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PostSubject: Daddy.   Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:54 pm

Leon whined softly as he knocked on Briley’s door, his stomach churning as he’d walked the whole way here. He hated coming to Briley’s house… he hated seeing Briley, it made his heart burn. But he needed to talk to somebody and he didn’t know who…
He’d been really sick lately and he didn’t want to worry Cove with it. He couldn’t put his lover through this again, after the cancer…
So he forced a tiny smile as Briley opened the front door, staring at him a bit strangely.
“Leontardo! What are you doing here?” He arched an eyebrow.
“M’sick…” Leon muttered lightly as Briley allowed him to stumble in the front door. Briley supported the boy around his waist, leading him to sit on the couch.
Briley frowned, pressing a hand to the boy’s forehead. He didn’t feel warm… So he did what he always did when someone in his family was sick.
“Brynn!” He hollered, watching his lover bound down the stairs, worried look on his face.
“Yeah, baby?” He hummed, glancing at Leon.
Briley smiled softly. The look on his lover’s face reminded him why he’d fallen in love with the other man. Brynn was so sweet.
“Leon’s sick.” Briley nodded.
Brynn may be tough most of the time, but he was a sweetheart. Briley knew from personal experience that having Brynn take care of you when you were sick was awesome. Brynn was always the one to take care of Briley and their babies when they weren’t feeling well. He wouldn’t let you lift a finger.
“Poor thing.” Brynn frowned, moving over to sit next to Leon. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”
“M-my tummy..” Leon glanced down at his stomach. “I’ve been throwing up a lot lately…”
“Aww.” Brynn cooed, scooping Leon up with ease and laying him down, covering him up with a blanket and tucking him in. “I’ll go make you some soup baby.”
“U-umm…” Leon frowned deeply. “Do you have any chocolate…?”
“I think so sweetness. Are you sure that won’t make your stomach more upset?”
“I-I don’t know… I just really want some.” Leon looked down at his stomach oddly. He wasn’t sure what was wrong, he was just craving chocolate so bad.
And ten minutes later when Brynn returned with a bowl of alphabet soup and a chocolate bar, Leon devoured half of it like it was nothing. Then he stared curiously at his soup and had a sudden urge to break up some chocolate into the soup.
Brynn watched, blinking as Leon ate the soup eagerly with chocolate in every bite. Weird. But he’d been pregnant before and that sure as hell looked like a craving…
Although he himself had never had many cravings… other than sex, of course. Instead of craving weird food, the only thing he’d wanted in his mouth was Briley’s member.
“Leon, sweetie… how long have you been feeling sick?”
“A week, I guess.” Leon nodded.
“When’s the last time you and Cove…” Brynn trailed off.
“Me and Cove did what?” Leon asked innocently.
“Had sex?” Brynn arched an eyebrow.
“What does that have to do with anything?” Leon blushed, sputtering.
“Trust me.”
“I-I… last week I guess.” He’d been putting it off this week while he’d been feeling sick although Cove ALWAYS wanted to.
“Have you been doing it a lot lately?” Brynn asked gently.
“I-I guess.” Red ran up Leon’s neck and cheeks as he hid his face. Truthfully, for the past few months, ever since Leon had been better from his cancer, Cove had wanted to make love constantly. And while Leon didn’t mind it, he rather enjoyed it actually, it embarrassed him to talk about. They’d been doing it at least once a day, sometimes even twice if Leon had enough energy. And he didn’t know if that was normal. “Are you not supposed to do it a lot?” He trembled nervously.
“You do it how ever much you want.” Brynn smiled reassuringly. “But honestly, sweetheart. How often would you say you do it? How many times a week?”
“Uh…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess seven? We usually do it every night… Is that bad?”
“No babe. Briley and I do too.” He winked at the boy, earning a shy smile. “And does Cove ever wear a condom?”
“Condom?” Leon sounded the word out, honestly not sure what that was.
“Condom.” Brynn repeated. “A little clear thing Cove would put over his member?”
“N-no.” Leon shook his head. “I don’t think I’ve seen him wear that. Is he supposed to?”
“Well, yes. But don’t worry, it’s not bad if he doesn’t. Briley hates them too. So do I.” Felt like having sex with a plastic bag. “It just means I think I might know what’s wrong with you. Let me go talk to Briley.” Brynn nodded before stepping off to find his lover.
“Briley.” He called, glancing into the kitchen where his lover had started cooking dinner. Brynn smiled as he was given a peck on the lips before he started speaking.
“What’s up, babe?”
“Leon… I think he’s pregnant.”
