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 Of Unlocked Doors & Realizations

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PostSubject: Of Unlocked Doors & Realizations   Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:52 pm

This is really terrible, I can't even read over it >< I know I butchered momma Killian hehehe I don't know how he will really react if we do something like this but I got bored last night and decided to write this anyways. So I hope you don't hate it too much Razz

Phoenix let out loud moans as he felt Lane’s strong, calloused hands stroking down his waist as the man held him still.
“Yar really fucking good at this, aren’t ya?” Phoenix cursed, reaching out to grip onto his headboard, needing something to hold onto as Lane took him to a world of pleasure he’d never previously known.
“I’ve been told that a time or two.” Lane wet his lips, panting as he took his lover around the waist as the boy rocked back and forth in his position on his hands and knees. He leaned in to kiss the boy hard on the lips as he made love to him.
“For the love of god Lane!” Phoenix shouted, shoving his rear back on the man’s member repeatedly. His forced Irish accent was slipping through into the mixture of both the accents he’d had passed on to him.
“There we go. It must be really good, you’re talking normal.” Lane snickered.
Phoenix normally would have been a lot more shocked, if he was not in such pleasure. He hadn’t known that Lane was not fooled by his voice.
But of course, Lane would know. He knew everything about Phoenix and while Phoenix never said anything, he was truly touched by it.
But this was the last thing on his mind as he screamed his head off. Maybe that was why he did not hear his mother’s voice as he knocked on the door.
“Ah’m comin’ in soh beh decent!” Killian hollered, not giving much warning before opening the door and stepping inside.
Phoenix cursed, immediately throwing himself off the bed, slipping Lane out of him.
“Mom!” He exclaimed as Killian simply blinked at him. “It’s not what it looks like. Ya see...” Phoenix trailed off, trying to think of any excuse.
But there was no way his mother had not seen clearly that Phoenix was taking it up the ass. He had been being screwed doggy style. There was no mistaking it for something else.
“Ah thought ya said ya were top?” Killian spoke simply. He had indeed been quite impressed when Phoenix had told him he’d gotten Lane to submit to him. But of course Phoenix could do that. He was his son after all.
“Ah am usually.” Phoenix stammered. “Lane… heh wanted ta… I…” Phoenix stammered pitifully. He could feel the heat rising to his face.  “That was tha first time.”
“That wasn’t yar first.” Killian shook his head. “Ya would have been en too much pain ta scream like that.”
“Well ya see… I…”
“Stop lying ta me.” Killian sighed incredulously at his son.
“Ah’m not ly-“ But before Phoenix could finish his sentence, Killian had exited the room. Phoenix slumped down on the bed, running a hand through his sweat drenched hair.
“Sweetheart.” Lane sighed, moving to stroke the boy’s back. “Are you okay?”
“Ah’m fine.” Phoenix muttered, shaking his head as he leaned into his lover. But truly, he was worried. Worried his mother would be mad at him.
He didn’t speak to his parents for the rest of the night, letting Lane spend the night instead. Late that night they were cuddled under the covers, Phoenix resting in Lane’s arms.
Lane appeared to be sound asleep, but Phoenix wasn’t even close to drifting off. He was worried. And Lane knew. He always knew.
“Phoenix?” Lane murmured tiredly.
“Yeah?” Phoenix sighed.
“Will you go talk to your mother?”
“Noh… I don’t know what to say.” Phoenix shook his head.
“Babe I know you’re upset. You’ve gotta go fix it.”
Phoenix groaned rather loudly, turning to face his lover.
“But…” He was so embarrassed…
“Come on. He’s your mom, he’ll understand.” Lane reassured.
“I guess so…” He stood up, pecking a kiss to Lane’s stubbled cheek before slipping on his boxers and heading down the hall towards his parent’s room.
“Momma?” He called as he knocked on the door.
“Come en.” Killian sighed.
Phoenix opened the door to see his mother sitting on the bed, Luca sound asleep beside him.
“Couldn’t sleep?” Phoenix murmured.
“Noh.” Killian shook his head.
“Me either.” Phoenix smiled sympathetically. “Look.” He sighed. “Ah lied. Today wasn’t my first time on bottom. My first time was two years ago… with Kaiden. Ah’ve been with a couple other guys since him, including Lane. I never topped Kaiden. And I’m sorry for letting you down. I know ya wanted meh ta be dominant like you… It just… It never felt right. I always tried and there was just something missing and… when Kaiden made love to me it felt right, you know? There was a connection. And I never got that feeling from being on top. I’m just-“
“Phoenix.” Killian sighed.
“Let me finish. Please?” Phoenix frowned. “I never meant to disappoint you…”
“Phoenix.” Killian said more firmly. “Ah’m not mad that yar submissive.”
“You’re not?” Phoenix blinked.
“Not at all. What ya want ta do en bed es yar business. Ah don’t care ef yar top, bottom, ah necrophiliac. Ah don’t care. Yar mah son, and ah love ya.”
“Ah’m hurt because ya lied ta meh.” Killian said simply.
“Oh.” Phoenix blinked.
“Ah’m upset ya didn’t tell meh. Ah want ta know these things, Phoenix.” He had never thought that he would be one of those mothers, but he wanted Phoenix to come to him. He wanted to have been there the night Phoenix lost his virginity to Kaiden, wanted the boy to gush to him about it. Wanted the boy to tell him every man he’d slept with and how it went. Even wanted the boy to gush to him about how in love he was with Lane. He wanted to know everything. And it was becoming clear that Phoenix had been telling him nothing. “Ah’m pissed that ya weren’t gonna tell meh. Ya’ve been lying to me far years and ef ah hadn’t walked in on ya tonight, how long would ya have kept et up?”
“I’m sorry, mom…” Phoenix sighed softly, moving to sit beside his mother. “Are you… mad?”
“Noh.” Killian shook his head, sliding an arm around his son’s waist. “Ah’m just upset right now, alright? Talk to meh from now on.”

“Promise.” Phoenix nodded.
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Of Unlocked Doors & Realizations
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