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 Cigarette Duet.

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PostSubject: Cigarette Duet.   Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:32 am

I havent gone over this so be warned. It suckes, but it was in my head. Im so tired>< Its to the song I showed you, Cigarette duet. I got all the dialogue from that song.
"It's just a cigarette, it can't be that bad." Ian muttered to himself, peeking slightly over the side of the building to catch a glimpse of Morgue Johnson. The man worked at the freakshow house, somewhere Ian often stopped by. Ever since Morgue had started, he always took at least one cigarette break. This also happened to be at the exact time Ian had decided to check the place out. Once he had set eyes on Morgue though, he had forgotten all about the show and anything else that may have been floating around in his head. He wanted to talk to this man. He wanted to touch his ivory skin and feel his bleached hair against his face. Ian wanted to know him.
Quickly he learned the mans name to be Morgue, and since learning this Ian had walked by the show every day to see him, though he had never said anything to him. He planned though to do something about that last part though. After weeks of brainstorming, Ian had decided how he was going to approach Morgue.
Everyday that he laid eyes on the man he was smoking. This was the only fuel for Ian's intentions as he shuffled over to Morgue. He cursed himself under his breath, feeling his stomach knotting as he approached the sword sallower. This was the point where he began to doubt his decision. His mother had always preached to him how bad cigarettes were. His father had threatened to go as far as taking his phone away if he ever caught the boy smoking. His parents were filthy rich, and they spoiled him often. So much so that he was even a 'daddies boy'. He hated going against their word but for the chance to talk to Morgue, he would take that risk.
"You think you could spare a cigarette for me?" Ian's blonde hair fell into his face, his electric blue eyes dead set on Morgue. Almost in a way that it was creepy, but Morgue had always preferred creepy.
"If you can spare a few numbers for me." Morgue's reply came quick, almost like he had practiced it before.
"We'll see." Ian took a deep breath, he had never been the one to approach a boy before. Normally it was the other way around. But still he was trying to be cool in front of Morgue.
That had been the beginning of it all. And even though Morgue had always thought he would never see this day, he was there. He wanted to stop smoking.
Yeah, shocking.
It had not been something that happened over night. Instead it had been a progression. Ian had bummed a smoke off of him. A couple weeks after they had began dating, the boy revealed that it had been his first cigarette. Morgue at first had thought that was rather enduring. A first for Ian that had been shared with him.
But then the boy had began coughing.
And coughing.
And coughing.
It had gotten to the point where Morgue couldn't stand it. After seeing what cancer had done to Leon he had wanted it to stop. He did not want to see Ian end up like that.
And so, here they were.
"It's just a cigarette, it cannot be that bad." Ian's arms were crossed over his chest, his eye brows furrowed as he glared into his lover.
"Honey don't you love me and you know it makes me sad?" Morgue pleaded softly, his slender fingers curled around Ian's hand.
"Its just a cigarette, like you always used to do!" Ian deadpanned, his mouth twitching into a frown. Morgue had cut down in the past month, trying to coax Ian to stop. Still though the boy was not buying it.
"I was different then, I don't need them to be cool!" Morgue huffled softly, he had began smoking simply because his mother smoked. He had always thought his mother to be the most precious person ever, and so he strode to be like him, even to the point of smoking.

"It's just a cigarette and it harms your pretty lungs." Morgue lowered himself to rest his head in Ian's lap, gazing up to his lover uncertainly.
"Well it's only twice a week, so there's not much of a chance." Ian flicked a small piece of lint fron his shirt, looking anywhere but at Morgue. It's not like he smoked like Kelton did. Not even like Morgue had. But still, it seemed to be doing him a bit more damage.
"It's just a cigarette." Morgue scoffed softly, he remembered when he had thought the same thing. But after a while it had become a necessity to smoke. More and more. "It'll soon be only ten."
Ian ran a hand through Morgue's silky hair, his lips set in a stubborn pout. "Honey can't you trust me? When I want to stop I can."
Morgue had heard the words before.

"It's just a cigarette and it's just a Marlboro Light!!" Ian snarled angrily, lightly pushing his boyfriend of a year back. He had been supposed to have stopped smoking four months ago, but Morgue had just caught him. He had been sneaking into the bathroom and smoking there in the dead of night, but it was over now.
"Maybe." Morgue's fist were tight with his irritation, his teeth grinding together as he continued. "But is it worth it if we fight?" He took a step closer, leaning down into Ian's face. "Where did you get it?"
"It's just a cigarette " Ian repeated, his gaze averted to the floor. He could not meet his lovers eyes, to ashamed of the situation. "That I got from Jamie-Lee." Jamie-Lee was a friend from school who had offered him a cigarette while he was going through with draws.
Needless to say, he caved.
"She's gonna get a smack and should give you three.” Of course Morgue would never lay his hands on Ian in a violent manner but he wanted to in that moment. Ian had been making so much progress, and now its all wasted.

“It's just a cigarette and I only did it once.” He had, only one time had he allowed himself to cheat and Morgue had managed to catch him that one time.
“Well...I don’t like being lied to. So I son’t even care anymore.” Morgue shook his head, turning sharply on his heel. “Its over Ian.”
“It's just a cigarette! And I'm sorry that I did it.” The boy immediately began back tracking, his eyes wide at Morgue’s words. Sure they had been arguing, and Morgue was mad but he couldn’t be this mad...
“Honey can't you trust me when I want to stop I can.” Morgue glanced back at him, shaking his head. “I obviously can’t trust you.”
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Cigarette Duet.
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