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 Phoenix Lively.

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PostSubject: Phoenix Lively.   Mon May 20, 2013 11:54 pm

Okay, I really don't want to post this ><
Before I start, here are pictures of the face I'm using for him because I'm hoping if you enjoy his face as much as I do, you will enjoy the character even though he sucks!!!
So have some pictures Very Happy

Their are like three little ficlets here. Or four, I don't even know >< I split the one up weird but it's still like one ideaaaaa.
The first one is like just introducing him. He has a crush on Rhett but I believe I told you that alreadyyy. And I started to like see if that would work for how he'd meet Lane but I don't know so I gave up bwahahah ><
Phoenix grinned as Jasey brought him a beer.
“Why thank ya love.” He shot the boy a grin as he took a sip, Jasey shoving Prince out of the way to have the seat directly beside Phoenix. Shannon sat on the man’s other side, giggling at everything he said.
Phoenix had a bit of a crowd around him. Men and women were drawn to him, just like they had been to his mother. He was a relentless flirt, and with just a touch of both his parent’s accents mixed together, he was irresistible.
But it seemed like the men he was interested in were never the ones that wanted him. Maybe that was because, although no one knew it, he definitely preferred to bottom.
In fact, he despised topping. No one knew that. Not even his parents knew it. Hell, especially not his parents. He was afraid he’d die of embarrassment if his mother ever found out he loved nothing more than taking it up the ass.
Right now, Killian was convinced he was a top and Phoenix was just fine with that.
Phoenix let his eyes wander around the room, humming as his gaze settled on Rhett Braxton. He swore that man had the world’s best ass.
“Excuse me loves.” Phoenix murmured as he gently pushed his way through the crowd of his admirers, finding his way over to Rhett.
“Why hello there.” Phoenix grinned as he let his hand come down to pop Rhett in the ass.
Rhett nearly jumped, turning to face the boy with a groan.
“Can ya keep yar hands offa mah arse?”
“Ah’m afraid I can’t do that.” Phoenix shook his head. “Ya know with our accents, ah think our screwing would sound heavenly.”
Rhett couldn’t help but chuckle, shaking his head.
“Yar terrible.”
“No, no, love. Ya’ve got it all wrong. Ah’m wonderful.” Phoenix grinned. “Soh what do ya say to that screw?”
“Maybe.” Rhett snickered. “Maybeh if ah wasn’t a married man.”
“It’s a shame really. Someone as gorgeous as yarself, shouldn’t be tied down.” Phoenix hummed, stepping in closer.
“Ah know ah shouldn’t but ah am. Sorry for yar luck, kid.”
“Oh ah’m not sorry for my luck, I’m sorry for yours. I would show you a hell of a good time.” Phoenix grinned.
“Ah hate ta burst yar bubble kid, but ya know ah don’t bottom, even ef ah was single, ya’d beh out of luck.”
“Who said I was gonna make ya bottom?” Phoenix arched an eyebrow.
“Oh, yar ah bottom, are ya?” Rhett let a smirk slide over his features as he watched the boy.
“Never said I wasn’t, love.”
Rhett simply chuckled as Kyndal approached, taking his hand.
“Come on Rhett.” The boy murmured, tugging his lover’s hand.
“Don’t get yar jealous panties in ah twist. Ah was just talking to hem.” Rhett chuckled, tugging his lover to his side. “Ah’ll see ya, kid.” He nodded to Phoenix before moving away to sit on the couch with Kyndal in his lap.
Phoenix hummed, staring after Rhett. That was the finest man he had ever seen.
He looked around at other member’s of the family, not sure who to talk to now. He considered going to bother his mother and then he heard it.
Someone was bidding their goodbyes to members of the family. If someone was leaving, Phoenix felt it was his job to see them off with a proper farewell.
“Lane, come on, you don’t have to go just cause you’re not with Devin anymore.” Brynn whined.
“I do, Brynn.” Lane smiled softly, shaking his head. “Mike doesn’t want me around Alex. And now that I don’t have a reason anymore, I gotta go.”
“But Lane.” Brynn let out a whine. “Come on. You can stay. Pretend you’re my date!”
“Oh shut up.” Lane chuckled at the boy. “Goodbye, you can still come visit me sometimes.” Lane pecked the boy’s forehead.
“Did ah hear someone sayin’ goodbyes?” Phoenix hummed, stepping over.
“You did.” Lane noted. He recognized the boy but had never spoken to him before.
“That’s ah shame.” Phoenix smiled lightly, eyeing the man’s toned body, covered in scars. “Why don’t ya stick around for ah while?”
“I’ve got to be going, kid.” Lane shook his head.
“Oh, come on, love. Let me get ya a beer.”
The second/third thing is that idea I told you I had with Phoenix dating Kaiden. The first part is like how he feels all weird cause he doesn't enjoy sex on top bwahaha >< I can just see Killian looking at him like he's crazyy hehehe. But that was the idea i had for how he and Kaiden would get together. I saw it on a show ><
Phoenix hummed as he leaned back on the Kensington’s couch, watching as the family laughed and talked with each other. As always, he had a crowd of the more submissive men around him, giggling and flirting, but he was paying them no mind tonight. He wasn’t in the mood for sex today.
Honestly, he wasn’t in the mood for sex at all lately and it worried him a bit.
He’d heard his entire life that sex was this wonderful experience. And from the noises he often heard from his parent’s room most nights, it had been believable.
So he’d been pretty excited when he’d been about to lose his virginity a few months ago.
But it wasn’t anything special. Sure, it’d felt alright. But there were no sparks. No unbearable pleasure. Nothing.
