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 Silly Captain Hook!

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Kelly Braxton


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PostSubject: Silly Captain Hook!   Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:19 am

Okay, this is the little cute idea I had for Elvis and Zachariah. By the way, Zachariah is getting really tiring to type over and over so his nickname shall be Zach ><
I hope you enjoy this, I liked writing it! Very Happy

Zachariah hummed as he wandered around the amusement park. He often came here on days when he had nothing else to do, really just to avoid being left alone with his thoughts.
He watched children running back and forth, awe in their eyes as they talked to their favorite Disney characters. He giggled softly, watching a young girl cling to Cinderella.
He shook his head, a grin on his features as he watched his surroundings. He’d been sitting near this particular fountain for a while, just glancing around. He looked up as a boy in all green towards a bench beside him, dancing around as he talked to children. Peter Pan.
“So, do you like lost boys or pirates better?” He asked one young girl.
“I like you.” She giggled.
“I like you too.” Peter nodded.
Peter stayed around that general area for a while and Zachariah became rather interested in him, finding it adorable how he was constantly in character, and how sweet he was with the children.
After a while, there were no children around and suddenly Peter gasped. Zachariah was surprised to find that Peter was looking in his direction.
“How’d you get all those drawings on your arms!?” Peter exclaimed, lifting up one of Zachariah’s arms and examining every one of his tattoos. “They’re really cool!”
“Thank you…” Zachariah murmured, staring at the boy. “You know, you don’t have to act like that when it’s just me. I’m grown.”
“Boo! Grownups are boring, don’t you think?” Peter hummed as he continued running in circles around Zachariah to get a better look at his tattoos. “Are there any more?” He asked eagerly. “Here?” He pulled up the hair that hung around Zachariah’s neck before Zachariah could protest so he simply looked away awkwardly, hoping Peter wouldn’t notice the scars that adorned his neck from Trever. There were scars all over his body but he was trying to get enough money to afford to cover all of them. He’d just gotten his arms done so far.
“Are those scars from pirates?” Peter asked. “Silly Captain Hook. He doesn’t understand that what he does actually hurts sometimes!” He shook his head. “You should come with me to Neverland, I’d never let you get more of those!”
Zachariah blinked, finding that his heart skipped a beat at the way the boy was looking at him. He cursed himself in his head. This was dumb, this was a boy ACTING. He didn’t truly care. He was pretending to be a children’s character. Just doing his job.
“Why do you care about the scars anyways?” He shook his head as he brushed his hair back down around his shoulders.
Suddenly, the bright bubbly boy calmed down, his eyes serious as he looked into Zachariah’s.
“Because marks like that make people grow up too fast.” Peter spoke softly.

And just like that, Zach was hooked.
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Silly Captain Hook!
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