his pocket and opening it, revealing the brilliant shining ring inside. “Finn, will you marry me?”

Morgue’s heart fell as he heard Finn turn him down. It was clear in his eyes that had just been shining with hope mere moments ago, were now downcast as he slipped the ring back in his pocket. It hurt. It hurt so ridiculously bad. It felt as if someone had reached into his chest and snatched his heart right out.
It wasn’t that nice type of pain either. Not that pain he enjoyed. The kind that Finn inflicted on him during sex. The kind that let him know he was alive.
No. It was dreadful. It was that awful gnawing kind of pain that gave him the feeling nothing would ever feel right, ever again.
It was the kind of pain that made him want to go crawl in his bed, hide under the covers and never come out.
It was the kind that made him wish he never had to look Finn in the eyes again although that face was the only thing that had ever brought him true happiness.
It was the bad kind of pain.
“Marilyn, don’t give me that face.” Finn shook his head.
“I’m not…” Morgue shook his head as he stood up, turning away. “It’s fine, it’s not a big deal.”
“Really. I’m fine.” Morgue moved away, running a hand through his long blonde hair as his eyes watered.
“Finn stop.”
“Cut me off one more time and I’ll cut your dick off.” Finn hissed.
“I’m serious, I don’t want to talk about it okay?” Morgue murmured. “Let’s just go home…”
He couldn’t take it any longer. As he slid into the front seat, he leaned his head against the steering wheel and cried. He let the tears drip down his pale cheeks, his face hidden behind a curtain of his hair which he was very grateful for.
“Are you…” Finn began, blinking as he got into the passenger’s seat.
“Yeah Finn. I’m fucking crying, okay?” Morgue’s voice wavered with his tears as he hid his face.
Finn hated how the sight of Morgue crying made his stomach clench with pain.
What had he done..?
He would love nothing more than to marry Morgue but…
The boy deserved so much better.
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Of Picnics & Proposals
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