So he’d thought, maybe the boy just wasn’t tight enough.
So he’d slept with a few other men, some women.
But still. Nothing. And he was getting worried. Was there something wrong with him? Had he built it up too much?
He’d even talked to his mother about it who had informed him that he was insane and maybe he was just too young to properly enjoy it.
He stood, wandering around the home and eventually found himself in the bathroom, sighing as he leaned against the door. He was incredibly horny lately but he didn’t really feel like having sex tonight…
He shook the thoughts off, reassuring himself that tonight he would jerk off to fulfill his desires as he looked around the bathroom.
The Kensington’s home was gorgeous, even the bathroom. It was huge. He decided to look around to entertain himself until the gettogether was over. After discovering the stash of food under the sink, he gathered that this was Misery’s bathroom.
Yes, each family member had their own bathroom. Misery’s was right next to the bedroom.
He began rummaging through the cabinet, realizing this was where Misery kept most of his jewelry that Carter bought him. And needless to say, all of it was ridiculously expensive. In fact, he guaranteed that chain was pure gold.
He glanced around, although he knew good and well that there was no one here in the bathroom with him before taking the chain in his grasp, grinning. He tended to have some sticky fingers. Luca was his father after all.
He then stepped out of the bathroom, examining the nice chain as he made his way back downstairs. He wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings until someone spoke behind him.
“Excuse me. I think that belongs to my mother.”
He spun around to see Kaiden Kensington.
“Actually, love. I think it belongs to me now.” Phoenix winked, pocketing the chain.
“Well, then I guess I’ll let you have it. If you give me something in return.”
“Ya want meh ta pay for et?” Phoenix arched an eyebrow. “Ah don’t think so, love.”
“Just seven digits.”
“A million dollars for ah necklace?” Phoenix asked incredulously.
“No, that’d be a drag man.” Kaiden glanced away a bit awkwardly. “I want your phone number.”
Phoenix blinked, a light grin on his face.
“Ah think ah can do that.. Give me your phone.”
Kaiden extended his cell phone to the boy, watching with a smile as Phoenix typed in his number.
“There ya go love. Call me anytime.” Phoenix shot the boy a wink before jogging down the stairs, leaving Kaiden grinning after him.
That night, Phoenix found himself waiting by his cell phone all night, checking it every two seconds. He was currently eating dinner, his phone sitting right beside his plate.
“Are ya waitin’ fer someone ta call ya?” Killian smirked lightly.
“Maybeh.” Phoenix hummed, glancing at the phone once more.
“Who es et? Ah boy?” Killian grinned, peeking at the boy’s phone as well.
“Shut up, mom.” Phoenix groaned as he ate, spooning more food into his mouth at a rapid pace.
“I know you’re a growing boy and all but damn.” Luca snickered. “Slow down.”
“Ah need nourishment.” Phoenix muttered with his mouth full, snatching some food off of his father’s plate as well.
“Back off, kid! I need nourishment too.” Luca whined, right as Phoenix’s phone rang.
“shit!” The boy cursed, wiping his mouth as he tossed the food back at his father. “Doh ah look alright?” He questioned as he stood, frantically moving about.
“What does et matter how ya look? Yar on tha phone?” Killian chuckled.
“Shut up!” Phoenix grumbled as he ran a hand through his hair, picking up the phone and leaning against the doorway, putting on a sly smile as he answered. “Helloh?” He made his mother’s accent more prominent on purpose, knowing how it drove men crazy.
Killian and Luca laughed as they watched their son, grinning so brightly as he spoke to whoever was on the phone.
“Hey, Phoenix, right?”
“That’s mah name. And thes es Kaiden?” Phoenix smirked softly.
Killian blinked. Kaiden? As in Carter and Misery’s kid? One of his friends?
Now the third one is really short just showing how like Kaiden would be his first time on bottom. And remember, this whole Kaiden thing is only if you're okay with it, we don't have to include any of this. I just wanted someone to use as his first time so I could show you how he found out that he enjoys bottomingggg >< I can use someone else if you dont like this. This is my least favorite one but mehhhhhh.
“Ah don’t know about thes.” Phoenix murmured lightly as he looked up at Kaiden, hovering over him.
“It’ll be alright, man.” Kaiden responded in his usual lazy tone. But he was actually putting effort into this, making sure this would be good for the both of them.
They’d been dating for a while and now they were in bed together. The clothes had been shed long ago, the foreplay had been done and it was time.
Phoenix had never bottomed before and hell, Kaiden had never done anything like this before. They were young but they couldn’t help but feel like this was right.
“Alright, go ‘head.” Phoenix nodded, biting down on the pillow as he prepared for the pain as he felt Kaiden’s member prodding at his virgin hole.
And the second Kaiden pushed his way inside Phoenix’s tight passage, despite the unbearable pain as he tore, he knew that this was what had been missing.
In this moment, they were connected. He’d never felt so close to anyone before as he did with Kaiden inside of him right now.
They had been unable to find any lubricant so it was twice as painful with just Kaiden’s saliva to slicken up the large cock. But this felt right….
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Phoenix Lively.
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