“Oh wow.” Briley blinked. “Are you sure?”
“Pretty much. He said he and Cove have been having sex almost every night and Cove never wears a condom. He’s been vomiting a lot.”
“Shit.” Briley ran a hand through his hair. “Should I call Cove and tell him?”
“No… I want to let Leon do it.” Brynn nodded. “I gotta go make sure though, first. There are some tests upstairs, right?”
“Yeah babe. In the drawer.”
“Thanks.” Brynn stole another kiss before jogging upstairs to grab a test from the drawer, also filled with condoms and lubricant. He then walked back to the living room, eyeing Leon on the couch, whimpering. “How you feeling?” He smiled sweetly.
“O-okay… I actually have to… uh…” And with that, Leon turned and vomited all over the floor. Brynn cringed, knowing he would have to scrub the floor for hours tonight. He simply cooed though, rubbing Leon’s shoulders.
“Baby, I think I know what’s wrong with you…”
“Am I gonna be okay?”
“Well, not for a while.” Brynn smiled sympathetically, holding out the pregnancy test.
“What’s this?” Leon asked as he took the test, wiping his mouth.
“Pregnancy test… I need you to come with me to the bathroom and take it.”
“Pregnant.” He nodded his head. “I think you have a baby inside you…”
“Baby?” Leon’s eyes were wide as he allowed Brynn to help him stand, carrying him into the bathroom where they took the test and waited.
When the beep sounded, Brynn glanced over and sighed as his theory was confirmed.
“You’re pregnant sweetheart.”
Leon’s eyes widened.
“O-oh no…” He placed his hands on his stomach worriedly. He didn’t mind it so much but what if Cove didn’t want it? What would he do?
“You want to call Cove and get him to come over babe?”
“Yes please…” Leon nodded his head, soft black hair bouncing up and down.
“Alright. Come lay back down and I’ll call him.”
Leon did as he was told and within minutes, Cove was on his way. Brynn sat with Leon, until the boy’s lover arrived. He groaned at realizing some puke had gotten on his shirt. He tossed it off, leaving him in his shorts as the door was shoved open, revealing Cove.
“Gee, thanks for knocking.” Brynn rolled his eyes as he stood up.
“Yikes, put some clothes on. No one needs ta see that.” Cove pretended to cringe at the sight of Brynn’s shirtless chest.
“Ha ha. Very funny.” Brynn rolled his eyes, punching the man in his arm.
He smiled with satisfaction as he saw the man wince in pain. They tried to be civil, for Briley’s sake, pretending to get along and joke around. But Brynn couldn’t lie, he’d punched Cove pretty hard.
As Cove took his seat beside Leon on the couch, Brynn moved to fill a bucket with soapy water and grab a rag, going to work on the floor.
“Love, how are ya feeling?” Cove frowned. “Brynn said ya were sick?”
“I am…” Leon nodded his head.
“Do ya know what’s wrong?”
“I-I… Brynn… he said I’m… pregnant.”
Cove’s heart stopped and it showed on his face.
“Pregnant?” He stammered, eyes wide and in shock. There was another emotion in them as well. And Leon thought it looked a lot like… hope.
“Yeah… we took a test and everything. It said I am.”
“Love…” Cove blinked, running a hand through his hair before he broke into a huge grin. “That’s wonderful.” He pressed Leon close to his chest, the boy’s eyes wide.
Cove was happy… He was happy… They were going to have a baby. Wow.
“Oh god, yar pregnant.” Cove’s lips pressed in Leon’s hair as he hugged his lover to him, his cheeks hurting from how large he was smiling.
He’d secretly desired a child with Leon for a while now. But his father had worried him, pointing out that they might be slow, like Leon. So Cove had taken a page from Blaine’s book and told himself that if it was meant to be, it would happen. Now he may have helped it out a bit by not using condoms, but still. All that mattered was that they were having a child together…
Cove didn’t even stop smiling as he caught Brynn’s gaze on them as the boy cleaned vomit off the floor, cooing softly.
Briley jogged in with plates of food, extending them to Cove and Leon.
“I cooked extra cause I had a feeling you’d be coming.” He grinned at his best friend, hugging Cove and patting him on the back. “Congrats, daddy.” He winked.
“Daddy…” Cove repeated, smile bright.
He loved Shion and Dacey with all his heart but there was no denying that he had not wanted them at first. It just wasn’t the same. He couldn’t wait for this new baby…
And as he pressed Leon closer into his embrace, he knew that he would not mind one bit if the child turned out to be a little slow.
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