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 He's So Mean.

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Kaiden Kensington


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PostSubject: He's So Mean.   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:41 pm

This was inspired by the song "Shes so Mean"  By Matchbox twenty" I hope you enjoy it.

"How in tha hell?"  Rhett's eyes roamed Kyndal's bare ass, the whip clenched tight between his fingers.  So tight even that Rhett's knuckles whitened as his fingers ached.  Kyndal's cheeks were knead apart with one of the boys slender hands, while the other thrusted what had to be the largest dildo Rhett had ever in his life observed in action in and out of his already throbbing pucker.  Kyndal had yet to notice his lovers state of awe, being he was tied up in the pleasure from his prostate and the still stinging pain of being whipped with Rhett's black leather belt.
How did he talk me into this?  Rhett swallowed hard, his member pulsating as he watched his lover.  He had not liked this idea in the first place, he had thought that Kyndal's bottom needed a rest, with as much as they abused it.  But the boy had whined and teased and prodded until...
Well, until this.
Rhett honestly felt anger stir inside his stomach as he considered how easily he caved into the boy, but Kyndal had always been his weakest point.  The boy could bring him to his knees, something that no one else had ever accomplished.   What with the little wiggle he did with his ass and the way his lips puckered up as they wrapped around the head of his erection.  He had been unable to say no to the whipping, or the extra large dildo.
It really didn't surprise him though, Kyndal was a hot mess and that, as it always had, made Rhett blind.
Furthermore, Rhett wasn't sure how he had managed to end himself up with Kyndal Paxton.  The boy was everything he wasn't.  An uptown boy, someone who always stayed late at the parties because he and his friends had too many reasons not to go home.  Kyndal was the boy that would b*tch and moan all day for Rhett to take him out to the bar or out dancing, and then every time Rhett gave in Kyndal would always end up leaving him to go spend "girl time"  With Asher Reed and Zac McGuire.
But, Rhett reminded himself, those nights always ended with Kyndal's clothes strewn around the floor of his room, forgotten in the heat of passion.  And all of his records, the ones he had collected from Trever and took time setting up had been broken and scratched in the heated fight they had engaged in before the sex began.  The sex had been the starting reason as to why Rhett had wanted Kyndal, but it had grown into more than that.  Rhett now wanted Kyndal for the bounce in his step and the curve of his smile.  Or the way Rhett's hand fit so well on the small of Kyndal's back.  Either way, Rhett wanted Kyndal fr Kyndal now.  Even if he was mean.  
Mean?  Kyndal? Hell yes.  Kyndal is mean. The boy freaks the hell out in the middle of a fight if Rhett doesnt know when to shut his mouth. This was why every time they fought, Rhett had to struggle to keep a steady head, or else Kyndal would bring him down.  He had to always have his sh*t together or else everything could be tattered enough to thread away, and that was something Rhett desperately tried to avoid.
And not only that, Kyndal had a wicked sense of humor.  Rhett could never believe half the things the boy said.  He always teased so much that Rhett never knew when the boy was serious or not, but that was the mystery of Kyndal. He had a horrible party streak that many times ended up with him drinking in the early morning hours to avoid the hangover he would have when he stopped.  In this process he normally ended up drunk and usually a drunk Kyndal was an emotional Kyndal.  Everything went to the boys head, but Rhett really didn't mind.

"Ow Damn*it!"  Rhett's growl echoed through the room.  He looked down at his leg, identifying Kyndal's nails digging into his thigh to be the cause of the pain.
"Sorry."  Kyndal panted, dildo just barely breaching his entrance.  "It helps me."
Oh, Rhett smirked lightly down at the boy, he had forgotten that Kyndal occasionally had  hard time coming when he couldn't hurt Rhett back.  It was a Kyndal thing and Rhett loved it, just liked he loved everything else about the boy.
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He's So Mean.
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