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 Of Makeovers & Princesses

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Kelly Braxton


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PostSubject: Of Makeovers & Princesses   Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:36 pm

Killian held the young child in his arms, kissing his son’s temple.
“Beh good taday, ya here meh?” Killian arched an eyebrow at the boy, rocking him slowly in his arms before he knocked on the VanArnam’s door.
He heard an excited squeal before seconds later, Shannon swung the door open.
“Hi!” He beamed.
Killian pressed Phoenix closer to his chest, stroking his hair gently.
“Thank ya far babysittin’, princess.” Killian nodded.
“It’s not a problem. You know I adore Phoenix.” He cooed, reaching out for the five year old. “Brice is good with kids too. Don’t worry.”
“Ah don’t trust that scallywag, but as long as yar here, ah trust Phoenix will beh safe.” Killian nodded, slowly extending his child towards Shannon. The boy was dressed in a tiny pair of jeans and a dark green hoodie, his long brown curls hanging to his shoulders. He was an utterly adorable child.
Shannon grinned brightly as he pulled Phoenix into a tight hug.
“Hi!” Phoenix waved happily at Shannon as he hugged the boy.
“Ah’ll beh back tonight.” Killian nodded. “See ya then, love.” He pecked Shannon’s cheek as the boy disappeared inside with Phoenix.
That night, when Killian arrived, he knocked on the door, waiting for Shannon to reappear.
“Hold on!” Shannon called and Killian did not have a good feeling as he heard giggles from both Shannon and Phoenix.
A second later Shannon’s head popped through a crack in the door. Killian noticed that his face was covered in makeup, like usual. But unlike usual, the makeup was terrible, smeared around his face. He had let Phoenix give him a makeover.
“Allow me to introduce…Bella!” Shannon couldn’t stop the giggles as he swung the door open. Phoenix toddled over in a tiny dress, his brown hair straightened so it came to his mid back. He wore a ton of makeup, waddling across the floor in tiny pink heels.
“Shannon.” Killian groaned, though unable to hold back his laughter. “Where the hell did the name Bella come from?”
“I let him pick the name.” Shannon shrugged, giggling as Phoenix twirled in circles, singing a song he appeared to have made up himself about being a pretty princess.
“Look what ya did to hem!” Killian groaned, shaking his head at the boy. “Where’d ya get tha little dress?”
“Made it.” Shannon said simply. “Let him pick the fabric and then I sewed it while he tried on makeup and shoes.”
Killian grinned lightly, shaking his head as Phoenix danced around the home.
“Ya should talk ta Brice about kids. Ya make one hell of a mother.” Killian chuckled.
“I know right?” Shannon beamed. He wanted children so badly.
“Thank ya fer takin’ care of hem. Even ef ya did make him almost gayer than yarself.” Killian chuckled once more as Phoenix jumped atop of the coffee table, heels clicking as he twirled, admiring the way his dress flowed behind him. “Come on babeh, let’s go home.” He called to Phoenix, scooping the boy into his arms.
“I’m pwetteh, mwomma!” Phoenix grinned, kissing his mother’s cheek, leaving a lipstick mark.
“Vereh pretteh, babe. Let’s goh.” Killian chuckled, shaking his head as he bid Shannon goodbye.
All Phoenix spoke of all night was how much fun he had had at Shannon’s house. And Killian knew, he would be taking Phoenix back to the VanArnam residence the next time he needed a babysitter.
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Of Makeovers & Princesses
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